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  1. Oh, that blows. I didn't even notice that and forgot it was Thanksgiving on Thursday. I work all night like normal, didn't think twice about it.
  2. I am thankful to have a job in times like these but the hours are killing me. Wednesday I did 11am-8pm, no break. Last night I did 6pm-3:30am, no break. Tonight I did 5:30-2:30, no break. Tomorrow I go in from 5:30-2 again, then on Sunday 5:30-1, and then on Monday I go in from 9am-7pm. I am going to die.
  3. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    The first take was them zooming in on the Three Wise Monkeys. After they cut that shot, then all the ridiculous spanking started, and I KNOW they've got that all recorded. Whether or not they'll actually use it, who knows. I don't know what they could use, they probably have a few seconds of it where Jim and Mayim aren't laughing like children, hahaha. They didn't zoom in on the statue again, but they don't need to. It's easy to edit sound, so that's the only take they needed of it, I am sure.
  4. Sursonica - I like your photoshoot manips of Jim/Mayim on Tumblr! You should post them here.
  5. Lol, I saw this on Reddit and all I was thinking was that if I were Jim, I'd ask for someone to get me one of these ads. I'd hang it on my wall forever because it's so funny.
  6. I realized I can't delete this, but it's totally in the other thread and it didn't show me on my phone. Sorry, Jacks! I didn't see it. :x I should always check from my laptop first.
  7. Hopefully there will be one of better quality at a later time. http://youtu.be/z-j_ah0OZes
  8. Yup, exactly. The rooms to the left and right can be the cafeteria. The room to the right is usually the comic book store, but I've seen it as Amy's apartment, Bernadette's apartment, Penny's bedroom, Amy's apartment, Howard's bedroom, and an Indian restaurant. The room to the left, which was the garage and usually cafeteria, I've seen as the movie theater as well, which is the coolest one, imo. But Penny's apartment, the staircases/elevator/ and the L/S apartment are all static sets. The only time I've ever seen one of them different was when they were storing the photo booth TARDIS in Penny's apartment but they didn't use it that week. I was also bitter because I was sitting right in front of it, LOL.
  9. I'm also a big Shamy fan and I agree with your sentiment, and to leave the girls out for this episode in particular was a good move on the part of the writers. They have roughly 21 minutes of an episode and they need to make them count. It's all about the flow of the story/ production and their absence undeniably gives us memories of "old days" (because why wouldn't it?), but not having to focus on them gave more attention to Penny's big-little moment and more suspense in leading up to the very end. To take away from that time would have not made this episode as enjoyable as it was. Amy and Bernadette, imo, are great assets to the show. It all depends on the stories told and who focuses on what. We'll see an example of every character being involved in the same exact story in the Parking Lot Escalation. There is no flipping back and forth to different stories in that episode. Everyone, Amy and Bernie included, are all playing out one big story and it really works for it. I think many people will also love that episode which shows that you can have a season 3 'feel' with the girls still there.
  10. I was so excited for this to finally air because I was at the taping and this is my favorite of the entire season so far as I know it (up to 6.10). As much as I absolutely adore Amy and love Bernadette, it was really refreshing not seeing them. If someone who didn't watch the new seasons of TBBT watched this episode, they wouldn't know any better and would think it's a season 3 re-run, and that's what I loved about it. Well played by everyone! Bravo, writers.
  11. For season 3, I'd include The Spaghetti Catalyst. Sheldon with his hot dog bit is hilarious. I'm also partial to Kripke and if you don't like him then don't include these, but The Killer Robot Instability and The Friendship Algorithm are both good episodes. Out of your choices, I'd pick The Panty Pinata Polarization. The Euclid Alternative is also a good one for the characters all the way around.
  12. That blasted Modern Family better not steal these awards from them, too. Lol. We'll have to wait until January to see!
  13. I think I just find humor in the fact he can't talk to women on the most popular show in America but he's really married to Miss India. Hahah.
  14. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    No, they have the scene at the Cheesecake Factory where they're proposing a toast (to "burying the hatchet") and Penny walks by and she's like, "oh, everybody's happy, great." and her nose is all busted. THEN they show the dry cleaners scene at the very end. I assume they are both there on the aired version.
  15. I was there for the flash mob! It was too awesome. This isn't all of it! They did parts of two more songs! Johnny can breakdance, I swear!
  16. I can afford to bid on this but I can't justify it, so I won't. :/ I don't have any friends that would go in half with me, lol. It'll get bid on and go out of my price range.
  17. He's a lucky man as well. She's Miss India, LOL.
  18. Yes. TPBM had a home cooked meal today.
  19. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    RIGHT? I was thinking the SAME thing! It was adorable, though, all said and done.
  20. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    I strongly agree. It deserves it this season, on all fronts.
  21. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    Yes, I am. (: All the episode numbers in my signature are what I have tickets for.
  22. Kyzzx

    Season 6 spoilers

    At every point in this episode when he was talking to her, he had a childish innocence about him and was definitely the robotic nutjob we've all come to know. It was very, very similar acting to this season's first episode, where he sounds all innocent at the dinner table at the restaurant, is the best I can describe it. He definitely did do every one of these things (rub stuff on her chest, bathe her, spank her) and at NO point did he think it was anything other than normal behavior. He just didn't pick up on it. I might be nitpicking but he can have sex and still be asexual. Asexuality is a little different. It can mean no sex drive at all, but it can also just mean the person has an extreme lack of desire to have sex. So for all we know, he could be 'turned on' but has no plans to do anything about it. He was straight-faced when he talked about his dad punishing his brother, and that's when she says, "So... you wanna... spank me?" His eyes go wide and his hands go up and he says, "Oh, no, I don't want to! But you've left me no choice." in mannerisms similar to what we see all the time. That's what I got from it, anyway.
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