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  1. I think I've noticed her footwear ONCE. In the Ep where she dated Stuart and she said "Oh Leonard" or something to that effect when kissing him. The next day, she was eating at Sheldon and Leonard's. Simple top and shorts, but wore big furry Uggs style boots that went up to her calves. It was as if a blind, drunk assistant dressed her and she was somehow obligated to wear whatever they came up with.
  2. The Shroedinger's Cat experiment tells us that they both KNOW and DONT KNOW her last name - simultaneously!
  3. a lactose intolerant, well dressed
  4. Raj hits on Howard and Leonard enough... We don't need Stuart close by!
  5. The Natural The Greatest Game Ever Played
  6. on a nearby mannequin. Supposedly
  7. Wizards Ginger or no gingers allowed?
  8. downloading naughty photos with a
  9. In the very first episode Leonard longs for the pretty girl. RELATIONSHIPS, the desire to be in one, etc was a part of the aired pilot - INSTANTLY. Get on board people... It was NEVER primarily about science.
  10. surprisingly provided by an excited
  11. "you inserted incorrectly!" despite
  12. The person above me compares Valentines Day gifts with Birthday gifts quite easily... Lots of pressure on the givers.
  13. Excellent! (It IS a sitcom)
  14. The poster above me is a nobody.
  15. iPhone as well. One of the truly great devices on the planet.
  16. We are always hearing "Dr." and the boys' last names... Perhaps Penny should receive an honorary Doctorate from some school... So Dr. "________" would be appropriate. An honorary doctorate would drive Sheldon nuts too. Especially if it's a Dr. of Theater, something to do with fashion, or makeup, etc. Might be fun.
  17. Why would the Health Department care if Stuart lives in his Comic Bookmstore or not? No food production No food storage No public access required to be provided for restrooms, water, etc. No reason for rodent inspections or other inspections surrounding the public health. A building code violation/structural problem that needs fixing before occupancy can continue makes more sense, but his financial woes make that a poor choice of storyline.
  18. Don't think I've seen it, maybe never heard of it... Care to share a little more for posters like me?0
  19. Good idea... Or perhaps another episode her name is mentioned a few times, but loud noises cover it up? Knock knock knock - delivery for Miss (loud noise) as flowers arrive from Leonard At a waiting room - (Dr. or Dentist) "Miss (loud cough)... Right this way please" Picking up take out food - "Order for (dishes crashing)!" and she stands up to get it She gets pulled over and when the officer returns her license and registration, he/she says have a good day Miss (car horn), and please watch your speed. At an audition, her name is called out loudly as she is next, by we can't hear it for some reason The joke is on us... But let the lip readers and super slow motion DVR'ing begin!
  20. in Mrs. Wolowitz freezer, because
  21. I always found the above interesting... You certainly understand that cows and pigs don't die in their sleep while a butcher waits nearby, and it certainly cannot be fun for a fish to get its mouth pierced by a sharp hook, dragged to the surface and die in a container/suffocate to death outside of the water? Or do the same while first captive in a net?
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