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  1. Re: Character changes due to relationships from a few pages back... These changes are what MAKES the show imo. Even as far back as Season 1, when Leonard was going for it with Penny, Sheldon introduced/cited Schrödingers Cat to both of them... Leonard just went for it with a big kiss, to which Penny replied "The cat's alive, lets go to dinner!" before their first date are the moments I enjoy the most. And inspired a username. Pilot and most of "first season" Leonard would have NEVER tried that. His growth allowed him to first consider it and then pull it off. Another great example i
  2. Do we know how far it is to Amy's? Not that it matters in the whole scheme of things... Just curious.
  3. Since when is citing a resemblance being mean? The photos aren particularly flattering but we ALL have some of those! Previously posted photos of Mayim are very nice I for one think it would be great if the writers capitalized on the resemblance and she ended up in Green Makeup - saying something along the lines of... "I'm Melting!" or "I'll get you my pretty!" Perhaps without the makeup and merely say the line?
  4. GREAT story about the "Glow Stick" reveal. What were Johnny and Jim doing for the 30 seconds everyone was going nuts, even whistling!!! Did they stay in character and continue when the noise quieted down? Or perhaps let the audience enjoy the moment and then start again? Just curious. It WAS a great moment.
  5. Howard/Bernadette or Space is an obvious choice. But we're on page 4 at this point... Have to come up with something, no?
  6. Penny suffers some sort of loss, maybe a family member is sick or even one passing away. Leonard comforts her as best he can, but is unable to travel to Nebraska with her due to work commitments, so Penny goes alone. This in itself is not a serious problem, Penny understands, but Leonard is emotionally down that he cannot support Penny the way he wants to, and consoles himself with a bit of drinking in his apartment. That night.... Priya knocks on the door... Leonard being one of the nicest guys on earth, invites her in. She has a seductress look on her face and is pretty touchy feely if
  7. Priya vs Penny with Leonard a but tipsy while Penny is out of town might be a good cliffhanger Season Finale? A did he or didn't he? And will Penny find out sort of thing.
  8. It's time for Sheldon to show some real compassion and social growth. He acts far less mentally troubled/autistic/Asberger's (or whatever it is) than he used to, suggesting growth in this area. I'd find it interesting if somehow people from Sheldon's past emerge, specifically those who harmed him a great deal. Bullies, teachers, etc. NON-Family. With the opportunity to be aggressive with them/emboldened by the rest of the cast, he takes the high road, help one of them out of a sticky situation, and is understanding of what the gesture means and what it took to arrive at it. It might
  9. This brings up the whole "why" is he the way he is and what if anything can temporarily undue it? I don't feel his character is 100% Nerdy/Scientist/Brilliant Mind. While maybe not Autistic/Asburgers Disease either, SOMETHING genetic or predisposed is going on - making him who he is. I'd prefer a bump on the head NOT being able to take the Sheldon out of Sheldon. At least not completely.
  10. I haven't looked up the actress' image either. But I'll ask this... Is the actress a proper age, size, perhaps features, etc. required to be believable as Howard's Mom? Costume and Makeup can work wonders of course, but say she is an Asian American. That might not work for a traditional overbearing Jewish Mother.
  11. Without a Penny or a replacement, the show fails rather quickly imo. Her interaction with each of the characters provides an awful lot of substance to that character and their collective story arc(s). -Leonard and Penny's connection is obvious. Without them, there is not much of a show. Huge crush/out of reach. Dating other people, then dating each other, breakup and friendship with regrets, getting back together etc. -Whenever Leonard is involved with a woman other than Penny, she fills in when Sheldon needs help defining and correcting his social interactions. They are more friends no
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