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  1. Anyone like the French line? The tribute to Bonaparté? Ouí Built The Pyramids...
  2. Train, but not because of Sheldon. Fun With Flags - Crap or not?
  3. 1. Two was far too pedestrian. Acoustic or Electric Guitar
  4. I did. Ignoring the phrase before and after the word OR, or never missing one ever?
  5. No. Several posters here have been to a taping. There are posts out there...
  6. She really needs to wear her glasses all the time. Seriously.
  7. Superman Only heroes who can fly wear capes or idiots who can't fly wear them wear them too? (Batman)
  8. In Sheldon's mind they are already there. His being in her apartment after dark, a kiss which he found fascinating, having to win her back from Stuart (and wanting to do so), asking to officially be a couple, a relationship agreement, etc. He and Amy in his mind is very similar to Penny/Leonard/Howard/Bernadette (Raj left out intentionally) meeting someone, dating a few times, perhaps even sleeping with them, etc. For Sheldon, it's a similar commitment and personal emotional investment at this point already. It takes more for Sheldon to craft a relationship agreement than it does for Penny to remove her clothes and have at it with someone. Sheldon is incapable of that type of emotional investment anyway.
  9. Yeah, I hate it when the writers consider things...
  10. What direction would you rather see in the relationship?
  11. Speed Racer 321 Contact Spiderman Greatest American Hero Knight Rider Family Ties The Incredible Hulk
  12. "..... The Cats Alive! Let's go to dinner."
  13. Act like a child - you get treated like a child. Been that way since cavemen I'll bet. The funny part is the Sheldon lovers don't see it...
  14. Nope. I'm sure I never will either. Too many other things I'd rather do we're I in California. And I don't laugh loud enough anyway.
  15. Yes. Autotroph. I believe the plural is autotrophes. It IS a word in the theme song even though I enjoy artichokes immensely. But not albatrosses. And they don't drool.
  16. I think the song is fine - neither terrific or terrible... but some autotrophs I know find it offensive.
  17. Is Stan getting a little feel with the wrist?
  18. cadavers. Meanwhile some microorganisms
  19. I have been to nearly 80 PGA Tour Golf Tournaments
  20. developed another mutism - he couldn't
  21. I watch the show for Leonard and Penny first and foremost... It's not always about lines or how tough they are.
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