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  1. Actually, I think it looks a lot like, or what I would expect her to look like as a teen. She's "as a button!"
  2. ".....boldly go Howard Wolowitz..."
  3. How could you get rid of Sheldon and keep the premise? Isn't part of the premise "how Sheldon interacts with slightly more normal people"? It is indeed... How he interacts with more normal people. Primarily Leonard and Penny.
  4. If Sheldon himself would read this thread HE TOO would think that the Sheldon/Penny supporters were "winning" the argument. Which is hysterical, and is all you need to know really. Sheldon has the analytical ability of a computer when it comes to data and hard facts. Throw in a single emotion, and he has the computation, logic, and problem solving skills of a bowl of soup. Throw in something enormously complicated such as love and relationships, and he has the skills of the bowl itself. If the Sheldon/Penny fan club want to see what their relationship would be like, watch Forrest Gump. Cute blonde on top of a man out of confused pity rather than something stronger or more genuine.
  5. Eradicate, Abolish, and Wipe Out Redundancy!
  6. More soccer is televised in the USA than nearly every country on earth... I've read that the USA is #1 for televised soccer as well. Not sure which is 100% true - but we have to be ranked near the top. Leagues that I get on MY television at home English Premier (about 10 maches per week - more than in England?) FA Cup League Cup Italian Serie A German Bundesliga Dutch Eredivisie Japan J League Mexican Apertura and Clausura French Ligue 1 Spanish Primera MLS Champions League Europa League Scottish League Womens USA League US Open Cup Brazilian League occasionally NCAA (American Collegiate) both Men and Women Throw in International Friendlies, Qualifying matches for major tournaments and every match of the tournament itself and we get a LOT of matches televised here in the US. And I'm sure I missed a league or two...
  7. Hmmmm... Compared to the wardrobe the GUYS wear? Their stuff is atrocious.
  8. It works for the show. I wouldn't say "I dig it" or that it's on my iPhone or anything but it's fine no need to consider a change (not going to happen regardless).
  9. What is "in ora"?? Perhaps some new slang I don't know yet?
  10. chest, applying a sticker reading
  11. Well.... Howard does not have his PhD! Even his wife makes more than him!!!
  12. Any thoughts on the re-airing of the season finale? If so, when? What have they done in past seasons?
  13. said Howard, grinning. Bernadette then
  14. So if MissNobody and I share apartment 3B... Any mail reading Shröedinger 3B I get in my mailbox and any mail stating MissNobody 3B she gets... What about mail that says "resident"? Or advertising flyers, grocery store ads, coupon packets, general advertising. Who gets it? I say nope... One mailbox per apartment, and visually, 16 mailboxes in the lobby merely looks good on camera. Indicative of a normal sized building. Not to big, not too small.
  15. you think Howard slept with it?
  16. Multiple mailboxes for a two bedroom apartment? Not very likely imo. Unless that's a California thing. It's definitely not standard in the middle section of the US. In fact I've never seen it occur. The thread is fun and speculation entertaining, but I'm of the opinion that the producers take complete liberty with set design, wall placement, etc. We can't hold them to normal architectural standards or expect them to comply with such matters as though the set was an actual apartment building. Changing mailboxes from time to time is a good clue here...
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