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  1. Agreed. And it's not even close.
  2. What was the reason (or at least a large reason) for Howard's incessant leering, comments, ogling women and hitting on TONS of them? To put it frankly, he wanted sex. From what we have seen, Bernadette takes care of that quite nicely. He has no need to stray, as he gets what he wants - a LOT. Go Catholic Girls!
  3. USA v Brazil was entertaining. Damn they are good. The USA had some good spells in the 2nd half and had about 5 chances to make it 3-2.
  4. If this thread and the "This Shows Decline" thread are ever next to each other the Internet will probably break.
  5. The "I can grow my own Leonard Nemoy!!" is classic, as was the delivery of Penny's "Look Leonard... Sheldon's HUGGING ME!" immediately after. Others "Ass!!! "......Possible Tourrettes" "Boldly Go Howard Wolowitz"
  6. Leonard and Sheldon shop at Ralph's Grocery Store, which has 300+ West Coast locations. I've been in some and work for their parent company. On occasion, I'll spot a Ralph's logo on a food product, most recently a 1/2 gallon of orange juice.
  7. I doubt it. Sheldon probably washes his hand 1,000 times per day. That activity does not translate to good tv however.
  8. unequivocally ban girlfriend air biscuits. Violations result in
  9. The fact that the pants would have gone completely over the heads of the "Jim Parsons is sooo hot!!" females would have been even more hilarious than the outfit/scene.
  10. Completely oblivious as usual, Sheldon
  11. Agreed. What a keyboard thrashing that was Rick. Well done!!!
  12. We should not require Sheldon to wash his hands on screen for us to believe Jim when he says Sheldon is more neurotic than he is. Jim probably does not have his meals planned out each night (Thai food night, Chinese food night) Scheduled toilet time (8:20-8:25 am or whatever it is) each and every day. I'll bet Jim does not have a bowl LABELLED for "vomit" in his cupboard. Jim could probably stand on the roof of a building with a dirty sock present and function. Do you really need to see Sheldon washing his hands a lot to believe Jim? Seriously??
  13. "Social Protocol for Dummies" paperback.
  14. When she marries Leonard, and they are formally announced as "Mr. And Mrs." you'll hear her last name.
  15. Which Penny smashes, yelling "Spock sucks!"
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