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  1. Not a bad idea Camille... But if it's too hurtful, it won't come at the expense of Leonard or Amy/Sheldon. Howard and Bernadette are more "expendable.". Penny could land on them verbally, and by extension hurt Leonard or allow him to be hurt without damaging the relationship too much or make a reconcilliation seem less plausible than the relationship seems at times to some viewers. ie piss off Leonard by upsetting H/B.
  2. I predict lots of posts complaining about Leonard and Penny. I also guarantee numerous posts about the show declining despite its #1 Sitcom ranking. Also, continued misunderstanding about what Sheldon is capable on a social and emotional level (ie Sheldon and Penny should hook up now!! thread(s) reaching 1,500+ pages)
  3. on his shadow. "Buffoon!!" shouted
  4. I watched the Indy 500 today, from the 8th row... It was HOT!!!
  5. Better get back on topic... Like nitpicking the various meanings and interpretations of "take" "did" and "do."
  6. Pomita is 100% correct. It is getting difficult to continue to read posts about how people hate Priya, but also want Leonard and Penny to be together forever...
  7. Saw a season 1 repeat last night that I had not seen before. Very fun... Like a new Ep on Thursday night - almost.
  8. The show is "hardly recognizeable" now? Oh, I gotta hear this... Please continue...
  9. 389???? Not sure what that is all about. There have only been 111 episodes. 112 if you count the unaired pilot. That's the number of the episode on Lorre's end of show "card" which airs for a moment with his message to the fans. No one said there have been 389 episodes ...
  10. The season 5 finale was episode #389 So..... Have you seen them all? Not sure? Seen most of them? New to the show?
  11. Maybe Sheldon could reach out and hold her hand again in another few dramatic moments on par with Howard's rocket launch... You know, jist to continue wih indications of Sheldon's genuine feelings for her. Shamy isn't always great, (even though it is CLEARLY thhevesy partner for him) but Sheldon developing into more of an adult and acting less like a child IS good for the show. She can then die of old age as Mrs. Sheldon Cooper
  12. Why is it so difficult to believe that nerdiness-social awkwardness and sweetness-romance are not mutually exclusive? I'm also curious about the first part of your comment. It's one thing to say that you would have liked the characters to remain static and not change at all - some people on this board do say that, and it's a valid opinion. But if you would like to see them develop, how else could they do that? What exactly does 'developing through nerdiness/sci fi/social awkwardness' entail? And isn't that exactly what they're doing? They haven't exactly become social butterflies. Could not agree more! These characters ARE still socially awkward. Howard's mommy issues will continue to be a part of his character. Did YOU make a special trip right before your wedding day to pick up your Mom and potentially risk being late for your wedding? Co-Workers piling on about your insecurities and leting you have it while on the job? Mom clueless about the workplace and you having to deal with it and he ridiculous suggestions/wants? Howard still has all of these things, and a pretty wife at the same time. It's a GOOD thing imo.
  13. Welcome it and enjoy it? I do both.
  14. Simultaneous head exploding orgasms.
  15. Olympics indeed! Absolutely an Olympics junkie. I'll watch a TON of events. I especially liked the split screen option on my old Satellite Dish system, which showed six screens of BONUS Olympic Coverage, and I could bounce back and forth between them with ease. Not sure what my current cable system will have...
  16. I wasn't personally insulted or even the slightest bit upset. So the aplogies were not even necessary - (hence the inclusion of something quite trivial such as "favorite movie" as an attempt to inject some levity). What was interesting, and what I was responding to, was the portion of the post (decision) in which you claimed to know what another poster has done or not done during their life - with little more than interpretation of a few sentences. Ripe for I accuracy and quite shortsided imo. No biggie though...
  17. Ball pit scenes took Sheldon's childlike tendencies TOO far in my opinion. Overdone slightly....As was Leonard's reaction to it. Adhesive Ducks - Sheldon helping Penny get dressed is great, "Is that my arm?"... as well as the driving and filling out the hospital form is CLASSIC. "Reason for accident/injury - Lack of Adhesive Ducks". "Migranes? - Geting One!" followed later by "ASS! ---- Possible Tourretes."
  18. They are getting closer aren't they Disgusted? Let's just say on take your son to work day - MY son has zero chance of seeing what Raj might have seen...
  19. well, obviously, you have never done drugs.... and c'mon it was just crazy cookies. That hardly qualifies anyway, is not like they were doing heroin or crack *rolleyes* Care to make any other statents about me that you have ZERO knowledge of? Ethnicity, Religion, Political, what type of parent I am, favorite movie, etc? I'll try ------"You have no idea about the make-up of the universe. No knowledge, clueless, etc." See how ridiculous that is?
  20. Of course it does. They were laced with something, the guys ate them and were very much affected by the drugs. They would fail a drug test if given one later, etc. - they definitely consumed the drugs. L/H/R are smart guys. Do you honestly think NONE of them knew they felt different or were acting completely differently? Is it a regular thing? Of course not, but it does refute the comment above that they have NEVER done drugs.
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