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  1. From S5 I wasn't a big fan of the Leonard Nimoy episode...
  2. Amy being a "love starved paycho" would make the experimentation work even BETTER from a writer and viewers perspective. She might be tempted to break away from the rigid science/setup and would have to fight that. If she did, Sheldon would put her back in her place, reminding her and by extension the Sheldon-it's viewers crying every episode that he's no ordinary guy with a girlfriend. He's still a nut job! Wins all around...
  3. What about the cookies from the Hippie Grandmother Schoolteachers that L, Howard and Raj ate during the meteor shower? They had a good time while Sheldon was home groping Penny's right breast I might add...
  4. Twelve seconds into the pilot (only slightly exaggerating) Leonard begins pining for Penny. And NOW people are complaining that there is romantic undertones to the storylines? Give me a break. If that was the issue, you would have left the show long ago... What I feel might be the real issue here is SHELDON and his feelings getting stronger for Amy. That has many Sheldon fans upset. I'm not an enormous Sheldon fan, but I get it - those who are big fans are worried. It's new ground for the character and a huge change. But I say "Boldly Go Sheldon Cooper!" The writers (wonderful in 5 seasons somfar) could do this brilliantly. Shamy will have many, MANY more awkward moments, many hilarious scenes together due to their inexperience and self built anti-social fortresses. Relax!!!! They aren't jumping in the sack in the S6 premier. What about kissing as an experiment? Recording data, etc. or merely sleeping in the same room with all types of electrodes measuring their brains and vital signs. Write a paper on the findings, that sort of stuff. Explore the relationship exactly how those two would be expected to continue. It's going to happen one way or another. S1/2/3 Sheldon is no more... There was no character like Sheldon on Frasier, Friends, etc. he won't turn into Chandler or Niles overnight.
  5. We send our kids to Parochial School (like Bernadette!) and I attended as well. I've never been offended by the show (or any sitcom for that matter). Most people believed the world was flat at one point... Until proven otherwise. A man both smart and religious in that day probably said "we thought God created the earth flat. We were wrong, he created it round. Evolution could work the same way... God created evolution too.
  6. Anyone who did not think "fun with flags" fit Sheldon.... Why? NOT whether you like the segment or not, or found it funny or not... Merely if you think the writers misinterpreted Sheldon --- Why? To me it seemed like EXACTLY like something he would do. All 40 takes or whatever it was...
  7. Perhaps one of the astronauts will get a body part stuck in a robotic hand? Fruit Loops would know how to fix it right away...
  8. Well put Pomita. Those who want Season 1 Sheldon over and over again.... See you! We're moving on.
  9. Matt... Well done Chelsea indeed, but they play a dreadful style. Blackpool v West Ham was more entertaining for me. Enjoy the Englad match, I'll be supporting them this summer as well, looking forward to Euro 2012.
  10. Usually results in a sick child and a lifetime of angst? Wow...
  11. "... There's an Indian starving right here!". Sheldon proceeds to (idiotically) argue they cannot order WHAT FOOD because only three of them are at the restaurant and why would that food cause problems in his mind?
  12. If, during season 6 first episode, the entire group is outside California, the rocket must be involved, no?
  13. Fruit Loops is the perfect cereal to use as a nickname for Howard indicating his Mommy issues. The double meaning (being a little nuts) plays nicely.
  14. Sheldon is polarizing, if anything. Another reason Penny wouldn't date him - he'd be thrilled this thread was 50 pages and personally create 20 accounts so he could get it up to 100 pages immediately. Egotistic combined with the social skills of a rock is a dangerous combo.
  15. These characters have changed, many of them significantly. I'm amazed by some who don't see that. Penny knew/wanted ZERO to do with the science/geeky culture in the first few episodes. She's now had a deep relationship with L and calls several brilliant minds among her friends. No chance she has any of these types of friends years ago, or of she never moved in across the hall from L and S. Sheldon, quite robotic/OCD/Aspie with the social skills of a rock now has a semi-girlfriend and only insults them (whether purposefully or as a by-product of his condition/wiring) part of the time. Leonard had has several girlfriends and physical relationships with beauties, as well as being the leader of his peers when it comes to branching out socially/emotionally, or simply examining/explaining how the world works when people interact in ways the guys aren't familiar. H has changed perhaps the most. Horndog Nerd with zero game who lived with his Mom write to obvious complex and Mommy Issues, he is now married to an brilliant beauty who loves him to death. Raj has changed the least perhaps. He does complain about being single/Indian/lonely MORE now than before. Nothing major. That said, for the show to continue to be successful, these characters need to CONTINUE growing. If Season 1 gags/situations were still the main focus with the characters in relatively the same mindset, I don't think I'd still be watching.
  16. Schrödinger's Cat


    The only reason they let her eat is that they might get to fool around with her? That's absurd...
  17. Spiderman is tops in our house.
  18. As much football/soccer as I possibly can. Focusing mostly on English Premier League Champions League European Championships And of course the World Cup (which i attended once) USA International matches being my favorite Some MLS Major League Baseball - St. Louis Cardinals NFL - Live in Indianapolis - watch most of their games and other marquee games NHL - St. Louis Blues NCAA Basketball - Tournament only pretty much Notre Dame Football I attend the Indy 500 and Brickyard NASCAR race every year but don't watch much Racing on tv Exocet for horse racing - Triple Crown junkie. PGA Tour Golf, mostly the majors. I'm about a 7 handicap but don't watch most tournaments I like the few sports based reality shows - Golf Channel - "Big Break" is a good one. As far as channels to, I pay a little extra each month for Fox Soccer Channel which shows games from all over the world, as well as regional channels like Fox Sports Midwest, FS Chicago, maybe one or two others is included that im missing right now, as well as NBC Sports and a few others.
  19. Is anyone disputing the above? What is silly imo is that some are drawing a connection between the two shows and implying a choice made by one set of writers 15 years ago influences or allows TBBT writers to make a decision next year In the basketball game I'm watching right now, a coach may ask for a certain player to take the next shot. If he passes instead, does that mean Penny might date Sheldon?
  20. Read history, general science, technology, Philosophy, sci-fi, or read about movies and television, etc etc etc. Only comics and physics journals? Seriously? Leonard could read about pop culture, current events, celebrities, relationship trends etc
  21. Schrödinger's Cat


    Penny drinks less than Raj She has less sex (possibly) and treats the opposite sex better (definitely) than Howard She is far, FAR less rude and selfish regarding others' feelings than Sheldon She befriended Amy in a more meaningful way that the guys have with Stuart or their work colleagues She has held the same job longer than several other characters have been able to, while still pursuing a dream profession simultaneously. Is she really as bad as some of the earlier posts make her out to be? STEALS wi-fi? It's not theft if you are given the password. Mooches food? She makes minimum wage plus tips. Her friends make good money and INVITE her to eat with them and politely buy food for their friend . She sleeps with one of them off and on at times, let another one of the guys feel her up, and let another see her naked one night. She's great!!!
  22. Penny and Leonard have the most vital of all things in common. Attraction. Even if Sheldon and Penny share a large number of things in common... Say professionally, food, travel likes and dislikes, world views or politics, or all of the above - if the physical attraction isn't there - game over.
  23. Already have, but ok. OTHER - see the "many many many" portion of post #3
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