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  1. This should be a poll choice. The three offered are pretty limiting. So, I vote OTHER.
  2. It's actually not ridiculous but quite scientific. Positing that something may happen in theory ("the creators of a TV show may do something even if they said they wouldn't do it"), then citing a FACT that something exactly like that DID happen ("the creators of a TV show did something they previousy said they would never do") is evidence. No... It's not scientific or logical thought. Its comparing two FICTIONAL television shows. I'll buy you a copy of any 1,000 comic books you want the next time TBBT creative team is sitting in a room and someone says "On Buffy they did ______, let'
  3. I previous worked on the PGA Tour (golf) and attended somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 Tournaments over two years, in nearly every major city in the USA. My favorite cities include New York, Chicago, Orlando in that order. Niagara Falls is also magnificent Cooperstown, NY makes the list as well. On my list of placed I want to go... Liverpool, Dublin, and Rome.
  4. The show is full of logic, science, and factual statements. If THIS, then THAT. Citing another fictional sitcom's choice to film _________ when it was at one point unpopular or unexpected, and using it as EVIDENCE that __________ could happen in another show is ridiculous. Imagine Penny telling Sheldon that her Aunt Betty tried a new restaurant once and liked it, and citing that "fact" (which is mere personal preference) as evidence that he should never eat at any of his favorite restaurants ever again. Sheldon would destroy her, mainly due to the weakness of the argument.
  5. Those encouraging Penny and Sheldon to get together baffle me only slightly less than the females obsessed with Jim Parson's looks and display a deep attraction to the actor, ignoring the elephant in the room.
  6. I voted yes. It's time...
  7. Sheldon: I would ask you to find some way to suppress your libido. Penny: I could think about you ... Sheldon: Whatever works. That is Penny straight up saying she does not find Sheldon sexually attractive. There is a more appropriate scientific analogy I'm sure, but I'll go with what I know. Game over, Slam Dunk, done deal. I'm with Syd on this one.
  8. Hmmm... The wedding reception is not in California? They go to meet Howard at NASA upon his return? Both lead to Sheldon and Amy in a hotel room. Ugh...
  9. huh??? She most definitely wasn't anything other than friendly - to ALL of them.
  10. Raj would watch the hell out of it. Pretty girls, nerdy guys, two of them date hot chicks - one guy even got married to one. He'd identify with everybody and secretly want to be Leonard or Howard at bedtime.
  11. And Penny made it clear that if they weren't friend she'd be on Raj like e=mc2. If she's ever made a similar claim or quantified ANY attraction at ALL to Sheldon, then you'd have a point. She hasn't....
  12. Forrest cared more for others from age 6 to 6 1/2 than Sheldon Cooper has in 29 years. A cute blonde gave Forrest something special, perhaps in part out of pity or giving...which later turned into a relationship. No way Penny Panties are coming off for Sheldon.
  13. Random rewatching, with the DVR set to have 6 episodes on it all times.
  14. Penny and Sheldon have already had a relationship on screen It was called Forrest Gump and Jenny.
  15. With the way Howard and Bernadette were yelling in her direction, I expected her to be MUCH farther away.
  16. How would he know? Reading about it.... Moisture and fluids, etc. Simple.
  17. Bernadette helps him get over his mutism now that she's in Howard's life and Raj will still want to spend lots of time with his friend?
  18. Tecmo Super Bowl, Baseball Stars, any of the early FIFA Soccer games for Sega. The current PS3 version is great as well as MLB 12.
  19. I haven't noticed Sheldon being too different.... And the physical changes to Jim Parsons don't bother me at all. "Robot" Sheldon is over with... The last scene of the finale shows it IMO. "Boldy Go Howard Wolowitz" was FULL of emotion and admiration in a way not yet seen from Sheldon, ever. The old Sheldon was mostly entertaining, I understand for some he was the #1 reason to watch the show. But I'd be quite pleased if Sheldon continued to change, continued to inch closer to normal daily human emotional interaction. To NOT do so severely cheapens the finale - so... Bye bye Robot! Ra
  20. The writer wanted the moment to be a big one for Sheldon - which is why Jim delivered the line the way he did and HE reached out to Amy, not the other way around. Sheldon also went LAST. If the moment was supposed to be about Howard/Bernadette, then Raj and her would have went LAST, or perhaps been the only ones holding hands or connecting in a way unique from the others in the room. The writers HAVE to explore this side of Sheldon now. It was too big a moment and it came in a Season Finale. He won't become an emotional softie or anything over the top, but I expect a new side of Shel
  21. The uniforms in Indianapolis are nothing like what you see on the show.
  22. Full disclosure here... I'm often amused by Sheldon, but I'm not a huge fan. His idiosyncrasies provide plenty of comedic material, but I find his insensitivity and selective emotional investment (ie when it suits him it's fine and no problem being an azz when it doesn't) a but of a stretch at times, as well as something the writers take advantage of too often. That said, his utterance of "Boldly Go Howard Wolowitz" before holding Amy's hand was a top ten TBBT moment of all time, and my favorite Sheldon line ever - BY FAR. Full of emotion, investment in his friend, admiration, excitement, a
  23. Sheldon's Mom, certainly. The other three are annoying, uninteresting, and clearly have damaged their sons. Not appealing at all, and only mildly amusing... on occasion.
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