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  1. I didn't take it that way. More along the lines of, it's been a while for her, she's in a relationship with L but they are taking it slow... She's not seeing anyone else at the moment, so he's it if she has urges. Were this any other guy - especially a new boyfriend, she probably would have waited or at least not been the initiator. But with Leonard, the emotional investment is already very deep, that hurdle was overcome long ago. He of course was ready to go wasn't he! (of course he was)
  2. The writers say no, Jim says what he's supposed to say about the topic, but I believe the character has Asbegers. The writers either know it and admit as such among themselves, or it's a "let's not talk about it" topic among those in the know.
  3. Exactly! When she delivers lines about life threatening situations in the high pitched voice, it adds to the appeal/joke. Any other creepiness... Silly little voice, tiny woman, cute blonde = a great character imo. I really like her.
  4. Y'know? You could have an entire season of Penny trying to teach that very thought to Sheldon. There doesnt need to be any shipping or anything but that was the first thing that came to mind when I read your comment. They had their chance right after Penny gave Sheldon the Spock DNA napkin, and he gave her a hug of his own accord in clearly his most emotion filled moment of any season IMO, the writers won't go there with Sheldon with a "normal" female. It's funnier to let him explore male/female interaction with another emotionally challenged person such as Amy.
  5. How anyone could think Sheldon is better for any woman than ANY other of the male characters is beyond me. He has the emotionally capabilities of a rubber robot... Deflecting nearly everything with zero absorption. Relationships and Love is more, MUCH MORE than "Soft Kitty" moments and getting a cup of tea for a troubled friend Automatically like some kind of robot. He's entertaining, usually fun to watch and is indeed growing emotionally bit by bit. But don't forget that it's his friends that are causing that growth, as they teach him how to interact with other adults. Forrest Gu
  6. Didn't really like the ep. Not a Star Trek fan at all, and although I understand Spock's/Nimoy's place in Pop Culture/TBBT world, I found the dream sequences and Sheldon's reactions both forced and predictable at the same time. Raj's metrosexual stuff is so overdone at this point. A very meh episode for me. Voted bad for the first time. Probably my least pleasing episode of the season.
  7. Leonard and Penny are the #1 reason I watch the show. Their chemistry is excellent imo. Sure, the relationship isn't perfect, but how many relationships are? The Shrödinger's Cat Kiss, the Christmas gift exchange, the "I wish you weren't going" to the North Pole hug, the problems Penny had when Pria was around and problems for Leonard when Penny had other men around... All good example of just how much the two characters care for each other. I have a hard time imagining watching the show without immense enjoyment of the Leonard and Penny storyline. Will Leonard get his dream girl a
  8. Leonard does so, for the most part, mistakenly, then experiences regret, and attempts to mend the relationship. Sheldon does so with the subtly of a lumberjack coupled with the regret of a rock.
  9. Americans know the word philosopher... But it has a different meaning here. Philosophers don't make magic stones or magic anything.... They sit around and analyze such questions such as "why are we here?" "is there a God" etc. the term Philosopher in the UK has a different meaning. The title change to Sorcerer's Stone was a good choice IMO. Going by the American meaning of the word there were NO philosophers in any Harry Potter film.
  10. I believe I read somewhere that said Chuck Lorre is letting Kaley pick Penny's last name? Ritter might be a nice gesture...
  11. Love Star Wars and I'm aware of the Superheroes they reference, but only from movies and general pop culture or television. Not a comic book guy, dont play the big multiplayer online video games, or D&D or card games. But I know enough about them and/or the stereotypes involved in order to get the jokes. Not a fan of Star Trek at all...
  12. Leonard and Penny will be the focus of the end of the show. They have changed the most so far (by far) and I don't see the writers straying to far away from that for very long.
  13. We have that. It is called Penny and Leonard. Leonard dating the gorgeous girl/dream girl who he had a crush on from the moment he saw her for the first time, and Penny dating the caring, thoughtful guy no matter what he looks like for the first time. Unexpected, surprising, tension, success, failure etc. And it's the best part of the show for me.
  14. Uh öh..... Username tröuble. Now what? Cheers fröm Indianapölis, USA.
  15. Terrible idea and one that suggests the poster isn't watching the show. If you want to further develop Sheldon's emotional side using Penny, the following are better ideas IMO. Sheldon going out of his way to repair the relationship between P and L. Something above and beyond, perhaps to his own detriment... But he likes how his two friends make each other feel and wants to help. Him expressing this in his own way would be quite a moment. The Christmas hug was one thing, fueled by Leonard Nimoy... This would be different, fueled solely by him. Penny gets drunk again, loosens her ton
  16. Took the boys (15, 7) to see Star Wars I in 3D. For the youngest, it was his first time seeing Ep I on the big screen. We had a blast... I'd like to see the terribly inaccurate Tuskeegee Airmen film next, if I can get there before it leaves the theaters.
  17. Trusting with my wife/wallet etc? Howard. But what about trusting with sensitive information? Interacting with others in a certain fashion or being protective of information? Sheldon is 10x worse than anyone else. That is the true measure of trust these days.
  18. After Sheldon insulted Penny, she was free to do some math and figure out the incredible number of friends and colleagues he has insulted or offended and the incredible number of times he has done so due to Sheldon having the social skills of a toenail clipper. But she didn't, and didn't have one of the guys help her with the math. Good on ya Penny. Or... She could have said I've HELPED you (Sheldon) more times than the number of men I've seen times 100... you're WELCOME you social rock you.
  19. Sheldon dose that all the time. It was a little annoying how he handled the relationship agreement recently. Pretty much makes it and the roommate agreement moot from this point forward... Oh well. He's nuts though, and the other characters care enough about him to not call him out on it I'll bet.
  20. His roommate has dozens of the most annoying idiosyncrasies imaginable, to the point fans and the actor speculate if he suffers from neurological disorders. And people are letting another actor's interpretation of his insecure character's line of sight when he speaks intrude on their enjoyment of the show? I'd rathe have Leonard look up and slightly away 1,000 more times than to hear Sheldon's explanation of "his spot", the windows, the draft, the tv angle... One more time.
  21. Penny and Leonard have abundant chemistry... Johnny and Kaley, whatever you want to call it. They are NOT supposed to be your textbook couple you know, past emotional issues or not.
  22. Agreed Jacks. Let's rectify that... Schrödinger's Cat More good stuff... Sheldon can BARELY hug her, and is vehemently opposed to the exchange of bodily fluids during coitus etc.
  23. Penny and Leonard are the number 1 reason I watch the show. Just sayin...
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