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  1. I'd walk on and a handy-dandy repair man, since none of them can fix anything short of a thermonuclear reactor. Or a killer robot. In any case, I'd just randomly show up at the various apartments to do repair work (whatever fiddling passes for repairs on the show). In reality, I'd set up multiple HD cameras to get a behind the scenes preview of each up coming show. How's that for self serving? :D
  2. Penny Day or Penny Smith. Dunno... just a shot in the dark.
  3. I think you mean battle star.... In all honesty, Kirk/Picard are used to a very high tech world at their finger tips. Things are very defined, although there is intrigue, it never was a situation where you simply didn't know WHO you could trust. I would go with Adama being the better leader in any situation, at least short term. Picard/Kirk would have too steep a learning curve to cut it in the BSG world.
  4. Either Penny Smith or Penny Day. http://names.mongabay.com/data/1000.html Just a shot in the dark, but Smith is the #1 most common surname in Nebraska. The surname Day and the first name Penny share the same ranking. Every time we've heard anything in reference to Penny, it's that she's very average... too normal etc. Of course, that would mean that ideally her name would be Mary Smith :| I really don't know a darn thing... but at least it sounds good in my head!
  5. Dear lord...I LOVE Kaylee Fry. This idea has SHINY written all over it.
  6. I'm not sure that it qualifies as an easter egg, but after casually watching the Exelsior Acquisition for the 3rd time, I only just realized that the judge who sentences Sheldon in traffic court is one J. Kirby. Comic book fans probably caught onto this right away... Jack Kirby, fellow fabled Marvel Alumni of Stan Lee
  7. I could see Bernadette being quite aggressive and vocal when it comes to paintball, but Amy? More or less, I see her being rather lack lustre and apathetic about the whole thing... until her "bestie" gets tagged. Then, it's R-amy-bo time :D It could be played out as almost a spaceballs homage...
  8. Zachary Quinto, but only in one of two ways: a - stalking Sheldon, if only to ask why he doesn't like him b - as a dream sequence, where he shows up as Syler after Sheldon dreams that he's solved a BIG phsics equation. "That's and interesting power..."
  9. I want to see more scenes where sheldon coaches her on what to say to catch Leonard off gaurd, nerd language wise...
  10. You do realize that the Sheldon/Amy foreplay would probably replicate the Q-Consumation from Star Trek ...
  11. I wish that the Nervolution was forthcoming, but sadly... there is a massive following that seems to place great importance on the social documentary called "Jersey Shore". :|
  12. I've been considering adding this little girl to my family... http://images.craigslist.org/3E53F73Lf5F55M45J2cas2b51da14c244175f.jpg
  13. Actually, I think it would be hilarious if they did a HIMYM send off, with Raj playing the part of Ted.... and ending with an old Raj saying "and that's how I met your mother".. with a couple of kids looking back at him in disbelief etc. Of course, it'd have to end as a dream sequence..with Raj sitting on the couch staring off into space, with everyone else looking at him quizically because he just muttered "...and that's how I met you mother..." out loud in the middle of pizza night or some such. *insert funny sheldon retort etc*
  14. she had worn heels occasionally... when she's dolled up for a night on the town with her gf's, or hanging with taller bf's etc...but yes,it's very rare.
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