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  1. i just watched a show called top gear thinking it was about drugs. turns out its a car show but still good
  2. sharky

    The Office

    americans seem to go for quantity over quality. having said that i wish gervais did more seasons but he said on opie & anthony that the workload was too much for him and steve. i don't mind the american version but it never felt like watching a documentary the way the uk version did.
  3. i loved the grand theft auto reference in this ep. especially sheldons reaction. and pennys line about sheldon not hitting puberty yet was gold.
  4. wheaton and kripke definitely. i like bernadette but she has ruined howards character somewhat. i liked his failed attepts hitting on girls. amy is funny but was probably more so when she first joined. wouldn't like to see her go. i wouldn't mind seeing the two girls sheldon and raj met at that party.
  5. the show needs amy. otherwise there would be no eye candy. am i right fellas?
  6. never knew berny had freckles. thats $1000 worth of make up for ya.
  7. they are not a good match but then opposites attract. bam
  8. sharky

    Penny and Amy

    No one is the homophobe, but when a hetrosexual female penny has never given another hetrosexual(I think) female Amy anything to make her think she's interested like it is inappropriate, so amy's comments you can trim any hair on my body, the panting originally was us nude, and comment about showering together plus there's many more how is that okay? because its a joke. jokes are funny. just like when i was joking with the y'alls homophobes. also the thought of two hetero girls getting freaky doesn't bother me none. [joke] however it's not funny when raj makes weird comments regarding
  9. sharky

    Song Gaffes

    this was always on in the bars and clubs back when going out drinking was fun. everyone would sing ..... well i dont care to repeat but the correct lyrics were white thing mega mega white thing
  10. sharky

    Penny and Amy

    ive seen many peeps on here comment on amy making crude comments and inappropriate advances towards penny. i disagree and frankly i like this dynamic. y'alls homophobes.
  11. lol. my work here is done.
  12. yeah terrestrial tv is just so........ terrestrial
  13. wow you guys go deep on the episode analysis and the character relationships. i'm kinda scared.
  14. WOOT WOOT props to the adhesive duck fans.
  15. i'm big time into animated comedy. archer, beavis and butthead, family guy, life and times of tim, american dad, futurama, simpsons, south park and ricky gervais show.
  16. sharky

    Song Gaffes

    lol. DAMN YOU NETMOUSE. i know of some doozys. i'll post tthem when i recall them
  17. i like. man i miss sg1 and atlantis. anyhoo my next proposal. the boys hear about a new sci fi show or film being filmed in LA and prompt penny to apply for a role. she gets a part and invites the boys along to the first shoot. the boys start criticising the show as its full of pseudoscience and copies other sci fi. also leonard gets jelly over scenes penny has with the male star which ends up getting penny into trouble with the shows writers who make life hell for her and force her to quit. bam
  18. lol i'm being nerd bullied over my artichoke gaffe. just listened again and i still hear artichoke. its badly pronounced by that douchey singer yo. and whats with that freaky pyramid in the intro?
  19. oh autotrophes makes more sense. thanks.
  20. can rule out bus. he didn't have his bus pants.
  21. I can't stand it. I have to leave the room when its on. Its the annoying voice and the stupid lyrics. Particularly ' the artichokes began to drool' just sets me off. Am I mental? Same with the two and a half men tune. I blame Chuck.
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