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  1. Wondering which episode is your favorite of all time so far. My two favorite episodes of all time are the one when Sheldon gets penny hooked on the role playing pc game, and the Adhesive Ducks one when Penny dislocates her shoulder and Sheldon has to take her to the hospital. Which episode is your favorite you can tie it between 3 favorites. Can't wait to hear what everyone says!
  2. Thanks for the welcomes every one. Look forward to posting with you all. And yes my job is hard but loads of fun. The babies are cute cute cute
  3. Hello just wanted to introduce myself. I love the Bog Bang Theory! I live in California I'm in my 30's and I'm a nursery school teacher. I work with kids 18 to 24 months at one of the largest childcare centers in the state. My favorite song to sing to the babies is the soft kitty song. It really does make the babies smile, feel better, and fall asleep. I have my A/S degree in Early Childhood Education and love chatting with people. Hope everyone's having a great week and can't wait to watch this weeks new episode of TBBT!!!!
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