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  1. Thank you for sharing this obsession with me. It's been fun while it lasted.
  2. I'm sorry, I'm a bit confused here. In another thread you told me that to separate a character from the actor who portrays him/her was so very difficult, almost impossible! But I see you are making a clear distinction here. You say you like the character of Amy but you don't like how Mayim plays her? How is it? Let me help you with your confusion. It's very simple you if think about it. I like the idea of Amy's character, and I like some funny scenes with Amy, but I don't love Amy the way I love Sheldon and Howard. Why? Because the actress is crap. If Amy leaves the show tomorro
  3. I'm a proud feminist. Among other things it means I don't want women to demean and disempower themselves. Chasing those who don't want you = disempowerment. As a woman, I don't care what men do - let them make fools of themselves if they want. (I wouldn't advise any male friend of mine to behave like Leonard, but that's beside the point.) What is totally mysoginistic is to advise women that's it's okay to waste their efforts on trying to "catch" a guy WHO DOESN'T WANT THEM. "He dumped me, he wants to get back together with his ex-girl friend, and he looks really smitten with this
  4. Accelerated intellectual development to the detriment of social/emotional development. It's not uncommon in progenies. Children learn social/emotional intelligence by gradually developing those skills alongside their peers. It's very hard to do successfully if you're a genius and have very little in common with your peers from an early age. Early bloom in intellect leads to social isolation. Isolation = social/emotional retardation. The end result is an adult who's a bona fide genius in some things, and an immature undeveloped child in others.
  5. Who are they? Shemp's friends. Ahem! *clears thoat* That doesn't help... at all!
  6. My problem with Martin is, he may get sick and die before he ever finishes the books. His health is not the best, he's gotten very fat, he's not getting any younger. I just hope he told his wife or his editor how the series are supposed to end! Also, despite taking too many years to write the last two books, the result was disappointing. The first three books were awesome, the next two were so-so. I may be wrong, but to me it seems Martin already told us everything he wanted to say about the world in his first three books... He created this wonderful world and diverse universe of c
  7. The Werewolf Transformation is one of my absolutely FAVORITE episodes! Sheldon playing bongos = classic comedy for the ages!
  8. I think the only way to replace Penny at this point is out of necessity, if the actress quits. She was there from the beginnning, and she is the fundamental part of what makes this show. Penny is the heart of the show. She's the way for an average non-geeky/non-nerdy fans to relate to the characters. She also represents the "normal" (aka socially well-adjusted) people who are routing for the nerds to break out of their shells.
  9. Darn, I almost had it figured out, now you have to introduce a "dweeb"! Can a "dweeb" be defined as a variation of a "socially clueless but super smart geek"?
  10. I don't think Amy is a woman for Sheldon either. They're too similar.
  11. Wonderful for Jim and well deserved! Simon should have been nominated as well, IMO. He did a terrific job this season.
  12. So let me make sure I got this... A dork is a nerdy or geeky spaaz. But a spaaz doesn't have to be a dork. A geek is into sciences, a nerd is into sci-fi or fantasy. A geek goes to work for Microsoft or Bristol-Myers Squibb, a nerd goes to Comic Con and midnight premiere of Harry Potter. A dork or a spaaz are socially awkward, but a geek or a nerd can be successful social butterflies, right? I think I'm getting the hang of it...
  13. I agree. It was a rare moment of honesty for Leonard.
  14. I like Amy's character, but I don't like how the actress portrays her. Her performance is too wooden, not at all nuanced. People compair Amy to Sheldon, and I agree that their characters are similar - but the caliber of actors could not be more different! Sheldon needs a better foil than Amy.
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