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  1. Hah! "There are those who bash whoever doesn't like their ship of choice, those who bash whoever likes a certain ship, and those who do both" Oh, the names I could name... :icon_lol:
  2. Who knows what will happen. Maybe the show will continue to be popular enough, and it will get more seasons. More likely, there will be new competing shows that will become the next best thing, and the show will be cancelled after 7 seasons. In any case, 7 seasons is pretty darn good.
  3. Getting back to "getting high"... When Leonard sniffed gas, do you honestly believe the show creators did NOT mean that as a metaphor for getting high? IMO, Leonard and Penny got high and had sex. They didn't do hard drugs, but they did the equivalent of the party drugs. Discuss.
  4. Canon-shmanon. Until the show is over, "canon" is prone to getting expanded and sometimes revised.
  5. Nothing much to tell. I used to be Joss Whedon fan, but the tone of his work became progressively weird over the years. There was soul and heart in his early works. Then he got smug and boring. He became very formulaic in his playbook, very predictable, and eventually I realized that every time I watched something by him, I was more disappointed than entertained. So I decided to stop watching.
  6. I've only seen DVDs once. But I keep catching the reruns on TV. I never remember the titles... Too complicated.
  7. I agree with you, especially if talking about real life. It's not all black and white. While "loved" vs. "abused" can be very complicated, it can also be boiled down to the essence.
  8. I agree, I think Penny was quite spoiled as a child. No feeling of responsibility whatsoever... Yeah, that's what I was trying to say. Not everyone has such a dirty mind as you, sir. Some proper ladies have NO IDEA what you're talking about. None. Pffft.
  9. Oh, you know Howard is going to give himself airs! He already started. "There're not so many people brave enough to do what I almost did" - that was when he thought his flight was cancelled. Now when he actually gets back from the real space, oh my! I'm looking forward to the fireworks. :icon_lol:
  10. They would totally do it.
  11. Touching each other's naked bodies, putting a condom on a guy's penis, and having the guy come in your hands is "NOT sex in any way shape or form"? How peculiar. This is why I love this board - you learn something new every day.
  12. I don't want to see it. I immensely dislike Joss Whedon, and I swore I would never watch anything he's involved in. He's such a buzz kill for me. Firefly was the nail in the coffin. Tell me, is there a moment in the movie where a beloved character is getting killed for shock value? Or a moment when the main character acts like a self-congratulating egotistical douche and doesn't ever realize how obnoxious he's coming across? Is there a moment of an almost rape? Or at least a moment of a shivering female heroine collapsing into a bubble on the floor? Did you get the sinking feeling of "no, don't hurt him/her, we like him/her the best, how could you!"? If not, maybe Joss had changed his playbook, and it's time to give him another shot. If yes, I'm pass.
  13. How do you guys manage to remember all the episode names? That's amasing!
  14. I found Fun with Flags in character and funny. Sheldon getting excited over some boring factoid and wanting to share it with the masses? Check. Sheldon misjudging the potential level of interest of anyone who is not him? Check. Sheldon being absolutely clueless about how ridiculous he's coming across? Check.
  15. I'm arguing the exact position I took from the beginning. You're the one who's ignoring my main points and trying to nitpick linguistics in order to deny the basic truth of my very simple statement. I told you once, but let me repeat - I am NOT a native English speaker. Hello! I hope my posts are clear enough anyway, but if they aren't, I try to explain my meaning again, and again, and again... Since you're determined NOT to get it, let me rephrase my original meaning: Growing up in a loving family = growing up feeling loved = being loved by your mother or dad or meemaw = having your closest family who are capable of love = having mother or father who demonstrate that they love you = knowing that your mother or father loves you = knowing that your mother or father does not despise and humiliate you = having a family who loves and supports you as their dearest beloved son or daughter = the opposite of Leonard's mother Capish? P.S. In short, Sheldon and Penny = loving families, Leonard = abusive family. (Of those relatives that we SAW on screen.) Should I perhaps draw a diagram? Would it help if I translate this into 4-5 additional languages? Sheesh! Me neither. I don't get the uproar. I made a very simple observation - "hey, people keep saying there's nothing alike between Sheldon and Penny, but isn't it interesting how their emotional reaction in the finale was identical and their family backgrounds are similar" - and in response I get several pages of convulsing paranoid Lennies "OMG, no-no-no, don't say that!"... :icon_lol: Next time I'll post something like "oooh, Sheldon and Penny both love kittens", and see Lennies heads explode. 'Cause god knows we should NEVER, EVER say "Sheldon" and "Penny" in one sentence, unless we want to provoke vehement knee-jerk disagreement from the resident 'shippers.
  16. Who said their families were "identical"? What is seriously flawed is an argument which is based on something that was never said. To say they were both loved means just that - they were both loved. It's a simple thing. It's also a huge thing. Whether a person is loved or not as a child plays a big influence on his/her psyche. It's a very interesting factoid. Loving or abusive background is something that often informs who we are as people - it's certainly something that's very important to know if you want to understand what drives a person. Why can't they be compared like that? People can be compared based on anything. Family background is actually one of the very fundamental things that can be easily compared.
  17. Leonard's father used to borrow his hugging machine. That might be a clue. Unloved by his mother, at least. Leonard grew up feeling rejected, unloved, and abused by his mother. This is THE defining characteristic of Leonard's psyche and the main source of all his issues. "At least your mother loved you", didn't Leonard say something like that to Sheldon? Remember that episode when Leonard went on a rant about his mommy issues? Penny's problem is that she has been loved too much. I agree, I think Penny was quite spoiled as a child. No feeling of responsibility whatsoever...
  18. Everything we SAW ON SCREEN so far - 1) Sheldon loved by his mother, meemaw, sister, and even his father (who taught him sports, for example), 2) Penny adored by her father, 3) Leonard mentally abused by his mother - are facts. I'm talking about what we've seen on screen for five seasons. What you're talking about are made up "could be" conjectures which we so far did NOT see on screen. Maybe in the future seasons some new facts will be revealed about their families. Maybe the new seasons will reveal that Mary Cooper is a sociopath cleverly disguising her vile nature, that Leonard's mother is a sweetheart and what we saw on screen was a dream, and that Penny's mother beat her up every night. Whatever. But so far, Sheldon and Penny were loved, Leonard was abused.
  19. Good point. :icon_lol: Whatever. English is not my native language, so I'm not going to debate linguistics with you. However, your linguistic nitpicking completely missed and denied my main point - Sheldon and Penny grew up LOVED, and their backgrounds are similar (both their families are on the white trashy side, yet both Sheldon and Penny were loved). P.S. In my eyes, "growing up LOVED by a family" is the same meaning as "growing up in a LOVING family (i.e., a family capable of love)", as opposed to growing up unloved and abused like Leonard because his mother couldn't love him. I also like Howanette a lot... And btw, I completely agree with your assessment of Sheldon and Penny. Both are good natured hard-working people at the core, Sheldon is heroic, but Penny is not... They are quite alike in some ways, and opposite in others. I do see the hand-holding scene as one that emphasizes how alike they are in some core aspects of their natures. I find it interesting. Two opposites in theory, yet such a similar reaction, like twins!
  20. So what??? Lennies keep yammering on about how "Leonard and Penny are made for each other, cutie-cute", and yet I don't see them getting shut down at every turn... I don't give a damn if Lennies are feeling persecuted or whatever on other boards by Shennies. (If I judge by what I see here, I'd venture a guess they are NOT persecuted there either, it's probably all in their confused wittle heads.) I only know what I see here on this board, and here I see a knee-jerk reaction from Lennies to deny the basic facts and attack my non-offensive statements about Sheldon and Penny just because Lennies perceive my view of the show as a "threat" to their insipid 'ship. How pathetic is that? And how tiresome? Gah! Take a chill pill, Lennies. P.S. I've come to realize I hate 'shipping. I truly truly do. 'Shipping is a disease that turns people into nasty flesh eating pleasure killing zombies. It's no fun coming to talk about your favorite show once the board gets overrun by overzealous 'shippers. Shipping means death to rational debate, death to accepting diversity of opinions, and death to sharing the pleasure of enjoying a beloved show.
  21. Pretty much every time Leonard and Penny have sex, they drink. The last time they also got high by sniffing gas. What's next, cocaine? It amazes me that people have no idea how harmful the effects of drinking/getting high can have on reproduction. Wow. Just WOW! Scary.
  22. For me the worst episodes are those which I don't remember. If the episode is so boring that it's instantly forgettable, it's THE WORST.
  23. Rick, let me break it down for you one last time: 1) We KNOW that both Sheldon and Penny grew up being LOVED. Sheldon's mother, Meemaw, and sister LOVED him. Penny's father LOVED her. It's an indesputable fact. Just as Leonard grew up feeling UNLOVED by his mother. That's also a fact. If you want to debate that, go ahead, but denying facts and calling them "assumptions" just makes you seem petty and grasping at straws. 2) People keep saying how opposite Sheldon and Penny are in everything. However, their *exactly the same reaction* to emotional moment during finale shows that they are actually much more alike then people think. Again, you can debate that their reaction was NOT similar, but that will be like denying that the sky is blue and grass is green. Btw, Bernadette is a different case altogether - Howard is HER HUSBAND. For Sheldon, Howard is just a "treasured acquaintance", for Penny, Howard is a creepy guy she doesn't exactly like - and yet, both of them were overwhelmed with pride and emotion at his achievement! Bernadette's reaction shows she loved her husband. Penny and Sheldon's reaction shows they are good people with noble hearts. Instead of reacting with indifference or jealousy or mild interest at the creepy/non-Phd guy going into space (LOL), they both were overhwhelmed with emotion, pride, happiness, and concern for Howard, so much so that they reached for human contact to support them. Deny it if you will, this was a soul-touching moment that revealed that Sheldon and Penny are very much alike in their basic nature. 3) Only insipid Lennies keep yammering on about "made for each other" crap. Don't project your 'shipping sickness onto me. I am just making observations about some moments of the show which I find interesting and revealing something fundamental about the characters. P.S. Could someone please explain to me, how my saying "Sheldon and Penny are more alike than people think" translated into the "Sheldon and Penny are made for each other forever and evah, death to Lennies!" call-for-arms for resident Lennies?
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