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  1. There's a difference between thinking Sheldon and Penny would make a more interesting couple and actually thinking it will happen...
  2. Someone in the chat a little while ago was asking for this... my first attempt at an animated GIF, so hope it doesn't suck too bad...
  3. We're in 100% complete agreement he doesn't get nor deserve sympathy... =) Because even when it is just bad luck, he's a jackass... like when he got sick when his mom was visiting... for a split second, they started to feel bad, until he shoved it in their faces he was getting his mom's full attention back...
  4. So could anyone who has ever lost anything since the beginning of time... you seem to be making the case that if you can pin-point why someone lost and what they could have done to won then it doesn't count as a true loss... I am sorry if I am reading into it wrong... Sure, if he was more of a team player, he would have won the physics bowl... but in that case, they would have all been on the same team to begin with... his arrogance is his weakness, and if that is why he losses something, it still counts as a loss...
  5. Being concerned about her feelings is one thing, but he just took it too far IMO. His whole "she won't answer my texts, I'm telling her I am quitting the scavenger hunt" just really really rubbed me the wrong way. It was just too much. He still has that mentality that he's never allowed to make a mistake in the relationship, and I had felt they had moved past that point by now. That's just my own personal interpretation on it. It was just too much, too far an over-correction on his part. I may be wrong, it's happened before, and will happen again... =)
  6. Totally agree he garners no sympathy, but to say he never loses is just incorrect. He loses all the time. What did he lose about the university laser? The ability to stay at his own home... You mention a lot of circumstances as to why he loses, but every lose by everyone anywhere involves circumstances leading up to it... not sure what your point is. And yes, Sheldon gets even on Leonard by being in the couch, but it doesn't change the fact that immediately after Sheldon claims he can never be fooled or scared that he is indeed fooled and scared.
  7. Sheldon loses to Leonard at the Physics Bowl... There's countless examples of Leonard using the Roommate Agreement agianst Sheldon (Greek food on pizza night for example)... Leonard gets the better of Sheldon when he doesn't inform Sheldon his night work on the university laser is done and Sheldon continues to sleep at the school... Leonard scares the crap out of Sheldon with that Star Trek alien mask... Leonard also gets Sheldon with the inflatable balloon in the mailbox... Leonard and Penny beat Sheldon in Halo... C'mon people, think before you post... =) (negative tone on my part, my bad)
  8. He lost to Kripke when they fought their robots... He loses to Penny when she gets banished from the aprtment after 3 strikes and she calls his mom and she makes him apologize... Dr. Stephanie Barnett gets the better of him when she convices Sheldon that if he talks his throat will collapse and he will suffocate... He lost to Raj & Howard when they forced him to go meet Amy for the first time... a good outcome ensued, but they still got the better of him... He lost to Wil Wheaton at the Magic tournament... He lost to Wil Wheaton at bowling... He lost to the judge when defending himself over running a red light (which IMO his case seemed pretty solid to me)... I am sure there are more, these are just off the top of my head...
  9. More Zach and Kripke... that scene with them singing karaoke is one of my favorite scenes of all time on the show... "Oh honey if I get westwess!!!"
  10. But he had finally begun to see himself as an equal in the relationship... after the thing with Sheldon's assistant Alex, Leonard finally saw that even Penny had her insecurities as well... he saw she did indeed have chinks in her armor, and it brought them closer... one of the things Penny has always asked of Leonard is to just be himself and to not change for him... she HATES when he does that... he had shown so much more confidence in who he was and in his role in the relationship, and now he just flushed it all down the toilet with his "I'm going to quit the game because she's mad at me..." If he had quit, she would have royally pissed at him... it's like he's forgotten all the growth he's accomplished in their relationship... it was a massive over-correction on his part and I thought he had finally gotten over that stage... apparently not... Howard + Amy... how about we go by last names... Fowlowitz...
  11. I disagree with this... as others have pointed out, Raj & Howard played an intricate role in that meeting... He rejected the idea of it, hated it, and had to be blackmailed into it... if he had just ran into Amy at the coffee shop all on his own, he would not have spoken to her... How do you not consider Sheldon to have made friends with Leonard on his own? In fact, the idea of them being friends was Sheldon's idea, as he had a friendship rider in the Roommate Aggreement...
  12. What the hell?!?! Way to ruin several seasons worth of character development for Leonard!!! Just when I thought he was finally growing a backbone and some actual confidence, in a split second he turned right back into season 1 Leonard, so terrified of doing the slightest thing to upset precious Penny... He devolved into exactly what Bernadette was implying he was... one of the worst episodes of the show... Also, Sheldon was the only one who took the time to finish the entire puzzle, and his reasoning was well founded... I find it odd he was the only one amongst a group of brainiacs who even considered the fact that additional clues could have been hidden in it.
  13. The comic fodder this would provide would be awesome. Every time Sheldon would introduce Howard to someone, he can do the whole "This is my friend (finger quotes) 'Doctor' Wolowitz. But you can just call him Howard."
  14. I wanna see Sheldon hit that! Well, maybe not actually see it happening, but I want him to lose his virginity to Amy. I wanna see Sheldon surpassed in accomplishment by anyone... I wanna see Sheldon in a fist fight... I wanna see Sheldon humbly submit to Leonard and ask him to teach him to be more normal, for Amy's sake... I wanna see Sheldon get a tattoo... I wanna see Sheldon with a mohawk... I wanna see Sheldon get amnesia or a concussion or something and for a day or two has an almost Arthur Fonzarelli personality...
  15. I want Penny to move back to Nebraska. She is one of my least favorite television characters of all time. It's to the point now, that I will give the show maybe 2 more episodes, and if they don't make her quit being such a hatable bitch, I'm going to be done with the show.
  16. I'd be happy if Penny were run over by a truck. Leonard needs to ditch that whiny, stupid, vapid empty-headed excuse for a girl. Early in the thread, there was a discussion of whether Sheldon finds Penny attractive, or even notices such things. Only one time can I think of. On Halo night, Sheldon exclaims "No-one can be that attractive and this skilled at a video game."
  17. I think part of what holds Sheldon back is that he doesn't want to be like "normal" people. Normal people have relationships. Sheldon sees himself as the next step in human evolution, and looks down on things from the lesser species. He's full of crap, but he does believe that. I am sick to death of Penny. Leonard needs to break up with her. She treats him like garbage and has no appreciation for him. Leonard needs to dump her and go find that girl from the comic book store.
  18. SydNC


    Only Leonard could put up with Sheldon that long and he does it only because Sheldon saved his life from the rocket fuel explosion that blew up the elevator. Otherwise, as Leonard told Penny, he would have been long gone. I think Penny living across the hall is what is keeping him living with Sheldon.
  19. (note above, PAPER disproves Spock, not Lizard) Q: What is the name of the rich university patron that Leonard slept with? A: Mrs. Latham Q: What does Sheldon mock Wil Wheaton for in the comic book shop after he gets his special issue Batman? BonusQ: What was special about the special issue?
  20. Not just to Loenard, but to society as a whole. She ranks people in their proper "class" in her mind, oh and look, hers is on the top. She's highly judgemental, assuming her way o thinking and living is the best, made clear with multiple comments by her at some of Leonard's suggestions (or we could have a life, which in her worlkd, is going out dressed like a slut to score free drinks). While sha has developoed a fond affection for Amy, she treated Amy the same way "you're lucky to be in my life". In Nebraska, Penny was hot and special But in Hollywood, she's a cute blonde chick, a dime a dozen, not unique in way, she brought her "I'm Penny, my shit doesn't stink" attitude withe her. Now, since this is a predictions thread... My season 6 prediciton... A studio picks up Penny's screenplay, "a girl from Lincoln,Nebrasksa to goes to LA to become an actress but winds up as a waitress at the Cheessake Factoty" (not autobigraphical, she is from Omaha, Nebraska).
  21. This is what has to happen: Penny: I love you Leonard. Leonard: Thank you.
  22. SydNC


    He's had trouble in the past keeping secrets and obtaining security clearances.
  23. Yeah, but you still smoke. You don't want to honor their wishes, you just don't want to get yelled at. I understand that. But if you suddenly had to choose between your gf/wife or letting your parents know you smoke, and you choose your parents... well, that's a problem. Either you need to cut the cord, or you don't want to be in that relationship anyway and you're using that as an excuse. (not you specifically)
  24. A: Yes, and he never unified gravity with the other forces! If he hadn't been such a hound dog, we'd all have time machines! Q: What is the secret involving the big painting of Amy and Penny?
  25. That he bites. How doews Sheldon get Leonard to sign a new roommate agreement?
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