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  1. Strawberry Quick

    what is the name of the grad student that Sheldon picks up at the faculty mixer?

    (note, several questions above, the correct answer to the question of when does Raj say he will wait to have a brandy is "That's very good. Jolly amusing, but if you don't mind, I'll hold off until sunset on titan")

    A: Martha

    Q: What's the keyboard shortcut Raj uses to blow up the Gates of Elzabob(sp)?

  2. I thought that it was fairly obvious that she did know that Raj couldn't talk to her and she was giving him a hard time because of it. At the time I thought that she was laughing at him the whole time, the same as she was laughing at both Leonard and Howard. 3 guys making buttheads out of themselves over her.

    I thought the same thing. It never seemed to me that she had any real interest in Raj. Maybe some sympathy, but no interest. I could, however, be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time...

    Well, if that were true, then she's a bully, a b**ch, and I hope she never comes back to the show or is ever mentioned again.

  3. As for her worrying about how her parents would react if they knew that she was seeing a "white boy", that is fairly common for many families regardless of their race. By the way, I don't seem to remember Leonard ever telling his mother that he was seeing a beautiful woman, a graduate of Cambridge in international law, and by the way, from India.

    Priya isn't a child, she's a lawyer licensed to practice law in 3 countries (and Sheldon's face). There's no excuse for being so far up her parent's butt still. If she "truly" cared what her parents think, she'd never date Leonard to begin with. Her not telling them was just her way of saying "you're not good enough for me". She didn't want to validate it, or do anything to put any kind of permanence on their relationship. It's the same way Penny treats Leonard. Always one foot out the door, keeping her options open, unable to "settle" as Howard would put it.

  4. A: Sea World has Shamu, who is literally a ton of fun.

    Q: What is the name of the dish that Howard's mother cooks up every Thanksgiving?

    A: Turbriskafil

    Q: What time does Raj say he will wait till he has a brandy?

  5. i want to see penny audition for a play or something

    Judging by her lack of acting jobs, and the brief little bit we get to hear of her sing before an audition, I wouldn't want to. She sounds like a horrible actress.

  6. Rep systems are pretty good tbh, its only when you get the really annoying people who assume everyone is an arse and spam's the "-Rep" button. Used many forums over the years and even ran a few myself (myBB is a great choice btw ;D).

    Just starts to suck when people pointlessly give people bad rep for no reason.

    That's why rep systems suck, even if they're pretty accurate (in reality, we don't get along/agree with majority of people). And look how you replied to it, "some arse who spams the -". So already you've marginalized any negative rep as "not counting" since anyone who disagree with you is "an arse" who's opinion shouldn't matter. But you're one to him, so you shouldn't matter.

    And with no context or categorization of rankings, the rep # is quite meaningless. You have low rep. Are you a jerk to the other members? Do you post ridiculous off-the-wall theories and posts? Do you spam other websites on this one? Do you have horrible grammar and spelling?

    You're taking the raw unfiltered opinions of others to make a judgement on; opinions of other people that you may disagree with on a daily basis. So half of someone's bad rep could be from people you disagree with, and in fact, this person could be your best new internet friend.

    But we have no negative rep in this system. Now all we have is half a rep system, which is basically just a friend counter and/or a new "how long I've been a member" metric. What we have now is just a "like" button. Meaningless, conveying no real useful or substantial or quantifiable information. But, it's a number by your profile name, and people like stats.

  7. I think the perfect girl for Raj is Missy; Sheldon's sister. She called Raj 'cutie pie' and I thought they had chemistry, it also would get Sheldon involved to push Raj making sure Missy passes on her DNA to a worthy recipient.

    I don't know if they make a good pair, but I do think she was truly interested in Raj. Her reaction to him showing up was different than the others and seemed genuine. And she didn't strike me a cruel person, and to toy with someone's handicap like that on purpose I think would just be totally despicable. So I think she may have actually wanted some caramel love.

  8. That it's all good...

    What kind of beer is Kurt drinking when the guys try to retrieve Penny's money.

    eep! :icon_eek: I don't know the answer to that, been waiting all day for someone else to answer and pose a question I could respond to. So I'll throw out my question, even though I couldn't get Kurt's beer (heineken? just a guess)

    What was Amy's response to Sheldon's question, "What's 16x14?"

    (it's hard to really see, but I think he is drinking a Michelob Ultra)

    A: My burps taste like cranberries.

    Q: Why does Sheldon think Sea World is better than Lego Land?

  9. :icon_arrow: Well, I don't care how you did it.......

    :icon_arrow: What "New" chess pieces does Sheldon create for three person chess.

    *buzzer sound* "Not knowing is half the fun" was what Sheldon suggested the motto was...

    Prince Joey is the new chess piece.

    What was Penny's screen play about?

  10. Because one guy will end up better off when the other dies, basicallym

    When penny goes back home to see family she comes back and sheldon gets sick, what color hat does he wear?

    Sheldon's hat is Red.

    What does Sheldon find on Penny's couch when him and Leonard go over there for the first time?

    A tray of silverware (which would presume the couch was having a garage sale)?

    When Sheldon was teaching Penny about 'a little physics' what were the 3 answers Penny gave for "People learn at different rates, unlike objects falling in a vacuum which... MA = MG... "?

    1. Squared

    2. Aristotle

    3. Five

    What are the 3 activities Mary Cooper listed on the Born Again Boat Ride?

    Jonah and the Whale watching, all you can eat last supper, and gunning with god.

    If Sheldon were to go, what would he write on his clay pidgeon before he shoots it?

  11. :icon_arrow: Stay in the same room with them

    Actually there's more to it than that....He's able to stay in the same room without______?

    :icon_arrow: Second floor of the galleria in the mall

    :icon_arrow: How much of a discount does Sheldon recieve at "ShelMart"


    What are the two super hero names Ratman suggests for Howard?

    Raj suggests both Mouse Boy & Kid Vermin for Howard.

    When Sheldon & Raj are playing Super Mario Kart on Wii, what is the reason Sheldon gives for losing the race?

    He got stuck behind a tree.

    What does Raj think is the best number?

  12. It's difficult to keep things up past the first few years without making changes, otherwise it stagnates and gets boring. Which is probably why British shows only last a couple of years. ;) It all depends on the strength of the writers if it stays good or not. But to be fair, wouldn't seeing Howard remain just a skeevy perv year after year get old? How long can they do will they/won't they with Leonard and Penny before it becomes "who cares?" How many years can Raj be sad lonely mute guy before we lose any sympathy for him?

    I didn't get sick of him being a skeevy perv, not even close. I am however sick of his character now. Now we get to see Howard and Bernadette do the newlywed dance, the same scenes and jokes we've seen 100 times on 100 different sitcoms. I don't mind them changing the character, but they changed it into something that's been done to death.

    The only character that could probably survive without any "growth" is Sheldon, because he's so unique. I like the addition of Amy, though, because they play so well off each other and because it's neat to see Sheldon try to reconcile the completely unknown aspect of "romantic relationship" into his worldview.

    Taking a character who from the show's onset is incompatible and unwanting of a relationship, and making him be in one. This is just amazing. Great writing here. This has never been attempted ever on any show ever. Sooooo original. *yawn*

  13. So, The Big Bang Theory is now like every other sitcom in the history of bad television. How depressing. It's a shame that all of this "growth" is stunting the show's creativity, uniqueness and flavor.

    It's the Hollywood way. It's why so many girls that go to Hollywood turn into the typical bleach blonde ditzy clones. Take something unique, make it just like everything else.

  14. Agreed. I don't watch TBBT for relationship drama. Relationship comedy is okay. I really am not excited by the idea of watching Howard and Bernadette going through marital growing pains. If Lorre and Prady want to tell that story then spin them off into their own show. They can put it on after TBBT. CBS can't seem to find anything else to put in that slot.

    Yeah but, it's not like there's any other shows out there that focus on relationships. Where else are people going to be able to find that sort of thing? They're doing groundbreaking work here...

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