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  1. I think it was both. He didn't like that his friends upset her, but he also didn't like that he missed out on building his Death star. You can tell he was also annoyed when he was once again interrupted when building it and had to go down to the liquor store. I love the line "Leonard be glad you can't keep a woman they are a handful" It shows that one Sheldon already thought of Amy as "his woman" that two he finds it difficult to leave his lego fun time behind.

    What I wonder is do ya'll think Sheldon was really contemplating taking Amy over to that motel and having his way with her when he paused to look at it after Amy and Leonard asked him or do you think he was just thinking they are crazy and that motel is probably full of germs no way am I going over there?

    I like to think that for half a second he considered it then he realized he wasn't ready for sex yet or that germy motel so he didn't answer the question because he didn't want to say a definitive No a part of him wanted to say yes! but he was just to afraid to go through with it at that point in their relationship.

    I think his brain was having trouble processing exactly what it was Amy wanted him to do. Not so much that he doesn't know what sex is, but more of "she should know I don't like that" and it perplexed him. Would be like if my brother asked me if I wanted to go downstairs to see the huge spider under the house. I would be so taken aback that he would even ask me that (he knows my answer is HELL NO!), I would assume there's got to be more to it than that.

  2. Toll Booth Attendant, Apple Store Genius & 'What Penny Does' (aka 'waitress).

    What did Penny tell Leonard was her reason for buying Peppermint Schnapp's?

    It's fun to say Schnapps!

    (fill in the blank) According to Sheldon, 100% of all end in fun.

  3. Shania Twain's 'Man, I Feel Like A Woman'.

    What is the nickname Sheldon gives the Blue Jay that decides to fly into the apartment?

    Lovie Dovie

    What does Sheldon consider to be the 3 most menial jobs?

  4. and the Kaley thing, c'mon tell me is not true. I have read so many times the "I watch it because Kaley is hot" so many times. If I only had a dime for everytime I read that... I would have like $10 LOL

    Bernie is hotter than Penny.

    I'd still watch, with zero hesitation, if Kaley left.

    She's a cute tan blonde in Hollywood... not exactly unique, not exactly unreplaceable.

  5. I like the Idea of Sheldon making light of Howard's Doctorate, much like he does Leonard's work. How ever one makes fun of Howard not having a doctorate. Therefore Howard can't get that honor or it kills a long standing joke.

    But it opens the door to all sorts of comedic conflict between Sheldon and Howard in that Sheldon won't count it as a "real" doctorate.

    Sorry but I can't agree. Who gives an honor to a adult Dork who lives with his Mother and rides a Vespa. Howard is the Biggest Nerd of them all. How ever it will be interesting to see how the writers handle Howard's married life. Something tells me he will be sleeping on Sheldon's couch a lot this coming season.


    I really don't think "living with your mother" has anything to do with if you get an honorary degree or not.

  6. I like the Idea of Sheldon making light of Howard's Doctorate, much like he does Leonard's work. How ever one makes fun of Howard not having a doctorate. Therefore Howard can't get that honor or it kills a long standing joke.

    But it opens the door to all sorts of comedic conflict between Sheldon and Howard in that Sheldon won't count it as a "real" doctorate.

  7. :icon_arrow: He also makes keys....

    :icon_arrow: What was involved in "Barrier Two" of Leonerd getting to rent the apt.

    Which priority in a post apocalyptic world would you assign the highest priority? government, food, procreate, preserve knowledge (he accepts anything other than procreate)

    When faced with being deported, what does Raj say he will miss the most?

  8. I'm. Not 100% sure but I don't think that can happen , doesn't he just become an astronaut that actually went into space?

    A university can give an honorary doctorate to whomever they like. Going into space is a huge honor, and something very few people will ever have hands on experience with. I think it'd be worth an honorary degree for him.

  9. We know that there is on thing that all four of the main characters value a lot : science.Although leonard could have been abit more gracious , we can't blame him for expressing how he feels about astology.

    Imagine the situation was reversed and leonard said. He beleived in something that penny though was stupid, what do you think she would do?

    Call him a dork and say he has no life, both of which she has done several times.

  10. When she agreed to an afternoon of spirited questing, followed by a tankard of ale at yon tavern. With Sir Howard of Walowitz.

    What spice does Raj not put on his salad?


    What theme song does Raj play on his chest when he walks into the comic book store?

  11. I really can't imagine the show without Penny (and I mean Kaley as Penny). She's part of the core.

    I don't think the show would work without Sheldon, Leonard, Penny or Amy, with the present actors.

    It's pretty obvious about the core 3; might be more controversial about Amy, but at the end of the day, Sheldon needs her. And when Sheldon wants something, that's what the show wants. :)

    It was fine pre-Amy and if there's a post-Amy it'll be fine.

    My point is that Sheldon definitely will not be fine 'post-Amy'. After just knowing her for a few months, he got so mentally disturbed on losing her that he had to get 25 cats. At this point of time, Amy is a mainstay in Sheldon's life and he's probably more emotionally attached to her than he's been to anyone before (besides his Mee maw). One evening of not being able to contact her made him too distressed to be able to concentrate on anything else. And this is a man who is so afraid of change that he could hardly handle the Leonard/Penny break-up. Can you imagine what losing Amy would be like for him now?

    Sorry for going off on a tangent from the topic of this thread.

    Plus, as he mentioned with Penny, he has put a lot of effort into accomodating Amy into his life and he would hate for it to be in vain.

  12. I think their gonna start laying off of the whole“Amy flirting with penny“ thing as most people wanna see shamy . I know I do!!!!

    they already kinda have. Over the last episodes there hasn't been any Amy hitting on Penny anymore.

    Because they're having a secret beta test (alpha test really).

  13. @SydNC - having healthy self-respect is not anachronistic. It's timeless. :icon_cheesygrin:

    Having self respect doesn't mean a woman can't ask a man out, or try to pursue a relationship with him. All you're saying is "men can, women can't". That manner of thought *is* anachronistic, mysoginisitic, mysandristic, closed minded, and arbitrary.

  14. I liked this episode mostly though how realistic is it that Penny can be heard through 4 closed doors and a running shower and that Penny despite having a dislocated shoulder still managed to have a towel wrapped round her

    She had the shower curtain wrapped around her, prolly from grabbing it as she started to fall.

  15. Penny: What are we gonna do?

    Leonard: We? No, no, no. You had your chance to be "we" for like a year and a half now. Right now, you are you and you are screwed.

  16. I love Bernie... her first introduction to us, not so much. She came off as even more naive, flat and dry as a baby robot. Since then, she is been one of my favorite characters. And, omg, she is smoking hawt!!!!!! I'd pick Bernie over any other girl in the show any day.

  17. I don't agree at all with the following statement "only very sad and pathetic girls with little self-respect ever chase guys". This is the 21st century, any woman is allowed to go after what she wants, and if it is a guy, what's wrong with that? It takes a strong and confident woman to do so.

    Stong and confident women do NOT chase guys. A guy either wants you or he doesn't. If he doesn't, chasing him and trying to change his mind will make you a doormat. That's not the road to happiness.

    The 1950's called, they want their anachronistic way of thinking back.

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