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  1. Yes, they could drop the Penny character and have another character perform a very similar function as the Penny character now does. An attractive women who appears to be out of reach for a nerd like Leonard but who eventually sees past his nerdiness to his good qualities or better yet, embraces his being a nerd. As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, there have been episodes where Penny either does not make any appearance at all or appears for only a few minutes in the episode and it did not seem to affect the ratings or the story line.

    If Penny were to be replaced, I think that they would do well to replace her with someone more emotionally mature and who is more professional in her career. Perhaps a businesswoman or an attorney. I have no idea what Sheldon's twin sister does for a living but if for some reason Penny was replaced, she would be my first choice simply because of the interaction between not only her and Leonard but between her and Sheldon.

    I don't get it. Leonard has complained about Penny wearing shoes that are too tall and you think Missy, who is about a foot taller than Leonard, would make a good match for him? How is that possible? Also, Sheldon said what Missy does for a living. She works at Fudruckers. Doesn't really fit your business woman/ attorney scheme.

    We're not talking about a good match for Leonard. We're talking about replacing the Penny character's arch-type. Penny isn't a good match for Leonard either, so yeah, Missy would be a good replacement for Penny.

    Now, I have no idea what it is about Missy, but she comes off as like way more intelligent and confident and capable than Penny. Like a hundred fold. Maybe it's all just in how she carries herself. Maybe she is, as Sheldon says, dumb as soup.

  2. it is! Sheldon= Spock= Vulcan / Amy=tiara=Princess... it's totally there!

    Bill, Chuck, there you are, the idea for next season's Halloween episode's Shamy costumes..., you're welcome LOL

    Shamy as Zaphod Beeblebrox. They have the proper number of heads. =)

  3. Funny. This thread is about Penny going out with Sheldon. That being the case the people who think that the whole idea is bizarre are going to express their reasons for why they think the way that they do. That means that they are going to bring up things like the episode where Penny took Sheldon to Disneyland, and how she treated him and he acted like a small child. People who are against the idea are going to bring up all of Sheldon's shortcomings as they see it.

    So why the constant return to attacks on Leonard? Just what does he have to do with Penny going out with Sheldon?

    Because the #1 obstacle to Penny dating anyone besides Leonard is Leonard. For her to date Sheldon, or anyone, step 1 is to remove Leonard. For some, Penny shouldn't date Sheldon because the idea is ridiculous to them. For others, it's because she is meant to be with Leonard.

    So, that's why some people bash Leonard. It's like if I want a cat, I need to get rid of the dog first.

  4. Raj doesn't need to be with anyone right now. Even if he could start magically talking to girls, he shouldn't be with anyone. He's defined himself as a lonely "half of a couple" for so long, he needs to start seeing himself as "an individual person". And like Amy told Leonard, Raj's desperation is probably emitting a pheromone based stink.

    Is Penny a slut? She has slutty tendencies, but I don't think enough to qualify her as an official slut. But she's right up on the edge of that line.

  5. Also what the heck is adecuate or renegated? I have google both words and come up blank. I like to think I have a fairly good command of the English language but you have stumped me a couple of times Sarah.

    Adequate and relegate.

  6. Anytime someone on the show types, they never actually hit enough keys to spell out what they're trying to say.

    When Sheldon tries to reverse engineer Howard's magic trick, and he "shuffles" the cards in front of the infrared camera, all he really does is give them a cut.

  7. P.S. Btw, the above is NOT a criticism of Leonard. There's nothing wrong with being "average", especially when the bar is set so high by one's family background, advantages and expectations. But for Leonard this feeling of NOT measuring up to his family potential (compared to his siblings) means a double wammy on top of his mommy issues. He's an emotional unhappy mess as a result.

    So, because of that, he is unworthy of being with the girl he loves? he should just give up and die alone?

    No, it's just that he will go to any lengths to please Penny, he wants her at any cost, even if it means changing who he is as a person. It's like the old saying goes, nobody will love you if you don't love yourself, and Leonard does not love himself.

    I think that if despite all that, he is still going after what he wants, it is even more commendable than, for example, Sheldon who doesn't even try by himself (Amy has to push him for that). Leonard keeps trying, he doesn't give up, and of course, he doesn't get it right a lot of the times, but he stands up and keeps going, even if he gets hurt in the process. And that's one thing that Leonard has in his advantage.

    Well, Sheldon never asked for it though. Sheldon is to Amy as Penny is to Leonard. And Leonard's persistence can be a double edged sword. It's good he is always there for her, but it also lets him be taken for granted by her.

  8. She asked him 'don't let it get weird' and he couldn't stop himself.

    There's only so many times I could hear a girl I was dating call our relationship "weird" before I'd just have enough of it and want out. She so clearly has one foot out the door and wants to keep her options open all the time. Leonard grows more and more pathetic each day he keeps letting her get away with it. When Bernie wronged Howard, he kicked her out of his house. Leonard, learn from Howard!!! Grow a pair!!!

  9. Well the ratings for the show aren't bad, so I guess they haven't screwed things up nearly as badly as a few people seem to think.

    It's just attracting a different audience now.

    The second generation Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were vastly more popular and successful than the original, but they were changed so much that they lost almost their entire original fanbase, the very people who made them popular to begin with. They went from dark hard-core ninjas who kicked butt to a children's show about turtles who eat pizza and like to say kowabunga. Not saying TBBT is having changes anywhere near that level, but they are changing, and slowly swapping to a new type of fan base demographic.

  10. IMO, Leonard needs a therapist. First he needs to heal himself emotionally, then he can start looking for a girlfriend...

    I agree... he needs to be proud of who he is and what he likes to do. From the first episode, he has been ashamed of himself, trying to hide the fact he is a nerd. But alot of it is Penny as well, with her little backhanded comments every now and then "we can do what Leonard wants to do or we can have a life". She needs to cut that crap out, it really makes me hate her character.

  11. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to be rude. An American colleague of mine pointed out that I shouldn't have used the word 'ignorant', which is a bit offensive.

    People take the word "ignorant" to be offensive, but they really shouldn't. They're just ignorant of what the word really means. =)

  12. From their local ISP, racing down fiber optic cable at the speed of light to San Francisco, bouncing off a satellite in geosynchronous orbit to Lisbon, Portugal, where the data packets will be handed off to submerged transatlantic cables terminating in Halifax, Nova-Scotia, and transferred across the continent via microwave relays back to their ISP and the X10 receiver attached to their lamp...

    What weapon does Penny first try to slay the guard captain with?

  13. Sheldon was no longer the most mature and best character in the show.

    I don't think Sheldon was EVER the most mature character on the show by any stretch. He's always been high-strung, socially clueless, childishly self-centered and egoistic. Sheldon in season 1 and 2 - demanding babysitting when he was sick, completely flipping out in his jealousy of a young boy who seemed to be a better scientist than him, losing the Physics bowl because he didn't understand the first thing about teamwork, feeling homesick for just one night 20 meters away from his home, hanging Penny's clothes outside the window (and recanting only after a scolding from his mother).. were those signs of maturity?


    IMmaturity perhaps... Sheldon has the coping mechanism and conflict resolution skills of a small child.

  14. When the show finally comes to a end(but not for a few good seasons yet!)

    Would you not like to finally see Howard's mother?

    If so what do you think she should look like...?

    Howard can't really get mad at his mom, of course, but now he realizes he needs to earn more money to keep up with Bernie and make the kind of life they want to have. He *must* get his doctorate. This scenario affords Ms. Susi the opportunity to either appear more often or less often as she wishes, and for Howard's storyline to evolve even more than it has.

    What do you think?

    Like it all until you got to the part about the PhD. Personally, I don't even object to that, but it has been pointed out to me several times that engineers don't get doctorates because it's not expected and there isn't really any professional benefit in doing so. I'm not an engineer so I don't know if that's true, or not. But I do like your thinking on this.


    I'm hoping the university will grant him an honorary doctorate for going into space.

  15. did anyone else think it was strange that at the end of the episode when Sheldon shows Leonard the bird nest and egg, he says, "I'm a mommy"/"I'm going to be a mommy"... he says mommy and not daddy. lol.

    Because Sheldon has fond memories and feelings of his mother but not his father?

  16. Kermit the frog so he could have sex with the goth chick, but she wanted him to get the "mean little skull"

    What did Howard insert into the duplicate zero-gravity human waste disposal system to test if the toilet works ?

    His mother's meat loaf

    What forced-to-retire professor keeps taking his clothes off?

  17. A Grasshopper

    What was Raj watching through the telescope while waiting on the moon/laser experiment?

    The Good Wife (and she was crying)

    What were the names of the Goth chicks Howard and Raj picked up?

  18. How could anyone not like Priya? She was everything you'd want in a girlfriend-for-the-time-being of Leonard (assuming you root for Leonard). She was the smart, sophisticated, successful, beautiful girl who gave Leonard all the physical affection he could ask for (including shower sex, SERIOUSLY? After like only a few weeks! Yep, she's a slut) but at least hides it well under her higher education and big time job.

    She made Penny feel like a toothless oakey. Penny struggled nearly the entire time Leonard and Priya were together to get herself any sort of relationship.

    Penny made herself feel like that. Priya's only problem with Penny was Penny's boundaries. I don't think Priya ever disliked Penny, she just didn't like how tight her and Leonard were. If anything, she was more worried about Leonard doing something stupid if Penny were to bat her lashes at him. She was scared he wasn't over her.

    The premise of the entire show literally flipped once Leonard started dating Priya... (or should I say, Priya jumped into bed with Leonard and he of course only cares about 'gettin' some' so he was happy to start a relationship with her.)

    But back to the premise of the show being flipped. The show used to be about two nerdy scientists who live across the hall from a beautiful young girl, they try to relate even though they are very much unalike. Clearly at the beginning of the show the writers wanted to indicate that Leonard has little to no chance of gaining a relationship, especially a physical relationship, with a beautiful girl like Penny. In fact, Sheldon even had an elaborate analogy to explain to Leonard his chances. Something about a man at the center of a black hole looking for a circuit breaker. Well... it HAS happened. Leonard DID manage to obtain a physical relationship with Penny.... so apparently scientists have their answer for what is at the center of a black hole.

    Yeah, Leonard hooked up with Priya, but like Penny, she didn't want anything serious with Leonard. She was ashamed to tell anyone, especially her parents (Indian parents can be very hard core, so I give her a pass on that one). When asked to take it further, she basically told Leonard he was just a booty call when in town. Leonard really has problems picking women who really like him and aren't ashamed of him.

    But since Priya and Leonard it has made Penny the one who longs for a relationship with Leonard ... yet when Leonard and Priya do break up and they get back together Penny gets distant when Leonard falls in love with her and says these things.

    The show's relationships are completely screwy. That's part of the decline of the show.

    You're right, she still won't fully commit to Leonard. Why not? If after all this time she isn't sure, she needs to move on and so does Leonard.

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