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  1. even while they're married?? nahh. unless Bernadette moved in with them.
  2. where do you think Howard & Bernadette will live? with Howard's mother? or will they finally move in together? it would be funny for the first few episodes to have them living with Mrs. Wolowitz. the newly wed couple living with the overprotective mother-in-law, lol.
  3. I thought that the other day when watching Season 5 DVDs- when Leonard asks Penny dating/cheating advice because he was dating Priya & had that "cute girl from the comic book store" hitting on him. (then a few episodes later, he & Penny get back together!) I thought, "well there's a change to the Leonard we first met in Season 1." I'm not referring to his looks or style though... I'm talking about personality/nerdiness.
  4. Season 5 being released tomorrow, yayyy! I knew it's been sitting in my amazon shopping cart for months now, so I checked to see when it would finally be released... and that's tomorrow. all I can say is FINALLY! lol. eventho I've seen season 5 reruns enough already). but still, gotta add it to my collection, so CLICK! Buy Now!
  5. thanks for listing some ensemble episodes. I might have a marathon of watching ensemble episodes! (<---good idea!)
  6. oh, it's already been announced!? my bad, lol. I thought this was 'breaking news' since the Big Bang FB page just posted it. thanks for the response. I can delete this thread if everyone knew!
  7. how has no one commented about this?? isn't this important/exciting news? especially for us Amy Farrah Fowler fans??
  8. just posted on The Big Bang Theory official Facebook page: Mayim Bialik on her first Emmy nomination (for The Big Bang Theory of course!) and more... A scientist who loves playing one on television, the ‘Blossom’ star is nominated for her first Emmy for her supporting role in the CBS hit ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Bialik talks to The Daily Beast about how the industry has changed, her family life—and the hand injury that’s keeping her character away from the harp... read article here congrats to Mayim! I hope she wins. she's fantastic as Amy Farrah Fowler!
  9. does anyone else think that Sheldon asking/demanding for his spot back at the end of the episode, kinda ruined the apology? to me, the apology made the whole episode. alternate ending: instead of Sheldon demanding his spot back from Howard, they could have just ended the episode sincerely (since Sheldon's apology WAS sincere), and resume the next week's episode with Sheldon back in his spot.
  10. one time at a bar, I told some guy that I was a physicist focusing on string theory. but yes, a lot of Big Bang things enter my mind through out the day. & hey, I've learned a lot!
  11. because they are the ones who BROKE the elevator. (and their apartment isn't run down at all...)
  12. Br33na


    we know the official spelling is Bazinga, of course. just thought it was an interesting tidbit that it was spelled differently the first time it was used. guess we gotta keep our eyes out for episodes after the Monopolar Expedition, & watch em with subtitles!
  13. when Sheldon & Amy became friends, they clarified that "theirs is a relationship of the mind" & they hit it off on a "purely intellectual level". so I think they should keep it that way. I was upset enough when they announced they were boyfriend & girlfriend. I was like, "ohh nooo". I didn't like when they started having Amy make advances toward Sheldon. the holding hands, or hugging was innocent enough. but then Amy started her seduction attempts, and it kinda went downhill from there...
  14. guess she was a one time storyline! remember, Sheldon prefers not knowing his neighbors, so it's likely the guys never spoke to her again.
  15. Br33na


    I was watching Season 2's "The Monopolar Expedition" on DVD with the subtitles on. I noticed when Sheldon said "bazinga" it was spelled "buzzinga". OK, weird, I thought. then he said it 2 more times in the episode, all spelled "buzzinga". I looked up online which episode "bazinga" was first used- and it IS in fact The Monopolar Expedition. so I guess my question is, has anyone noticed this spelling on the subtitles? does the spelling change in later episodes? or it was just on this particular episode because it was the first time being used? interesting.
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