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  1. Seinfeld, Friends and a tone of other shows did fine without introducing more characters.
  2. Great point about Howard... I didn't think about that. I do miss his constant failed attempts at women and his bad jokes. That was basically his characters theme, now he's whipped on two different fronts from both his mom and G/F ( plays iphone whipped app)
  3. LOL I'd figured when it came to Priya, maybe I just think shes do dam hot..
  4. Ok I dont go by titles so I'll be more broad. Sheldon vs Priya and the roommate agreement episode. Sheldon gets his Drivers licence. Sheldon goes to traffic court then jail. The guys go to that Indiana Jones premiere only to be left out. Amy gets banned from Leonards apartment, Sheldon from the Cheesecake factory.
  5. First off I'm brand spanking new to the forums. I haven't been apart of any show forums since maybe Avatar, this and the walking dead are the only shows I watch and its been years since I've watched a show religiously. That being said, I wanted to throw out there characters or things I'd like to see more of in show. Your thoughts would be appreciated. ***What I want to see more of*** Wil Wheaton, Kripke, Stuart, Raj's parents, more trips to say comic con, nerd culture events. I loved Wil and Sheldons rivalry, I know they squashed it but its not to say they can't bring it back, anything that riles Sheldon up is a good thing for the show. You can apply Kripke to that as well. I hadn't seen much Stuart this season until Thursday, it would be great to see him and the guys one episode go a road trip to get a rare comic book and hilarity ensues.. I wish we got more Raj parents this season, they are always a source of cheap laughs, and I haven't seen them much of them since Priya's character has taken a hiatus. Have the guys even gone to comic con in the series? This should be the hallmark episodes where maybe 3 times in the entire series they go there and something different happens every time. Also just for old times sake bring back the old cross dressing neighbor who lived in Pennys apartment before she showed up for an episode or even Sheldon's old roommate. I think you could have fun with that. And finally I want more Priya, her rivalry with Penny is good for the show, and I think she offers the opportunity for Leonard to stand up for himself and a chance to mature more when it comes to relationships because she likes to change him so much. ***Other things I'd like to see*** An episode featuring Sheldon's mother and sister together. A flashback episode of when the guys were kids..Who wouldn't want to see Sheldon at age 12 or Raj being silent around girls in junior High or High school An episode dedicated to Ghostbusters, or something involving inventions say like Sheldon recreates the machine from Honey I Shrunk the kids and ends up shrinking the guys, or a Back to the future themed show. ***What I want less of*** Bernadette and Amy, I'm sorry those two do nothing for me, they did back in the day when they had minor roles, but now that they are getting more air time and turning into annoying G/F's, season 5 isn't doing it for me. If this show started with Howard and Bernie together I bet they would have adjusted the script by now where they wouldn't be together or Bernie would have been gone from the show. Amy was great early on when she was stern, confident and in and out in scenes but now shes more whiny and needy and I can turn to any show to see some needy G/F I tune to this show because they weren't about that. Thoughts?
  6. They could replace Penny with the old neighbor, the cross dressing black dude. There I said it... But seriously, it would be tough replacing her but the show would survive, cheers got by without Shelly Long, 3's company got by without Susanne Summers. Without Sheldon though, the show would be done..
  7. I agree, I liked Amy early on when she had an ego, was stern and only had a minor role. Now shes getting more camera time and I don't like hows she's becoming more normal now. Shes annoying, her and Bernadette.
  8. I think Priya's narcissistic personality could help pave the way for Leonard to really stand up for himself down the road to shed his total nerd side. I'm telling you Priya added more to the show then we want to give credit. Plus we got more Raj's parents when she was around and they were also hilarious. The less Amy and Bernadette, the better.
  9. The show needs more Wil Wheaton, Kripkee and even Stewart, and less Bernadette and Amy. Hell bring back Penny's old B/F the dumb one. Or more Leonards mother. Anyone but those two. They are the worst thing to happen to the show. Seinfeld did just fine without their main characters getting into serious relationships and us being stuck with unlike-able supporting characters.
  10. I'm not a fan of Amy or Bernadette, I like the old school episodes where they either weren't in the series or had minor roles... Amy went from being Sheldon equal to a nagging average everyday G/F that brings the show down. Bernadette has no flaws, shes just a G/F with a high pitched voice. Seasons 1 thru 4 were great, its been downhill this season if you ask me and its cause of those two. I don't understand why everyone hated Priya.. I loved when her and Sheldon got into arguments over the roommate agreement, plus shes a great rival for Penny. You people are telling me you'd prefer more Bernadette who offers nothing to the show besides being Howards annoying g/f???
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