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  1. renpei


    lolz. sheldon also looks different
  2. renpei


    well, even comparing to season 2, she still seems very different
  3. renpei


    I was rewatching season1 and I was wondering... Is it jsutme or does penny look and act a lot differently in the first few episodes versus later on?
  4. adding onto what carl said. penny finds sheldon obnoxious, sheldon finds penny to be inferior. never will work out
  5. When I think of Sheldon's "hell" I think of S3 E22 (The Staircase Implementation) where Leonard wanted to adjust the thermostat, and he said, "Go to hell!" to which Sheldon replies, "I don't have to go to hell! At 73 degrees, I'm there already!" A really, really hot place? With conveyor belts? Aww... didnt watch season 3 yet... been rewatching season 1 for the past month... hmm... it doesnt have to be conveyer belts i guess. but i thought that conveyer belts would kinda make it seem more organized and sheldon has ocd so the hell he creates would probably be super organized... but ill include the heat
  6. Thats amazing Any ideas for what the hell might look like? I was thinking kinda like a conveyer belt that depsits the person into the "circle" of hell
  7. Sheldon and Penny's hilarious interactions in the earlier seasons is what made this show. Sheldon and Penny together is the comedy goldmine. That's true, but those weren't "couple interactions". That was the fun part of it, that they weren't flirting, that they didn't have any ulterior motives. That's what makes their bickering so much fun. I have seen my share of great shows ruined when putting these type of characters together as a couple (Sam/Diane from Cheers, Maddie & David from Moonlighting, etc). I don't want to see it again on TBBT. Well, ull probably see TBBT ruined. Theres no chance of the show going back to L/S/R/H/P... with the introduction of Amy and Berdanette, the show can only go downhill. The show is already headeing downhill towards drama and theres no way that it would be stopped and changed back to the comedy that we all loved.
  8. Penny and Sheldon would ruiin the show The introduction of the 2 relationships: sheldon and amy howard and berdanette has already ruined the show enough. Sheldon and Penny would make this too much of a drama and would kill the show
  9. OMG these are actually amazing :D Thanks so much! There so much better than mine how would the hell look like?
  10. What are some of Sheldon's pet peeves or things he hate?
  11. In English, we were assigned to make a parody of Dante's Inferno (basically hell with different punishments for different sins) and I want to make it Sheldon themed. I need a list of things Sheldon hates and suitable punishments for the "sins" as well as what the hell would look like. Some ideas that I already have: Prounouncing the "t" in often = having your tongue cut of adjusting the brightness and contrast = living in a world of flashing colors hating trains = ran over by train repeatedly Commiting 3 or more of these 'sins' = taking Sheldon's course over and over Any other ideas would be appreciated :D Anyone?
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