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  1. Hello and Welcome to the forums!
  2. So Penny finally gives in and...
  3. Morlocks What does Sheldon find in Penny's shower when He tries to use it.
  4. Been to the chat room need a way to let others know we are in, still kool non the less great idea faster than snail mail Yes, we need to set up a time and day that works for everyone---that way we can have an actual chat...lol....The best day for me would be Mondays, but I can be flexible if that day is no good for others...Let me know OK I will look for you on Mondays and I am in my office from 8:00a.m to 4:00p.m see you good people around the net
  5. Buttons What was the name of the troll under the bridge.
  6. Gupta Lalita What is the only logical choice the guys are forced to make when wanting to go to the movies.
  7. Having a "Sinfully" chocolate moment anyone care to join....
  8. A little news from "Down Under"........... Police are looking for a man and woman involved in the armed robbery of a petrol station on the Gold Coast this morning. The pair pulled up to the station around 12.30am this morning As the man put fuel into the vehicle the woman entered the store and threatened the employee with a knife. The man and woman fled the scene in the 4WD with a sum of cash. CCTV footage of the incident show a woman with blonde hair and a very noticable low cut top. No one was injured during the incident.
  9. I’m lit up like the Hindu festival of Diwali. What is the name of the comic book stuart suggest to Penny for her nephew.
  10. Have to go with Rick on this one the question for some isn't "getting" one but more rather "keeping" one IMHO.
  11. Been to the chat room need a way to let others know we are in, still kool non the less great idea faster than snail mail
  12. I am alot like Wyatt Penny's dad cuz I too have a daughter penny's age.I got lucky and have a awsome soon to be son in law but had my share of "undesirables" as they say.So I really identified with the episode and He has a Wii so going to try the fishing soon if I can get my grandaughter to let us play LoL
  13. which actors? not trying to argue, just curious on your thoughts Not arguing either but have to ask what actor or actors were rubbish as you put it.Cast looked well enough for this film they do have plenty of lesser characters but if you look closely alot of "those" have gone off to more significant work.I have it in special edition blue-ray and its of my war movie fav's.Just my humble opinion here I like a good war movie
  14. Raj and Bernie find themselves.....
  15. Ahhh and a new "Ship" would be born the "Rassy's" ........
  16. Which made Howard grab his...
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