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  1. That it's all good... What kind of beer is Kurt drinking when the guys try to retrieve Penny's money.
  2. A race of superintelligent aliens..... What kind of car does Raj's father drive.
  3. Sheldon always has the barbecue bacon cheeseburger; barbecue, bacon and cheese on the side Where did Sheldon used to eat on Tues.
  4. Gotta go with "Lace"...... Lights "On" or "Off"
  5. OK here goes.... guitar - rock band keyboard bongos theremin What Justice League character does Raj dress as....
  6. Just another funny to share..... I think of this with every "SHIP" post
  7. Amy: Cornucopia. What a mellifluous word. Sheldon: Let’s make that our word of the day. Amy: Agreed. And we’ll use mellifluous tomorrow. What costume does Raj wear to Penny's halloween party.....not the "Flash" the "Other" one.
  8. The person above me is from England.....
  9. Found Sheldon and Amy.....
  10. Project Lenwoloppali....was as close as I could see to a name How many hours did Sheldon have in WoW before hia account was hacked?
  11. Well, I don't care how you did it....... What "New" chess pieces does Sheldon create for three person chess.
  12. Sorry was on a "Zombie" movie marathon this weekend found this too funny.....
  13. Boooo link says not available in my country funny thought massachusetts was in the USA Hmmmm........
  14. "Smart Mouth" What percentage of Sheldon's income is needed to pay his bills.
  15. Granted...But due to a teachers strike you are unable to learn how to be a wizard. I wish I could be on the writting team for tbbt season six.
  16. The reason firehouses have circular stairways is from the days when the fire engines were pulled by horses. The horses were stabled on the ground floor and soon figured out how to walk up straight staircases.
  17. Congratulations! TY so much everyone she is a real joy and makes me a very proud grandpa I can't waite to sing "soft kitty" to her and make her a official part of the TBBT family!
  18. Here we go again will be a understatement.......... :icon_evil::icon_evil:
  19. Which in this state formed a........
  20. "Newest" member of the "BEAR" Clan...... Nedezda Alexandra Skrabal - born 6/21/2012 @11:19 pm 7 pounds even, 20 " long
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