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  1. Bernadette's father: You go up to that space station and you make me proud. Howard: Um, okay. Bernadette's father: You got a problem with that? Howard: All right, look, I'm going to level with you. I'm terrified about going into space. What if I don't make it back? Bernadette's father: It's gonna be okay, son. Howard: You really think so? Bernadette's father: Of course. A pretty girl like Bernadette ... she'll find a new guy
  2. Make your own sundae bars! How long did it take for "Howards" robotic arm to serve chinese food for dinner.
  3. From what we have learned about how this line came to be in the show it is hard to see it as some profound revelation. Raj may be gay, he may not be gay. His own words and sexual history say he's not. I don't care if he is or isn't. At this point I don't even care if he's on the show. He could be relegated to the role of part time appearances and I wouldn't miss him at all. His character is totally stagnant, the mutism is old, and his his 'woe is me' routine is stale. And, whatever they do with him romantically, there is not enough episode time for the characters already on the show. There is no time for another character or plot dynamic. Absolutely "Spot On" here and to single out one reference to build a arguement is not much of a bell ringer.There have been plenty of other "for instances" to speak of the most profound statement here is : His character is totally stagnant, the mutism is old, and his his 'woe is me' routine is stale. And, whatever they do with him romantically, there is not enough episode time for the characters already on the show. There is no time for another character or plot dynamic. So put a fork in him and let's move on
  4. 15% Where does Howard take Raj to make him feel better for losing his prized fighting kite?
  5. Howard: So, listen, the New Art is showing the revised definitive cut of Blade Runner. Leonard: Seen it. Howard: No, you’ve seen the 25th anniversary final cut. This one has eight seconds of previously unseen footage. They say it completely changes the tone of the film. You are a winner....."Peanut Reaction" is correct should you get stuck again recomend this link. http://bigbangtrans.wordpress.com/ it is a transcript site hope it helps in the future
  6. baby oil, condoms and, uh, a little something I procured from the school of pharmacology. They say it is to Viagra as Viagra is to a green M&M. Who was controlling the "corvette" RC car with the mini cam aboard.
  7. "Netflix" they have them all and for the low monthly thing saves a fortune to acquire thru purchase not sure were you are in the world but a good blue ray or smart tv and internet and more watching then you know what to do with any Q's just pm me happy to help
  8. Currently watching SG-1 but they have all of the series SGU(universe), SGA (atlantis) having "Old School" marathon this weekend with "Original" Star Trek.Saw a clip from "Sanctuary" looking for it now I am a Amanda Tapping fan.Hope this helps a bit but really personal preference really been a SG-1 guy since the first movie and now to have 10 seasons and two side movies at my finger tips pizza guy is going to love me
  9. "Joined" with one condition how do you say "Bear Guy" in your native language..... P.S. Loved the pics and articles nice page give it "Cool Points"
  10. The Promised Land.....Howard prepares for.
  11. Totally agree with you and they tried this on a serious note once life and times theme and it didn't work out IMHO.Some things are just better left as "Original" and thats how it is true americana!
  12. Slut or slattern is a term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous. The term is generally pejorative and most often applied to women as an insult or offensivetermofdisparagement,meaning "dirty or slovenly." [2] However some women have demonstrated saying they're proud of being "sluts", and have given it a positive connotation! Agreed on the "Edge" to say the least.
  13. TY bazinga 101 glad you are enjoying and checked the blog out very "Kool".I am having serious withdrawl here as well thursday nights not the same thank you Netflix for having so many SciFi shows and so many seasons of each to hold me over
  14. The OP probably is anaware that this dog was not only kicked off the porch but is buried in the back yard somewhere still a huge "DITTO" ensues.
  15. He also makes keys.... What was involved in "Barrier Two" of Leonerd getting to rent the apt.
  16. A= Star Wars "Darth Vader" Q= What "Greek" food was Sheldon forced to try.....
  17. I'm just wondering about the 5 yr old left crying at the airport cuz Howard stole his "cowboy" hat......Oh the horror
  18. A= Fines for urinating on a police car Q= When did Penny realize she had a "online" gaming problem?
  19. A= I’ll send them a basket of muffins. Q= Were can you find two 50 dollar bills in Sheldon and Leonerds apt.
  20. Bear Guy


    I respect if you don't like it, but the reason why I don't find uncomfortable Amy's sexual advances in Sheldon, it's because both are in a very similar situation regarding this issue. I mean, Amy is not an experienced, wordly woman (even when I agree she is, indeed, a vixen ) lusting over innocent underage Sheldon. Presumably, both are the same age, physically and mentally. Both are unexperienced, it's the first relationship ever for the two of them. The are like two thirty-something teenagers playing boyfriend/girlfriend, the girl being more curious than the boy, yes, but essentially in equal conditions, none taking advantage of the other. I think that was a very clever move from the writers. Wich are the odds for something like this happening in real life? Only in TV land! I agree. All that Amy has more than Sheldon is some amount of sexual curiosity. Other than that, she's just as clueless, inexperienced, awkward and naive. In fact, I suspect that one of the reasons she didn't get with Zack or Stuart after all is that she unconsciously recognized that Sheldon is more likely to be 'her speed' in this matter too, as in other things. An experienced person might have demanded more from her than she would be ready for and comfortable with right now. Well put Pomita never have so few words said so much and truely shed so much light.......Great Post!
  21. Who are they? Shemp's friends. Dweeb = Shemp And they "are" the three stooges :icon_lol::icon_lol:
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