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  1. Hello and Welcome to the forums
  2. Raj emerged from the bedroom shouting!!!
  3. Hello and Welcome.....
  4. Hello and Welcome......
  5. Were growing in Bernie's fridge
  6. "BOTH" lol Superman or Batman
  7. To further a point If I may and one I don't believe I have read in any response on these boards. "Relationships" = 0 ....for these guys "NONE" of them had ever been involved when this all first started.Basically saying they had no base knowledge of what one was much less how to make one work.They were four "nerdy" guys who got introduced to "girls" and like a shiny new toy it became "I want one" don't know what to do with it,how to take care of it,how to fix it but still want one. Now stand back and watch as they fumble thier way thru what they think is a relationship and everybody is so critical in thier interpitation of how thier relationships should be. Penny should go out with Sheldon...OMG "Attack" how dare anyone suggest such a thing,Blah,Blah and so on the list of experlatives to long to type.If they go out they go out key words "GO OUT" does dinner and a movie costitute full blown relationship think not. These are just humble views and opinions on a show I really like.
  8. NPR What was the path the signal took via the internet to turn on the stereo?
  9. How about "The Douchebag Validation" I know that lol is overused, but I actually lol'ed. I was just going to post "The Roommate Transmogrification Duplication", but "The Douchebag Validation" is much better. :icon_lol: Still LoL :icon_lol:
  10. In a post-apocalyptic world, which task would you assign the highest priority? Locating a sustainable food source, re-establishing a functioning government, procreating, or preserving the knowledge of mankind? I’m gonna go with preserving the knowledge What does "Cathedra mea, regulae meae" mean ?
  11. Bethany and Sarah (not that anyone cares) What was Howard going to get tatooed and why?
  12. So are we gonna "Ship" the "Raj" here or what, like what's the worst they can do to us "public stoning"...."burned at the stake" support TBBT's "Bad Boy" let's help him be all He can be! The following was a paid advertisement and no way reflects the personal views or opinions of all parties involved thank you..... :icon_twisted:"BAZINGA"
  13. Totally "Agree" here they had the episode on last night with Sheldon's sister in it and it's one of my fav's watching them get shot down by Her and how She was with "Shelly" laughs all around.Found it sad though when the only guy that had a shot at the "Gold" had to settle for the "Bronze" :icon_cry: Agravation point for me was "why" the two very different reactions to his pharmacy courage so to speak which by the way is much more enjoyable for me than the alchohol.I mean the hand shaking "tick" was much funier then the "nudist" effect IMHO.It has been my hope that this would be the cure for his mutism a simple "wonder" pill and be done with it because he makes for a less than desirable drunk for me. Have to agree on another point that I think maybe is a little hard to digest for some.That his "sexuality" is more culture based were things we might find one way is maybe just the "Norm" in his.Just a humble opinion here on this as I really like Raj he has provided some truely "Epic" moments for the show and "Yes" He has had some less than desirable ones as well just don't want to see a "Original" cast member be cast aside due to poor writing.
  14. Bernie, IMO, is the hottest girl on the show. Way hotter than Penny. But, I think if Bernie had Penny's IQ/Personality, then I would change that diagnosis. "AGREED" 100%
  15. Hmmm.....well we haven't had the "Honeymoon Paradigm" episode yet so IMHO that will be Howard's "Go or No Go" test.It will be interesting to see what he does.I think Bernie in some "Victoria Secret" will seal the deal and maybe a little "Black Dress" on the side wouldn't hurt I am sure they will write in some dream scenes with Howie's girls when perhaps He and Bernie maybe have a spat or arguement but think it will be more of a conscience aspect for him to do the right thing. Don't think He will cheat but as far as Bernie being "Hot" enough if the wedding dress didn't make your heart skip a beat then I say we burn the wardrobe dept. at the stake
  16. lol. That would be great. If I may be so bold, I'd suggest a change. Raj isn't killed, but ends up in the hospital. Bernadette is filled with remorse and visits him. Raj forgives her. They fall in love (awwwwwwww). They hold hands (awwwwwwww again). Howard returns from space to find Raj and Bernadette coming out of the hospital. The scene ends and we have to wait until next episode to find out what happened. "Awsome" episode idea but you would have to come up with a name for it? But very cool non the less
  17. Yes it is. Our opinions on anything are based off of personal experience and investigation. It is very easy to fill in the blanks with assumptions that a person doesn't understand is an assumption. So, from time to time, it is needed to point out to someone that a particular thought or action is not universal, but local to the poster, and not something that "everyone" does or everyone will see the same way. It does sometimes need to be personal, but doesn't always have to be negative. I grew up on a tourist beach. There are many things in life I probably don't even question that I should, because not everyone has my life's experiences. Things I think are automatic simply aren't. Point well put and I do understand how you use life experience to form opinions on subjects, I guess all I am asking or wondering is why after five seasons of storyline, character evolvement and the like that there should be plenty of useable material to state and defend most any subject listed around this forum.The constant need to argue a point into the ground for the sake of having the last word sometimes just amazes sorry just my honest opinion here.
  18. A= Milk Duds Q=What "Comic" was Zack looking for at the comic book store?
  19. @Africayellowcat - you did an awesome job laying out some of Leonard's less worthy moments... I doubt it will help Lennys see the light and understand why some fans are disappointed in Leonard. You can't solve this debate by logic (or by anything else). People like who they like, it's not logical, it's not rational. @baylee - good point. Unfortunately, it will be wasted on Rick et al. Love is blind. Sometimes, when fans become enamoured of a TV character, they become completely blind and deaf to any of his shortcomings. They remind me of some blindly loving parents of a child - it doesn't matter what their child does, some parents will NEVER see it objectively, they refuse to recognize that he is not perfect. The child is the apple of their eyes and that's the end of it, he can never do no wrong and anyone who dares to criticize him is evil and should be destroyed. It is what it is. Logic and rational arguments hold no water when people passionately feel something. I wish it were as simple as explaining to each other our different points of view and learning to accept and live with disagreement... However, what makes this whole "rabid fan" mess so tedious is the non-stop bickering and attacking of "the enemy". (And Rick should make no mistake - he and Slick are Sample Number One in that particular line of crazy fandom. ) When the fans become so completely and blindly enamoured of a character or a 'ship, they are no longer satisfied just to live in their happy little bubble of enjoying their favorite, instead they have to go out and attack - other fans are no longer just people with a different p.o.v., instead anyone disagreeing becomes The Enemy. Anyway, my point is - in my experience, when fans reach the point of no return in their worship of a character, it becomes quite useless to talk to them rationally. It's not about logic, it's about LOVE and HATE. It's quite fascinating to watch. Well put and very much agree on various points stated now the question would be how does one go about stating thier p.o.v. without the smell of "torches" burning or the clanking of "pitch forks".Is it really so hard to stay "On Topic" and keep comments to the show and not bring one's personal life into a thread which here lately seems to be a few peoples idea of how to prove a point about a "fictional" tv show with "fictional" characters in it.I believe the topic was "Penny should go out with Sheldon" or was there a "Type-O"???
  20. "Quotes" the room mate agreement which states....
  21. He grabbed the "smoldering" cannister with the fuel in it.....not sure on this one
  22. ROFLOL....Stop please your killing me...no..no..OMG to funny
  23. Found it very depressing but as you can see have tried to turn a frown upside down and all that
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