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  1. Here are some episodes I'd really enjoy seeing: - Leonard's overachieving brother or sister visits with their kids. One of them is nowhere near as smart as the rest of the family. The nephew/niece really likes Leonard because of all of his cool stuff and because Leonard is the warm uncle who isn't as stuffy as his parents, and has a heart-to-heart with him/her, observing that not everyone needs to be a genius to be great & & wonderful & loved (i.e. like Penny). - Dr. & Mrs. Kuthrapali visit Pasadena and are completely overbearing with the boys and guilt trip them to get their way (citing that they just flew thousands of miles to visit them, that they are guests, that Dr. Kuthrapali's a real doctor: he doesn't look at whiteboards all day long). Raj finally stands up to them, asserting his independence. This gives him the courage to stand up to his parents from now on and to talk to women (as the alcohol thing is getting pretty tired). - As Sheldon believes in an infinite number of universes, in this episode, he's a clown made of candy (as stated he believed in in a previous episode), Penny has Sheldon's personality, Leonard has Howard's sleazy personality and jewish expressions, etc. - In a 2-part episode: Sheldon & Amy visit Sheldon's Mima (I'd love to see Cloris Leechman in that role) and in the first part: she treats Sheldon like the child that he behaves like usually (enabling him). At the end of the episode, Mima passes away. In the second part: Amy supports Sheldon at the funeral and Sheldon realizes that Amy has his back & takes care of him & loves him (like a man) and he grows feelings for her (thanks to Mima). -Leonard & Penny have a big fight & Priya comes back and wants to settle down with Leonard, to present him to her parents as her boyfriend. At first he's unsure and the thought of marrying his intellectual equal is great. Penny finds out and is livid and it looks like they are breaking up. Priya & Leonard have a confrontation (ideally in the rain, with crying, and someone's wearing a leather jacket) and Priya tells Leonard that she loves him and Leonard says that he can't be with her. Although he may have lost Penny, and regardless of how Penny feels right now, she is the love of his life and he couldn't feel that way about Priya, or anyone else for that matter. Penny observes this & is won over. - In this episode: all the couples are trying to have sex except Sheldon and Amy (perhaps this episode is the episode that Howard & Bernadette get married - Raj would be scamming on bridesmaids & ladies at the wedding) but in a freak lab accident that takes place at the beginning of the episode, some food they took with them is contaminated and Sheldon & Amy consume an experimental drug (that alters perception, lowers inhibitions, makes the libido go crazy). Nobody else gets to hook up (perhaps Howard & Bernadette cannot consummate their marriage because of Howard's interfering mother) - and Sheldon and Amy awake to discover that they've had sex. And/or: Howard & Bernadette are trying to have a baby and Sheldon & Amy finally do it (or, if using the previous premise, they already have) and they announce that they are pregnant (because they're superior - they're better at everything including procreating). And Amy spends the next season talking about disgusting pregnancy side-effects (using funny terms like "Braxton Hicks" and "mucus plug"). - Howard and Bernadette finally get pregnant and Howard gets Couvade Syndrome / sympathy pregnancy and starts wearing moomoos and holding his back and talking about his tender breasts, swollen ankles, etc.
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