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  1. LOL They should rerun this episode and right after it put on an episode of "Animal Hoarders."
  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with this one, especially with Sheldon.
  3. I also enjoyed Kaley in The Hallow. So many people thought that movie was crap but I liked it. She did a good job in it. I agree about her facial expressions...she can say it all without opening her mouth. Great actress.
  4. I am just not ready to see them get married. Just think it is WAY too soon for that.
  5. I look at life as a balance. Intellect and emotion. If you have too much of either things are going to be skewed more toward that side and cause problems. I agree that Sheldon is honest. I learned very quickly in life that not everyone returned my trust, honesty, and friendship, but it took me much longer to realize I was not the problem. I don't see how a contract of any sort is going to work as far as a relationship goes. Circumstances change people and lifestyles, thus causing you to re-evaluate yourself at times. It is very difficult to stick to something when your life is changing around you and you have to compromise with it. If you set down some solid boundaries and compromise on the little things, you should be fine. I think it's all about being honest about what you expect and working that compromise in when you can, but you can't be so unbending that it causes discord. For example, let's say I agreed to wash my own dishes. Now, time goes on and I have washed my own dishes so my roommate didn't have to. Then I ended up getting the flu and couldn't. So technically I'm breaking my contract but it is due to unforeseen circumstances. So if that roommate is my friend, he/she will cover for me until I get well and I will return the favor when he/she needs it. If we just solely stick to the contract, my dirty dishes are all piled up and everyone is unhappy. Compromise is the key.
  6. I agree with Rick on this one. In my opinion, it's too early.
  7. I love Sheldon's character but I could never see him with Penny. Actually, Leonard showed his heart telling Penny he loved her. A jerk doesn't act like that.
  8. Well said, and I agree. I guess you found a way to put the issues that I've been having for awhile. Sheldon in the beginning seasons was funny just the way he was. I don't feel that the show was supposed to be about "normal" people. To me it was about these people with various quirky personalities and how they got along with each other. If you keep trying to "normalize" them, it loses something along the way. The reason I began watching the show in the first place was because of the way they all acted. It wasn't something I saw in everyday life. Then to add all of these personality types together and watch them interact was fascinating to me. So if you take all of that away from these characters so they can "grow" and become more "normal" it takes away the originality for me. I like them the way they are. I guess for me it is the old adage "If it ain't broke don't fix it." If this was real life and we knew Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Penny, could we accept them as friends the way they were or just keep wishing they could be "normal" and want to keep seeing them change? Uniqueness is the spice in life. If everyone was the same and there was no variation, how boring this world would be. I'm actually going through a situation concerning this right now where I am staying. My husband's mother trying to change us into her. Sorry, but not gonna happen for either of us. And of course, that causes a lot of problems. Better in my opinion to either accept someone for who they are or just leave them be.
  9. I can spare them all my singing and type them a Happy Birthday!
  10. LOL Clover, as usual, right on and well said.
  11. I really want to meet Sheldon's meemaw. I can't wait to see who they get to play her.
  12. @Aevitas I think you nailed that one. That is exactly how I feel. I use up all of my energy being around that I either don't know or will never be comfortable around and it exhausts me. The only way that I can recharge is to just be by myself or away from the person that is making me uncomfortable.
  13. That was fun. ENTP. What made me laugh was the fact that they are suited for a career in Psychology, and that is exactly what I am going to be attending college for. As far as favorite pairings go, going to have to think about that one a bit.
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