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  1. IDK, I could actually see several starts/stops happening in the Leonard/Penny relationship. Aren't they often compared to Ross/Rachel? And look at that relationship. L/P have only broken up the one time before. Since they are the couple that started the show I doubt they are going to keep them together for the rest of the show, since they are the central couple people are supposed to root for to get together. There's, at the very least, two more seasons including this one. It's pretty unheard of to keep a couple together for that long of a period without breaking them up, unless they are marri
  2. You are right....but the things she does after those situations does'nt make her character likable... In S3- she breaks-up with him because she did'nt want to hurt him in the long run--Good Penny but when he hooks him with Dr.Plimpton..she gets furious because he had the guts to move on before her and the ending scene she acts as if he betrayed her(even after the way she dumped him....in a public place...in front of all his friends..the worst possible way) and the things she did in S3 finale are on of the worst things she has ever done on the show... See I had no problem with her goi
  3. I know this has been discussed several pages back, but since I haven't visited this forum in a while I'd like to give my input on the issue of Leonard/Penny. From my POV, they both have issues that have been boiling under the surface for quite some time. Regarding Penny, she takes Leonard for granted and it's my impression that she thinks that Leonard worships the ground she walks on so much that he will put up with anything and would never hurt her. (Did she not laugh at the idea when Bernadette brought it up? I really think she thinks he's incapable of hurting her, that she has all the co
  4. I loved the finale. I thought it was the perfect balance of emotional and funny. Amy I guess could be seen as a bit grating with her maid of honor obsession but I think it makes sense because of who she is as a character and really emphasizes how much her and Sheldon have in common, what with making things about them when they shouldn't. I thought it was pretty funny. I loved Bernadette's dress on her and the bridesmaids dresses were pretty. I think L/P also kind of made it about themselves some of the time just as much as the Shamy did. Howard has changed a lot but he's still hilarious and th
  5. I voted Sheldon/Penny but DEFINITELY NOT in a romantic way. L/P are cute together and they are obviously going to end up together but if I'm honest I don't feel much chemistry between them.
  6. So, just to update on this: Penny/Leonard made it to the top 16 couples but got knocked out. However, Sheldon/Amy made it into the the top 8 couples! Here's the link to Round 4 to vote for them: http://www.zimbio.com/2012+TV+Couples+March+Madness+Challenge/articles/5k0yrkfs8hQ/2012+TV+Couples+March+Madness+Challenge+Elite
  7. amshafe


    Yes!! I totally agree. I think that's why I'm loving this season so much. In addition to the laughs, this season has been so great in terms of character development for pretty much everyone, but especially Sheldon IMO.
  8. I've already started posting but I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Ashley, I'm 26. I'm going to school right now to be a nurse. I just started watching this show in the past six months, and now I'm really obsessed with it. I'm really liking season 5 so far, and I look forward to talking about the show w/ the people here.
  9. Yes, he's more "human", but I think people should have expected that to inevitably happen, as the premise of the show is these nerdy guys meeting their neighbor across the hall and how it affects all of their lives. From the very beginning the characters were set up to evolve because of their relationships with each other. And it's been very gradual and realistic IMO. I completely agree. In fact my main crib at this time is about Raj, because his character is stagnant and hence getting sidelined. When you see a group of young people (even nerds) over several years, they are expected to g
  10. Oh, I've missed that episode! When was it? In the beginning of the season? What is the episode called where the bully comes to visit, oh yeah it's "The Speckerman Recurrence". It's episode 11 this season. But Sheldon goes, "Leonard I platonic love you man, but..." and then proceeds to tear into the guy, he really stands up for Leonard. It was sweet.
  11. I think one of the best examples is when Leonard's bully came to visit. (I hated that episode, that's the only one so far this season I haven't like). But anyways, I love how he stands up for Leonard in that episode. He ripped that guy a new one. He even said he platonic loves him. Sheldon really has come a long way. I thought it was touching that he would do that for Leonard. And I agree about the tiara that he got Amy. If it was any other piece of jewelry Amy indicated she would have hated it. I didn't see it as him buying her off like I've seen a few people say because it really sho
  12. You know, I've been thinking the exact same thing regarding Penny and Leonard. I'm find w/ Penny/Leonard as a couple even if I'm not invested in them, and I think they both have faults, but it annoys me when Penny acts like Leonard could never possibly leave her/hurt her. Penny takes Leonard for granted. They've showed this more than once this season, w/ her comments. I think like you said she thinks she has him wrapped around her finger, and I DO think it's leading to a rude awakening. It could be in the season finale, but the only thing that stops me from thinking that is it might be to
  13. I think that something big will happen for all the couples in the finale, for my part. Don't know what, but I do think it will happen. I agree with the others that said that Penny might tell Leonard she loves him. I also don't think Sheldon/Amy will break up, and if they do it will only be temporary. They have their issues but every couple does, it doesn't mean they will break up. Plus, this isn't a conventional couple we're talking about. They have been humanizing Sheldon gradually over the seasons, and this is only natural with him becoming more in tune with human interaction and rela
  14. not really.. she could have done it with Zack, she decided not to. She went out with Leonard, and said he "didn't get her motor running", she went out with Stuart and still chose Sheldon over him, despite she knowing that she had more chances of having sex with Stuart than Sheldon. That's why I don't agree with the "any guy would do for her" she has had chances, but she still chooses Sheldon, despite Sheldon being.. well.. Sheldon Agree 100%.
  15. Yeah, that's how I took it. Holding each other's hair while they puke is something only best friends would do. I think that's why Amy jumped at it. Plus, like others mentioned, going w/ Sheldon was no longer going to happen anyways b/c of Raj's outburst.
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