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  1. Hi, everyone! I went to the last taping too. Just wanted to share, since am sooo happy to have gone there. Nice to meet you, Jennifer!
  2. Best episode of the season! No Amy, no Bernadette... just like old days!
  3. This. Unfortunately, I'm sure Amy will stay.
  4. I liked him better when he was thinner and had short hair. I'm not happy with the changes.
  5. There probably is, just that it can't be viewed outside of the USA. Unexpectedly, I find I can see this: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-may-31-2012/jim-parsons And I'm not in the US. Have the other non-US people tried it? I just can't download it, it doesn't allow that. I'm also not in the US and I can see it.
  6. There are a lot of really bad episodes on season 5 and a few on season 4, but for me the winner is "The Stag Convergence". There's absolutely nothing good in it.
  7. I didn't like it too much, it wasn't funny at all. And Sheldon is definitely not Sheldon anymore.
  8. I haven't bought anything yet, but i wanted to buy this Sheldon's shirt : Or the black version of it. Does anyone knows where can I find it?
  9. Any time someone says "nevermind"; Any time Sheldon is sitting at his desk using his laptop, when everyone else is doing something else; Any time Sheldon blinks funny (not when he's having tics attacks, but a lot of times when he blinks slowly, or an eye and then the other, or just one eye) Any time Raj complains about being alone. :D
  10. It's hard to choose. I like all from season 1 to 3. But some that come to my mind now: Nerdvana Annihilation Bath Item Gift Hypothesis Adhesive Duk Deficience Euclid alternative Financial Permeability Staircase Implementation
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