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  1. I agree with your thoughts. Maybe theres a history here I have no clue about, but arent we all allowed to have our own opinions even when they differ? May be cliche, but it does happen in real life, it takes alot of us guys getting a wake up call to grow up sometimes. When I was married only a year I traded in my truck and brought home a BMW convertible on a whim, needless to say that was a "life experience". But hey, its was very quiet for a week! As far as the scene goes, Bernadette had a right to be upset, but she did belittle him and took it just a bit to far.
  2. Really? Wow, this could be the beginning of the end. If you remove the Sheldon story line it was a pretty good episode, but this one made me realize that I'm not a fan of Shamy getting intimate. Im a big fan of the old, socially ackward, somewhat robotic Sheldon. Yes, its progress for the show and the character but not what I want to see. Im normally a big fan of Leonard but he seemed a bit more whiny than usual. But the Howard / Raj and Howard / Bernadette scenes were pretty great.
  3. Merry Christmas to everyone here! Sadly I have to go into the office tomorrow but then both the wife and I are off until the 2nd, so we get some good down time, family time, etc. I wish you all the best for the season and a happy an prosperous new year. Seems like we're all stuck on this rock for a long time to come since the Mayans were wrong about the 21st! LOL!!!
  4. Yes!!! In my opinion she is the most beautiful woman on TV currently and I think the last episode proved that. The scene's with her in that black dress were stunning, I was literally speechless (though Penny seemed a bit out of character). BTW, does anyone have anymore stills from that scene? I dont understand the talk of her not aging well or her not being thin enough? She is only what, 27? Shes still young. Friends agree that she looks better now, she looks more mature, she looks like a woman and not a girl. I have to admit Im a bit of a sucker for blondes though,I've dated mostl
  5. Really? This one goes near the bottom of my list. OK, to be honest if this was any generic sit-com it would've been good, but in many ways it just seemed out of character for TBBT. For the most part Sheldon has been good this season but he was a bit all over the place tonight. It had funny moments, a few touching moments and Sheldon showed he has grown but it's not up to the bar set by other episodes this season. I realize that Sheldon wasnt supposed to realize what he was doing but rubbing Vap-o-rub on her chest, bathing her and then the spanking? This was sooooo far out for the Sheldon
  6. When is she not??? She seems like my ideal woman, assuming I could keep up with her! To be honest when I first heard of this I thought it sounded pretty dumb. But after watching the video's I have to give 2 thumbs up, very cool! What a job they have, looks like the most fun place to "work" ever.
  7. This episode deserved to be the one to break the record! I hope the shows sticks around for more than 1 additional season.
  8. Awesome episode, on e of the best IMO! It didnt feel rushed or "crammed" with to many story lines, I love the original cast back together in this one. The ILY I feel was one of the biggest moments on the show to date, we've been cheering for Leonard to earn this since season 1. The text afterwards didnt bother me at all, the scene really fit in with the tone / pace of how they've portrayed the relationship so far. When I first watched it, it took a second to sink in and then I just blurted out "hold on.... did she just...?" Amazing well acted and written scene! So far this has been an
  9. True Hamsters > gerbils?
  10. Overall I liked the episode. I dont think its one of the "top 10" but will be definitely one to watch in reruns / DVD. I feel that the entire cast was excellent in this episode, the acting was great! I loved that we are seeing more "geek" / physics content again! And that Sheldon is much closer to the original Sheldon than he has been in sometime. Though could this be attributed to the fact that he had no scenes with Amy this episode? I think Penny was much more like the old Penny and it was nice to not hear her whine about breaking up with Leonard or getting drunk. I think what she per
  11. I havent visited the site in months but now that the new season is on time to dive back in. Overall I really liked this episode. The acting was pretty much spot on, the chemistry of the girls seems to have really geled, Jim/Sheldon was great eventhough he is still the new Sheldon there were shades of the old Sheldon again and Simon/Howard's scenes have been hilarious. This is a comedy series so I try not to read to much into every little action/reaction, but I have to admit to feeling annoyed with Penny's scene talking about her feelings about Leonard. Im all for them being together and th
  12. "Cat Scratch Fever" by Ted Nugent? I played it in a band, never had it. False. The next person likes mint chocolate chip ice cream?
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