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  1. The prostitute trying to pick Raj up
  2. work. couch or lazy-boy?
  3. I have no doubt Kaley is used to getting whatever she wants! Dang............
  4. Penny feels insecure about her background / education as has been pointed out here. But the portrayal of her character never comes across as if she is stupid or dumb. There is an intelligence to her actions (generally) and how she deals with life even though she does not have the formal education / "piece of paper' to back it up. There are many reasons why Leonard would want to be with her besides her looks, if you look at the characters personalities they (in theory) balance each other out. Degree's dont necessarily define a person, look at how socially ignorant the guys were in season 1.
  5. I think Sheldon thinks of sex like a scientist studying a species of animal. observe, study and research but (hopefully ) have no attraction to the animal or desire to join in. Wow, that sounded weirder than I thought it would, but While Sheldon understands how sex works as a scientist he has no desire to participate.
  6. He definitely seemed to be basically the old Sheldon the past 2 episode's. I hope there are some scenes from the space station with Howard and the astronauts in S6. I think with all the relationships this will give the writers more options to bring back the "guy's night's" (Halo, Vintage video games, Paint Ball, movies, etc) since they'll all need to get away from the women for a break from time to time.
  7. Guys, now is the time to speak up! Kaley, Kaley, Kaley!
  8. Well I wont pile on saying the same things that have been said multiple times, but after watching the episode twice I thought it was great! The past 2 episodes seemed more like the old TBBT, well at least as far as I know as I havent seen alot of S5 yet and just starting the 3rd DVD in season 4 now. Overall very pleased with how they wrapped the season up.
  9. I think its time for a little dose of Kaley or even Melissa!
  10. Potato salad 8 hours of sleep every night, or grab a few winks and I'm good to go?
  11. only the loose one. Sweet or savory?
  12. Lots of dream sequence ideas which are cool. /What about ideas that would advance the current plot?
  13. So Im re-watching the episode as I catch up on this thread. I cant say much that hasnt been said already, however this episode was great! This was like the old TBBT, one of the best acted episodes really and not like the garbage we saw a week ago. Again Simon carried the show with his acting. You could feel the chemistry between L / P even if the reaction scene was a little over the top. The balloon scene was excellent, COOOOOOOOKIES!!!!! LOL! And honestly this is the first episode I actually liked both Amy and Shamy. If this is any indication of season 6 I think its going to as good as seasons 1 - 3 again!
  14. Leonard, because he seemed the hairiest when they came back from the arctic. A mission to find the wreckage of the titanic
  15. Neither, but facebook. Paranormal State or Ghost adventures?
  16. The movie, LOL!?!?! Leonard because he reminds me a little bit of "scrat". Going ghost hunting
  17. Penny because she's a party girl. A lazy weekend at home
  18. CBolt, Kaley would look sexy wearing a potato sack!
  19. Scooby Doo Traffic jam or dentist getting drilled?
  20. After my post last night I did feel the need to say something positive and that is that Simon's acting in last nights episode was excellent. He carried the show for the most part and played the part better than anyone else. He and his character have really matured.
  21. Let me preface this by saying I still haven't seen all of season 4 and 5. With that said I have never seen an episode of TBBT that wasn't excellent, some more than others. That was until tonight, the episode was just plain bad and disappointing. This could've been any second rate sitcom. I have to admit there were a couple funny jokes and Howards speech was extremely well written and acted but the rest of the episode was just sad. Im not sure why Will Wheaton is still on the show? He doesn't have many lines anymore and he's not nearly as funny as he was as Sheldon's nemesis, though he was an over the top a**. I now see what everyone has been talking about in the difference in Sheldon's character, maybe season 6 will see things return to a bit more "normal"?
  22. Indian food Mustang or Camaro?
  23. Aww dang it, I shouldnt have come back here until I watched tonights episode on the DVR. I got home 2 minutes before the show ended and have to head back to work for a few hours tonight to finish a project so I wont be able to watch until at least midnight. Or "gulp", may be not until tomorrow night, ahhhhhh!
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