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  1. Sheldon because he'd be "comforting". riding a motorcycle
  2. IPhone for sure Shel-bot or a rabid badger?
  3. Penny because thats high class eatin' where she comes from. At a zoo in the gorilla cage
  4. Compared to the spoilers that promo gives absolutely nothing away. I bet its going to be an interesting episode.
  5. cool! more details? Ive never been ghost hunting, not sure I wouldnt turn into a big chicken, LOL! But I have had some personal experiences.
  6. Bernadette, because she already sounds like a cartoon character. At the "Ba Da Bing" gentlemans club with Tony and the boys (from the show "The Soprano's")
  7. Im in the same boat, first saw it in Nov 11. My wife was working in Texas and I went down for a week to help her pack and move out of the apartment. I was home befoer her one night and decided to chill on the couch for a bit and flipping through the channels came across TBBT. For some reason I started watching as Id never even heard of the show before and thought it was hilarious, it just happened to be a TBS marathon night so it was enough to start the addiction. So fast forward to early this year and I started watching reruns and then was totally hooked but I still didnt know the show was still currently running so I went looking for the DVD's. I have been more watching the reruns and the DVD's than the current season but I do watch some of the season 5 episodes on the DVR. It is like being spoiled being able to watch all the past episodes back to back.
  8. The scene where Bernadette treats him like a child and sends him to bed is hilarious. Sheldon is a genius but emotionally he is still a scared 8 year old boy. Just goes to show how good of an actor Jim Parsons really is.
  9. David Underhill, because he's slick and I think he could hustle. At the Sturgis motorcycle rally
  10. M&M's (peanut of course) "Ferris Bueler's Day Off" or "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation"?
  11. I want to answer Penny anyway! I guess since Im not technically allowed to pick Penny Id pick Alice from The Good Guy Fluctuation episode. Fun times! A proctologist's convention
  12. I'm one of the weak ones and have read it, still looking forward to the episode. Off topic but does anyone know if CBS will continue to show reruns of the current season on Thursday nights after the season finale? I came in late and havent seen all of season 5 yet.
  13. Hopped in the actual batmobile still clutching her bottle of wine and took off for...
  14. After seeing the S5 Haloween episode rerun last night (for the first time) I have to add that onto my list, that episode was hilarious!!! Sheldon was a bit out of character and the beginning was a little cheesy but overall super funny. The mailbox and couch pranks were some of the funniest things Ive ever seen on a TV show! "Bazinga punk, now we're even!", LOL!!!!
  15. Not a retial item but we've been eating more Thai and Indian food lately.
  16. I think part of the reason was because he had personal access to a physician since he seems to be a bit of a hypochondriac.
  17. Great googley moogley I hope that doesn't happen! L / P and even H / B are cool but I like Sheldon and Raj single.
  18. Howard, because he can do magic for the kiddies (like that one episode :-) ) Driving to work during rush hour
  19. A jar of Vaseline and a roll of duct tape
  20. Penny. Stuck alone in a hut for days or weeks, enough said.... A psychiatrist's office
  21. Lightngsvt

    More Zack!!

    Agree, the character was just to dumb. If they toned it down a bit he'd be OK.
  22. Sheldon. American football or European football?
  23. I only knew one grandmother and I dont have anything to memorable, but she used to call everyone "honey". However she was from Malta and still had an accent so it was the way she said it. Not a saying but it was always funny to watch a woman in her late 80's watching wrestling on TV and yelling at the tv set and stomping her feet.
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