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  1. Is anyone else Desperate for this day to come? It better be good for this torture i'm facing
  2. no have you ever taking job advice of a Psychic
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger who it could work for because he still is governor of California so maybe something to do with one of the boys reciving an award
  4. more science for sure thats what got everyone hooked at season 1 as soon as relationships started to come in they seem to be losing touch with the season 1 to 3 faithful and are trying to please a larger audience
  5. British as i am im not exactly a crazed fan but there are a couple of teams a like them being the Pittsburgh steelers and the new Orleans saints just wanted to see who the Americans support
  6. the scene where Sheldon gets his seat back from the cleaners and Leonard tells Sheldon that the sejauna palace is shut and they get the food from golden dragon
  7. Kinda but you can go join the stormcloaks cant remember where though
  8. i heard the tried to make Fawlty towers over there and they ended cutting the actor playing Basil out Don't know the logic behind that Lets hope that the american version of Only fools and horses will at least be tolerable but in general Americans should stop making British Comedy try to work across the pond because to no offense Americans need their humor needs to be spoon fed Nothing to offend anyone but just watching many years of sit-coms has led me to that conclusion
  9. Football mostly but i do like to watch darts, tennis, golf, F1 and rugby But coming from Scotland my country cant seem to make it far in any of they sports i subscribe to sky sports which is the British version of Espn or any of the other international channels
  10. Kaley has played the role of Penny astoundingly well. Penny must be a extremely complex character to act as she is an emotional wreck due to past relationships and her failed dreams of being an 'big time' actress so i do think that Kaley should be nominated for an Emmy
  11. For me it had to be Orlando Florida back in 2007 really enjoyed just the shear size of the theme parks it was extremely enjoyable and also the choice of restaurants was astoundingly and the price and quantity was phenomenal over in Britain you get charge way too much for food But still to this day i think that the ponderosa steakhouse was by far the best place to eat please share your most favorite place to have visited
  12. great news for simon but what was he thinking with they sideburns
  13. what a finish to the season never seen aguerro scoring in the last seconds of the match
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