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  1. I'm with ShellyBean on this one .... it was necessary to introduce new characters in order to keep the show going forward. And i'm pretty sure that if the writers hadn't gone for the change, we now would have people complaining on how boring the show is and how it is repeating itself over and over again. But i'm also hoping that they kind of introduce more geeky stuff into season 6, this part has been forgotten to often during this season. But still it wasn't bad, the season offered some episodes that have easily made it into my top 10 episodes of the whole show. For the finale, i th
  2. What shall i say ... i great episode and a totally made up for the boring last episode! Leonard and Penny finally had chemistry again and the writers did not break them up, Amy and Sheldon were cute as always and last but not least Simon Hellberg did a great performance again So all in all exactly what i wanted to see and what i expected And they managed to get the story and the characters without letting the gags and the fun behind, like the last episode did. Now i just hope that the season finale will be just as good as this one and everythings fine for me with season 5
  3. I'm with a lot of you here. The episode wasn't worth the waiting ... it was okay, but not very well written. I understand that it may be necessary for the whole Bernadette/Howard-wedding to bring these to characters forward, but that's no excuse for not having the other character's be funny as always. Laughs were really rare this epsiode and actually came up on this whole Leonard/Penny thing when they talked about crazy sexual experiences and on their final scene that i liked. But all over the writers aren't developing this whole L/P thing in the last epsiodes, it's always Leonard tryin
  4. Sometimes i have problems understanding all that disliking of the current season .... I mean it's clearly a question of personal taste and i also had some episodes i didn't clearly like as much as others, but sometimes i feel like a lot of people are hating the complete current season ... I have been in the last few weeks i went through consecutively watched every episode of TBBT (because Big Bang hit later here in Germany i had some episodes to catch up on, especially in the so much better original language!!) and i don't see that the show got worse over the time. It has clearly changed
  5. Again a very good episode! Especially Leonards reaction to the labelmaker and when he finally got his transporter Did i get the name of the girl Raj dated right? Lakshmi? If i got that right, that would be cool move of the writers. Just recently i saw one of the earlier episodes where Raj parents tried to talk him into dating Lakshmi before.
  6. Clearly my favorite episode this season! Sheldons world collapsing into chaos because of his haircut, Leonard being beaten by Penny in chess, Sheldons bongos .... everything on this episode was hilarious. And not to mention Simon Helbergs awesome performance .... when he tells the stories of the astronaut training, simply great. Espcially how he delivered the "I ate a butterfly" line! And i also loved the closing scene where you could really see that Kaley and Jim couldn't stop from laughing, i'm really curious to see the bloopers on the DVD of that scene
  7. Hard to answer but so far: The Werewolf Transformation (Sheldon is just hilarious when his life turns upside down) The Beta-Test Initiation (call me what you want, but i really like Leonard and Penny 2.0) The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis (as the post before says: you need no explanation for this )
  8. @BazingaFan: You're right, the episode with Penny and Leonard at the movies was great, actually i really liked all storylines around Penny and Leonard this season, so much better than what we saw on earlier seasons. Just today here in germany older episodes were re-broadcasted of the first time L/P were together, and actually i have to say i can understand how people hate the two together, this early incarnation of the P/L was really enervating (e.g. the episode on which they fight about Penny's friend Justin sleeping at her appartment). But i feel that we are on a better track in that case
  9. Another great episode of this new season, probably not my personal favorite, but overall the fifth season is great. I especially liked the Leonard/Penny scene, the first time that you could really feel a bit of chemistry between them. I hope that we'll get to see more of this during the season. And i also hope that the writers keep the two together! The on - off stuff might be interesting for some time, but to do that for a too long time is boring. We've seen that sooo many times, if it was Ross and Rachel on Friends or Elliot and JD on Scrubs ... and in the end when they finally reunited
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