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  1. Man! Mr Hawking, you ask some difficult questions. I searched all over and the only article that comes up is this picture which is from the Lucy Awards. She looks so familiar but I have no idea. Sorry. [EDIT] I didn't give up. According to this source the lady is Jane Fleming "Predident of Women in Film" http://www.stylebistro.com/lookbook/Jennifer+Aniston/ZIFwXtBo-Bw/Clothes/angle/pX_-rxixMiJ
  2. It was summer vacation for me in July of 1969. I was 9 years old. A previous couple of years seemed like such a long time, awaiting for this day. I could vaguely remember the earlier launches from the mid-60s. Even at a young age, I felt that it has been such a long wait for humans to travel to the Moon. I was becoming so caught up in the Space missions and watching the rocket launches. Then, just when I thought we were becoming so close to getting to the Moon, the Tragedy of Apollo 1 struck with utter shock and heartbreak. I had never recalled seeing such a tragedy happening live on TV. I know I must have seen when Kennedy was shot but I was too young to remember any details. After the Apollo missions resumed, I was so impatient to see the astronauts get to the Moon. I didn't realize at the time that there were all these test missions. One mission to orbit the Earth and practice the un-docking, Then another mission to orbit the Moon. It was such an intense time, more intense than watching a movie with an exciting ending, almost as intense as seeing my favorite baseball team winning a World Series for the first time. Finally, there it is, the launch of Apollo 11, watching on my family's Black and White TV. Actually, I don't even remember seeing that specific launch because they all seemed to have blended in together. What I do remember is that soon after the launch day, my family and I headed to upstate New York, about 380 miles/611 km from home to visit relatives that we visited about once or twice a year. I was always very excited to see my 3 cousins, aunt, and uncle. we have always had a great time together, regardless of the occasion. That had to be a VERY LONG day because all I can remember is when are they going to land, when are they going to get out of the Lunar Module and take that first step on the Moon? Will they land safely? Will they step onto a ground full of cheese? Although we look back now and realize how rapidly John F Kennedy and NASA made plans to reach the Moon before the end of the decade, everything that was done by them and the Apollo astronauts seemed to take forever. Of course, I now realize the extreme measures of caution and precision that had to be taken. Finally, with my family and uncles family, about 8 or 9 of us were huddled around my uncle's really nice big screen TV. I think it was a 24 or 25-inch screen. We hear that famous announcement. Tranquility Base here, The Eagle has landed. We were all full of CHEERS and TEARS!. Then it was something like 2 or 3 hours longer before the astronauts got out of the ship. Then the moment came when the camera opened up to a somewhat disappointing, blurry but still exciting view of Neil Armstrong, walking down that ladder. There was such a silence, as we were all in awe until Neil took that first step and uttered the first words ever on an alien world.. What an amazing moment in history to have been a part of. Ray
  3. Very sad to see Professor Hawking has passed on, although, I am content to have been part of a world when he was alive. I am thankful for all his achievements, his writings, interviews, and last but not least, his TV appearances on the Big Bang Theory. In season 3, I was contemplating to start watching the TV series. The first episode I watched was the Nerdvana Annihilation, and that's because I am a big fan of HG Wells, The Time Machine, especially the original 1960 movie by George Pal. Then the clincher was when I found out that Stephen Hawking was going to be on the show in several weeks. That's when I began to binge watch the whole series from the beginning. I believe if it hadn't been for Stephen Hawking, there might not have ever a Big Bang Theory. After all, it was Penny who asked: "Isn't he the guy who invented time?" R.I.P. Mr. Hawking BTW, I am also curious also as to how his passing will be addressed on the show and whether or not to be a post-mortem appearance. I feel a strong possibility that Stephen would have approved something like that. Although, the time right now is too soon
  4. I have a few T-shirts, Evolution,Purple Scrambled TV Signal shirt, and Number 73, Also, I have a Knock Knock Knock Penny shirt, of course, not used on the show, but related. I also bought a Therimin, exactly like the one Sheldon played on the show. I have a few of the yellow Albuterol nhalers like Leonard used, although, I had to end up switching to the gray colored Ventilin brand. Ohand my miniature Time Machine, although that shouldn't count because they had the full size one, even though Leonard thought he was bidding for the miniature. My other official BBT item I own is my Plush, stuffed Soft Kitty that sounded strikingly like Penny singing the song. . Sadly, the audio mechanism that play the song stopped working after a few months and I couldn't fix it.
  5. I vaugely even recal hearing of a show called The It Crowd, although, it seems to have quitea high rating on IMDB. I have heard about The Big Bang Theory several years before I started watching it. I got the first 3 seasons to get caught up. The 2 episodes that really sparked my interest was " The Nerdvana Anihilation". I the time, I was actually seeking to buy a miniature replica model of the Wah Chang Time Machine. Therefore that was the very first episode I watched before I began binge watching the series. My binge watching really picked up the pace when I herad that Stephen Hawking, err...You, was going to be on the show. Then , I got through a week or 2 of binge watching to get caught up with that episode. I was hooked! I do belive,m as many say, it has gone down hill over the years. I did watch the pilot of Young Sheldon. I think it has some good potential.
  6. Old and outdated, but still, a legend of his time.
  7. I am primarily a Beatles fan but I must admit that Chuck was one of the first innovators and the original king of Rock and Roll. His music style was greatly influential to The Beatles and many rock and roll bands to follow. Not to forget, at age 90, he outlasted most musicians from his era. May he Rest In Peace. I did a tribute bass guitar cover of johnny B Good on my Facebook page. I only wish I knew how to play lead guitar and dance the way Chuck did.
  8. Stewart really cracks me up. I am glad to hear that some others here are also giving him appreciation and acceptance to the gang. Anyone who says that he is a weak link on the show, well... sorry for all. You gotta love his new girlfriend. Isn't Lucille beautiful?
  9. Are you currently on any anxiety medications or have you been on any in the past. If you have had seizures or symptoms of seizures in the past you would have likely been prescribed clonazepam or Xanax. They ought to immediately relieve your anxiety, although there is a threat of addiction with Xanax. If you haven't taken much or any of the medication before a 0.5 mg dosage will do the trick. DO NOT take with alcohol. although it may increase the intoxication effect, the sugar in the alcohol can eventually create more anxiety and hamper your efforts to study. I wish I knew more to tell you. I hope all goes well. Keep a positive mind. Let yourself KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!
  10. Grasshopper


    I know I haven't been on here much lately but I am so sorry to hear of Michael's passing. May he rest in peace.
  11. I would try to blend in with society and then open up as many greasy fast food chains as I can. Then have prices of the best quality foods raised so high that only a small percentage of the rich could afford them. I would have my people work my way into TV and social media and create a social media structure that would be targeted to dumb down society, this way when it comes to electing government officials, people would be clueless and led astray. Also, I would help the NRA fight it's rights to issue more guns to help Earthlings kill off each other by themselves.Lastly, I would make sure that there are massive FEMA camps spread throughout the world with large warehouses with boxes and body bags to gradually dispose of the dead bodies. Wait a minute. Isn't some of this stuff already occurring? OMG! Are we being invaded by aliens???
  12. I like some of the older Star Trek episodes and all of the movies, The Walking Dead, Back to The Future, The Chinese/Thai take out food they eat. I bought 4 various Sheldon T-shirts. I like The Time Machine...Ah yes, the episode that got me hooked on the show, season 1 episode 14, The Nerdvana Annihilation. I own the small working model replica of the HG Wells Wah Chang Time Machine, like the one Leonard thought he had ordered on E-bay before he realized he ended up with the full scale model.. This darn show got me to buy a Therimin like the one Sheldon played in one or two episodes. I like it but I rarely play it. Oh, and I also have inhalers like Leonard uses. I have serious asthma.
  13. Well, contrary to everyone's thoughts that this could have been a better 200th episode, I would agree on some notes, such as the focus being too much on Sheldon. In my case it's a bit different. I feel like the left out Stewart here, and that's because I totally forgot that it was the 200th episode when I watched it. Therefore, even though it was all about Sheldon, it felt to me like a special episode. I was thrilled to find out that Adam West was making an appearance on the show. I liked the first scene in the car, but I was a bit disappointed in his role at the party. First of all I expected to see him dressed up as Batman. I am sure that Sheldon would have appreciated that too. It would have been cool if Sheldon hadn't first noticed that it was West in the outfit, then when he would find out it was him would have been an appropriate time to go into his near fainting spell. His lines at the party were ehhh.. It sounded like he was just advertising himself for his guest appearances, although I loved when he said "I still get paid don't i?". Stewart had foreshadowed his persistence about that at his comic store. Speaking of Stewart, I though his segments on the show were right on character, especially when Amy interrupted him and Penny said you nailed it. So people were wondering why Amy didn't get much of the attention with Sheldon in this episode. Well, I'm going to have to go out on a limb and say the focus on the characters were quite orderly last night in terms of who the most popular actors on the show. That would be Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco who all received their deserved time in the episode. No disrespect to Amy, she is a great addition to the show, but when it comes down to pure acting, she is not quite up to par with the former 3 that I mentioned. As a matter of fact I can hardly pronounce Miriam Beliack
  14. Yes, this is an awesome discovery. I wonder if we will soon be able to officially call it The Law Of Relativity.
  15. I was never a really big fan of his, but also I never disliked him either. He did make some great innovative, original music. He was truly a legend of Rock and Roll. R.I.P. Ziggy.
  16. I am just so happy that I haven't been watching much TV since the previous episode. I had no clue what was about to unfold last night. I just watched the episode about an hour ago. It was GREAT!
  17. I had forgotten all about that scene of Finding out that Sheldon had sex, although the girl did admit that they were both in costume when it happened. I think the original pilot was awesome! I like the dark edgy feel that it had.I know I know that Katie actress who was the original Penny was a bit too trashy, but it was pretty realistic.
  18. Hello everyone, It's been awhile since I have posted. I see the same good ole feuding going on here. Well, let me see if I can help clear things up here. Well, to the OP, the new member, well not new anymore, Chas I believe is the name? Hi Chas, nice to meet you. Welcome to the forum. So, you say that a person's hair style results in the change of their character and/or how funny they are. Hmmm, I will have to agree. It change it. I couldn't picture Curly Joe or Larry from the 3 Stooges with normal looking haircuts, or even old comedian Marty Allen without his wild mad scientist hairdo. In Penny's case, I'd say it took me by surprise when I first saw it. Yes it did make her look smarter, as some posters mentioned she has matured on the show throughout the years,aside from the fact that the hairdo fits in well with her pharmacy job, but I didn't see her any less funny, other than what she is scripted by the writers. If you don't care for short hair then I can not object to your opinion. I prefer longer hair myself also, but I think Kaley looks pretty cool with her latest hairstyle and it is has grown on me. Now another question is: Are female comedians with short blonde hair not funny? Well, Carol Burnett, fitting that description, was VERY successful. Also Joan Rivers was too, although I never really cared much for her, but may God rest her soul, or Gort rest her soul, or whatever one wants to believe. One thing I am curious about; Is Penny supposedly planning to cheat on Leonard in the near future? I ask that because I didn't understand your statement about her dating dumb guys again. I read most of the posts in this thread but I sort of skipped through a few on page 3, so my apologies if I missed out on something.
  19. I haven't posted on here for quite a few episodes now, although I have occasionally been here to read some of the episode reviews. Most of the previous episodes I have been rating no more or less than good, which is rare for me as I have been such a huge fan of this show from the begining. Tonight's episode I would have to say was something special. First of all after watching the end of last week's episode which was pretty good also, especially at the end, I was anticipating to see the details about Sheldon's trip to Texas with Howie. The scene with him and is mom was awesome! It was great to see her make an appearance again on the set. Raj's murder game was brought to life once Stewart awoke from the dead. Stew's lines to Penny and Leonard were absolutely brilliant and classy as F**K!
  20. I'm sure it did exist or even something similar to it, but Stewart probably still had a dumb phone because he was still so poor.
  21. I would say that this season has been pretty consistent so far. There were some episodes in which I had some really good laughs but over all, after watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory I usually watch my other favorite highly rated comedy show on Thursday Night immediately after The BBT and have been getting more laughs out of it. BTW, what's with the long wait between episodes this month? I hope the writers aren't running out of material.
  22. I didn't think the lesbian joke was really that bad of a statement. The timing of it was good and the way I saw it was that Bert was so determined to go out with Amy that Raj and Howard figured there was no alternative to go with, except for telling him that she was a lesbian just so his feelings wouldn't have been hurt as much.
  23. I really like that thought that this may be a setup show. It leaves us with a positive insight of the possibilities that may arise in the future. What if Leonard and Sheldon do split as roommates? Who do you think would be a great choice of a new roommate for Sheldon. Here is a little list of the possibilities I thought of. Kripke, Wheaton, Zak or Stewart?
  24. I still love The Big Bang Theory and rated this episode no less than a good, but I'll have to say that 2 of my other favorite shows, one a comedy series also done by Chuck Lorry and the other a very popular AMC channel dark action thriller favorite of mine dominated the TV screen for me this past week, BIGTIME!
  25. Isn't it supposed to be that way with Amy? Kind of like Ed Norton on The Honeymooners. He wouldn't be Norton without the vest and suspenders.
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