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  1. A Really good episode. I am glad I am not one to look at any spoilers before the show. As a mater of fact I never even watch the previews, I love to see complete surprises and in this episode I got a VERY fair share of that in the end. I was completely caught off guard with Raj. The talking through the credits was hilarious. After reading the comments I would most definitely agree with some of the cons in this episode. There were two good plots going on at once here and everything seemed rushed with all the quick scene shifting. Number 2, Sheldon, Sheldon Sheldon. What are we going to do with you. I know you are a very funny character but there are some moments where you need to grow up. Let me tell you something (I don't know why I'm talking to you in the second person, but anyways) You are hanging on a limb with Amy so maybe you could pay attention and learn something from Leonard and Penny when you are in situations like being temporarily parked at the airport with them. Speaking of Penny and Leonard, they were very classy in this one. Great job Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady and the cast of directors.Have a wonderful off season. I am really going to miss the Big Bang Theory. It was sad to see Lucy break up with Raj. This one looked pretty serious, but as some others mentioned here, let's hope she returns.
  2. Yes! that is the one. They are locked in the fallout Shelter for 35 years and raised a boy Adam (Brendan Fraser) until the doors unlocked and Adam goes up in the modern world to get supplies. I didn't know of too many of Walken's movies either back then, but his voice is so distinguishing. I just watched that movie again last night since it came to mind.
  3. I never really watched very many of Walken's movies either but I recommend for you a really entertaining feel good movie with him and Brendan Fraser from 199 called Blast from The Past.
  4. I usually cringe at the thought of having to watch the sub plot, especially when the main plot is really going really good, but in this episode I really enjoyed the scenes with Lucy and Raj. I know that some people are calling her boring, and in a way she is, but I like her character and I think the writers are gradually working her way into the show. I feel that there has become a build up to her meeting the rest of the characters on the show. There has never been a situation like this ever on The Big Bang Theory, and I think it will be interesting when she finally mingles in with everyone. I never knew much of Kate Micucci's acting career or even her her name for that fact until finally looked her up on IMDB last week. I saw that she played a mediocre part in the unique, obscure comedy movie "The Last Hurrah" which I also recently watched.. What really blew me away is that Kate comes from my home state and has a very similar last name as mine. Now I see why I Love Lucy, LOL. The D&D game with the girls was great. Howard's impressions were brilliant! When Amy walked out of the room I had thought it was going to be curtains for Shamy. The scene in the bedroom was very powerful! It seems odd to me that this show grew on me most favorably because of Penny and Leonard. I still like them, but they are being more side cast as secondary characters lately. That's okay though. I'm glad they are still getting along well.
  5. I had no idea what this episode was going to be about or who would be guest starring in it. when I turned it on. I was never actually a big fan of Bob Newhart.Not that I didn't care for him but I just never happened to watch his show much. In the beginning of this episode I really wasn't digging the sub plot and was hoping it wouldn't take up too much of the show, as soon as Newhart appeared in the scene near the elevator this episode was full of non stop laughs. The chemistry between him and Sheldon and with Penny also was priceless. I do need to look up some of Bob Newhart's material and start watching sometime. The final scene really caught me off guard. We all haven't heard Soft Kitty that much lately, or at all that I can recall.. It couldn't have been sung with any better perfect timing. Great episode!
  6. I think the episode was very good, although the momma jokes were a bit harsh and over done. Sheldon has me just about totally convinced that he'll never have a romantic relationship, so for all you Shamy's out there, sorry guys. It's just not happening. Although the handshake at the end was a good Sheldon tactic, I was actually expecting to hear the sounds of an excerpt of the mini series Roots playing in the background as Mrs Davis went back into her office. "What's that shining in the sky? Sun Fiddler, Sun"
  7. Yeah umm... Like I really don't know what everyone is arguing about. I'm just glad that this isn't a Back to the Future Forum. That is my all time favorite trilogy. if some one had to pick it apart the way they do TBBT here, I would probably eventually end up hating the movie after realizing that all the time paradoxes don't make sense in reality.
  8. Oh yeah good point GothicTexan on mentioning the science kit gift. I almost forgot about that.That left us off with a sense of equality between Penny and Leonard. Okay, I'm sorry to everyone if I'm getting off topic here, since this discussion is supposed to be about the recent episode.
  9. Yep I agree. 2 totally different shows from 2 totally different time periods. All In The Family did have more national exposure though. I would have said more world wide exposure but since there wasn't the kind of international social network communication as there is today it's exposure was limited. Words like stifle yourself and meathead became common household terms for a long time and still exist today.
  10. Thank you for the response C-Trane. Your comment is exactly what I was looking for. You expressed your opinion on what you didn't like about the episode, I have always been a Lenny fan from the beginning also and I was a quite disappointed in of her actions with the jock looking science guy also, but it did present some awkward but funny scenes to my taste. also I was at first disappointed in the insulting gift she gave him on motorcycle lessons. I kind of realized and take it as though she didn't go out of her way for either Sheldon or Leonard. for their gifts basically because she was poor and really wasn't as evolved in her relationship with Leonard at the time as she is now.. The Spock autograph just happened to work well with the timing of her being in the right place at the right time. The Sheldon reaction after receiving the gift was the prize winner for me that made the episode a classic in my opinion. Bye the way when I do rate a show as excellent I use a chart of numerical value on a scale from 1-100 and excellent falling between 90-100. With that being said, The Bath Item episode I would rate somewhere in the low 90's.
  11. I have mentioned this scenario before on IMDB after reading various movie reviews. I have noticed that no matter how good or bad a show is there is always someone who is going to say it's the best film ever or the worst film ever. When I came to this thread last night my intention was to vote excellent before reading any of the comments. Of course the voting wasn't posted yet and I just submitted that vote today. it always shocks me to see when some are displeased with an episode, but I understand everyone has there own opinions and reasons for their rating. I bet you could take every single Big Bang Theory episode and not come up with a single one that every fan agrees on voting it very good to excellent. I will list 2 very popular episodes for instance just to see if there is at least one person who didn't care for the episode. We are only talking Big Bang Theory Fans here now, which I would assume we all are. Myself, as a fan have never rated an episode less than good. Maybe there were several Okays but never a bad. 1. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis: From Season 2 My Rating: Excellent 2. The Bakersfield Expedition: From season 6 My Rating: Excellent
  12. WOW! I don't know how to start out in what to say. First of all i'll say that this was a well rounded episode. It stuck to one main plot and it equally had the whole group involved. Just like Nina said a couple of post earlier,. It makes you both laugh and cry. I thought it was awesome how Sheldon actually did agree to straighten out the closet during the party, and also follows up saying great party. Bernie and Howard have such a smooth relationship. When ever they start to have a little squabble that you think might develop into an argument, they both have a way of quickly putting out the fire. Speaking of fire at first I was hoping that Howard would extinguish the fire he set to the letter, but I momentarily forgot or didn't know that Sheldon read the whole letter. The reciting of the probable content of the letter was brilliant! Sheldon's scientific method of exposing the contents blew me away. I have to re-watch to actually catch every scientific word he mentioned there. I'm sure I have to Google most of them terms also.
  13. I was just thinking exactly the same thing right before reading your post. Also, a Big Beatles Fan here.
  14. Although it wasn't as dynamic as most of the previous episodes this season, I liked it, mainly for the fact of the possible major breakthroughs with Penny's acting career and Raj getting a girlfriend. .Sheldon and Penny did provide some decent comic relief with the FWF scene and most especially the no knock knocking scene. I really do hope that the Raj & Lucy hook up will last at least somewhat longer then his usual failures. It seems as though it will because she has already appeared in 2 episodes and most certainly will be in a 3rd. That's longer then any other female that came into his life had lasted,LOL. Lucy seems like a really off the wall unique character. There is something about her, I don't know, that I really like. I am really happy for and proud of Penny for her acting performance. Okay, even though I'm not much of a theatrical play person, I do realize that her performance wasn't realistically as spectacular as the gang made her out to be, but I am willing to bypass all that. It could be a matter of several reasons. Maybe Kaley Cuoco isn't really cut out to be a great theatrical actress as much as she is a sitcom actress, or maybe it was that she was just too much in character as Penny. I am letting my imagination run wild here. What if Penny's acting career really starts to take off? Maybe they will land her a role in a sitcom as a blonde from Nebraska who moves to California to try and become an actor, and moves in next store to a couple of nerds. Whoa! Major paradox, LOL. What would really be funny is if she gets a part in a sitcom as a nerdy girl living next door to 2 cool dudes also played by Jim Parsons and Johnny Galeki doing duel roles. I know, I'm getting really silly here now. Oh well, it's late and I'm bored.
  15. It seems to me that many viewers, myself included at first were misconstrued when Sheldon was at a loss for answers to Amy asking to move in with him. Yes I believed at first it was all or mostly about their relationship forcefully progressing but didn't anyone mention the fact that his biggest concern was losing his friendship with Leonard? It was a very serious decision for him. I know that Leonard sounded very serious this time about getting away from Sheldon, but come on, he had just moved out, so don't you all think that Sheldon would have needed some breathing room until reality set in? It was a pretty good episode. I laughed when Sheldon mentioned the spoiler from The Walking Dead. "Have you seen the one where Lori dies? [NO]. Well maybe she doesn't so lets find out. Now i know whether Lori lives or dies because I watched the whole series up until present, but how would someone who hasn't yet watched the Walking Dead react to this statement by Sheldon? Speaking of Walking Dead, a reminder, the second half of the season continues tomorrow Sunday Feb 10 an 9:00 EST 8:00 C.
  16. This may be a dumb question but am I the only one to think that Sheldon's cry sounded faked or forced? Was it maybe intended to be like that just to be comical? Otherwise I think and Kripke matched up pretty well together in this episode. Bernie may have come off a little rough on Howard buying the 3D printer but then as a married couple it should be Howard's duty to at least confront discuss a major purchase like thatwith his wife first. Her saying that Howard makes peanuts out of line. I believe she may have considered to agree on him buying the printer it if reasonable financial arrangements were made.
  17. No, you're not the only one. I think the same way about Sheldon, but then again, I'm a straight male. I believe that has lots to do with it.
  18. This was one of the nerdiest episodes I've seen in ages. Put it in the books for future generations to look back upon. It's a classic!
  19. I loved this episode. The single plot throughout the show was a relief from all of the subplots in recent episodes. Although I liked most all of the episodes so far this year, this is the only one that had me audibly laughing hard when Sheldon was in the Human Resources office. Penny is really beginning to open up her feelings with Leonard and that is good. I like how they are getting along now, although I did feel some sort of uncomfortableness also when they were on the couch. I couldn't exactly pin what it was until I read some of the comments here. Now I understand that it had to do mostly with the directors and cameramen.. BTW, I think Alex is fitting in pretty well in this show. Her facial expressions are priceless. I for one think there is more to come between her, Leonard and Sheldon. She is most definitely more entertaining than Priya.
  20. Before I go on to read any further comments on tonight's Fish displacement episode, I would like to answer your question if it had not yet already been answered. First of all, whatever the press says or thinks don't mean crap! It's all about the fans of the show that determines what is or what should be important. Although I grew up as a LP fan, (and I'm not talking about the 12 inch vinyl discs with grooves in it that was used for playing music, although, yeah, I did grow up with that too), in recent times (fast forwarding here from year 1 to year 6) SHAMY is stealing the show. I was in stitches tonight with the scenes of Amy on the couch. I normally don't like to put down people's opinions but anyone who thinks that Amy ought to be written off the show needs their head examined.
  21. Not to be offensive to Jim Parsons but a few months ago I found and compared both of these pictures of him and the whacko Colorado theater shooter James Holmes. Look at the similarities in the posing and the hair.
  22. Whoa, that fight was getting serious there for a while. I'm glad they all made up though.I was totally shocked when penny got nailed in the face by Amy. Poor Penny, she was only trying to be the peacemaker there.. I'm glad i didn't see the previews first like some of you suckers. That would of ruined the moment for me.
  23. I know , right. It's like they are our family sort of. First you have your siblings and your parents, nieces and nephew's. Once the nieces and nephew's get married, although you welcome their spouse into the family, they become acceptable but it's not the same as the core. As far as these new comers watching the show only form the past several seasons, I can't see that. I missed I didn't watch the show until last year also, but I made sure I got a hold of Each and every episode from the very beginning and I watched them all in order. That was with the exception of the Nerdvana Annihilation, which was one of the very first episodes I watched which got me hooked. I mean, it's not completely necessary that you need to know everything about the show from the whole beginning, but it sure helps ALOT!
  24. Ain't that the truth! I hate when they do shows that have like 4 situations going on at once and the scenes are flicked back and forth from one to another every 2 minutes. This episode had just 2 main story lines plus the brief interaction with Leonard and Alex which I thought was GREAT.
  25. Moonbase. speaking of English accents Have you ever watched the Movie Time after Time with Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen? Its a classic for Time Travel movie fans.
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