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  1. FYI, I fucking love this show! Next: There's a major FLAW in the very beginning of the show, @ 03:52 - Howard says... and I quote... "You started it, we just piled on.". While back @ 00:40 [Leonard opens the door to talk to Penny and Zack] Leonard: Hey. Zack: Hey. Leonard: Hey. Penny: Hey, your copy of "Science" magazine was in my mailbox. Leonard: Oh, thanks. Penny: Mm-hmm. Zack: Check it out, all about planets this month. Leonard: That's an atom. Zack: Agree to disagree. That's what I love about science there's no one right answer. Leonard: So... you and Zack again, huh? Penny: Yeah, yeah, me and Zack again. Zack: Were we here earlier? Penny: Okay, we should, we should go. Zack: Ah, not yet. I want to talk science with the science dudes. Howard: Oh, and the science dudes want to talk science with you. ^^^^ Hence that this is where Howard comes in and that up untill now or even after that he didn't make fun of him at all. Scumbag Howard. Now, that Major flaw is the fact that with the photographic memory of Sheldon, he should have corrected Howard about this on the spot. That's what amazes me.
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