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  1. brucewinwood

    Episode 1.14 The Nerdmabelia Scattering

    Yes, we miss that. But sometimes it shines through...
  2. brucewinwood

    5.21 The Hawking Excitation (Apr. 5)

    It looks like this is going to be a great episode. To be honest, the season started weak but the last few episodes are getting better. And this is a chance to have some nerd-humor again. Looking forward to it!
  3. brucewinwood

    (Sort of) new user

    Hi there! After a long time lurking here on the board it's time to have my own account so I can participate in the discussions. Usually I stay away from that but this time I cannot do that. I'm from the Netherlands and yes, I am also a big nerd. Working in IT for the last 20 years, and before that 10 years of programming computers as a hobby. So that's 30 years behind a keyboard... Sigh... Love the show, love the way it involves and looking forward to interacting with you! Bruce

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