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  1. jayd

    Season Rankings

    I didn't vote in the season 1 tourney, but I agree with the winner. Big Bran is a top 5 episode of the entire series, imo.
  2. Hey Tripper, is there anywhere where we can see the full results of those tournaments?
  3. First vote! Quite an honor. Adhesive Duck is now leading 1-0.
  4. Wow, total destruction. 257-67 at this point. It's a testament to just how brilliant that great moment was, because the main story of the episode was just average, in my opinion.
  5. The seedings for the "final four" based on votes received in the last round would be as follows: #1 Bath Item Gift #2 Work Song #3 Adhesive Duck #4 Pancake Batter
  6. Wow... Staircase was leading for most of the voting by anywhere between 20 to 30 votes. But Work Song came on strong at the end to pull it out, 267 - 252.
  7. Staircase v. Work Song is open through tomorrow. Tough matchup. Both great episodes. Two votes separate them presently.
  8. Just noticed this tournament. Great idea. Glad to see Work Song Nanocluster with a first round win. Excellent episode. I'm not a big fan of either episode currently up for vote, but I foresee a blowout coming.
  9. jayd

    Amy's Virginity?

    I always thought is was pretty clear that she was a virgin. Remember, it wasn't until she met Zack halfway through season 4 that she felt any type of sexual arousal for the first time (sans the neuro-transmitter stuff), as was diagnosed later in the episode by she and Sheldon.
  10. I feel much the same way. That being said, Season 2, for me, continues to maintain it's place as the best. If I were to compile an exhaustive list of favorite episodes, there would be more from Season 2 than any other season.
  11. Just watched The Terminator Decoupling again for the first time in a little while. I don't get how some don't care for it. It's brilliant. One of my favorite episodes of the entire series.
  12. The Killer Robot Instability (s02e12) probably isn't the worst episode, but I'm not a fan. What prevents it from being the worst, if nothing else, is the opening scene, where the robot crashes through the door and startles Penny. That was hilarious. After the credits roll, however, I find myself laughing at little else, and cringing in my seat a whole lot. Pathetic Howard, mean Penny, pathetic Howard again. And the robot storyline ends up falling flat for me.
  13. jayd

    Funniest Moment

    Also, 1. The one time Raj whispers into Sheldon's ear, and Sheldon's reaction to it. The Gorilla Experiment 2. "Leonard is going to....The Office." The Lizard Spock Expansion 3. "Girls don't count Klingon, Howard......right? RIGHT." The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary 4. The hospital scene in Adhesive Duck Deficiency
  14. While I'm not a fan of how the main storyline of Wiggly Finger Catalyst (Raj & deaf gold digger) unfolded after a promising start, I thought the side story of Sheldon rolling dice for minor decisions saved the episode. Clever Sheldon writing. Also, the opening to the episode, with the 4 playing D&D, delivered one of the classic lines of the whole series, imo, when Sheldon lamented, in response to Raj, that if girl trouble was a reason not to play D&D, then the game was in serious trouble. I'm chucking as I type it!
  15. Here's an idea which, unfortunately, will never happen because it would require crossing networks. But man, this would be fun!: Penny (and Sheldon) goes onto the show "Shark Tank" with her Penny Blossoms!
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