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  1. garyp

    Is Raj gay?

    Sure, being clueless I can spin theories about anything. What's really nice is that those theories have an internal consistency which only exists in my own mind. But since my own mind controls everything about my interactions with other people then that's all that matters, right? It's simply mob psychology. You get a bunch of people together and the mob is going to go mindless but focus on something. There's a natural synergistic effect in mobs. Problem is, like a hangover, when the mob is over there are leftovers. Since the entire mob focused on Beiber then that image is sort of imprinted. Much like the way certain images get imprinted and flashbacked in PTSD. Small mobs gain members because of the normal mob psychology so the whole mindless mob thing along with the whole imprinting hangover thing spreads. The closer to mindlessness like teenage girls the quicker the mob psychology takes over and the faster the phenomenon spreads.
  2. "I only drink hot chocolate in months with an R in them." "Why?" "What's life without a little whimsy?"
  3. garyp

    Is Raj gay?

    Actually it makes a lot of sense. A little pop psychology from someone completely clueless. Being gay he's attracted to other guys so women would leave him speechless. It could be a symptom of the internal conflict where he hasn't admitted to his homosexual tendencies. He could come out and his mutism would be cured almost instantly. Since I don't know the first thing about psychology it's wonderful because it leaves me free to spin theories out of thin air.
  4. I didn't realize there were so many people like Sheldon. It's nice to know that I'm not so alone in this world. I've often wondered how it is that the writers knew so much about me. At times it feels almost creepy. I don't have an IQ as high as Sheldon's is supposed to be but close enough that it sets me apart from 98%+ of the people. The book about sex they've referred to that they gave Sheldon. When I asked my father about sex he brought me a book called "Sex for Lay People" and told me to read it. Yes, in some cases that book gave me nightmares. Interruptions drive me nuts. My wife does it all the time because she thinks she knows what I'm going to say and is impatient. Guaranteed to start an argument. When Sheldon is sitting at the table having a conversation in his head and tells the guys they should hear the conversation. I've said that more than once. I quit listening to the radio in the car so that I could explore different ideas because I simply do not like music. I've only found one singer I can listen to and that's Adele.
  5. I like both but I had to vote for Science. With three guys involved with girls and Raj still looking there has been a lot of sex/relationships. I'd like to see more science although that's going to be hard to do with the success of the show. Appealing to a wider audience means more sex and less science. I will say that the higher ratings means the show will stay on the air and that I'm willing to put up with too much sex just to keep watching the show.
  6. I agree with @HeWolf, @Sursonica and @rickfromillinois evaluation of Penny. I had high hopes for season 5 since she began to realize what she had lost then they blew it with the season 5 finale. I didn't like Penny's attitude that "she whistled and he came running" from the episode with her father. I know that wasn't in season 5 but it reflects her attitude. As soon as they got back together she falls back into the same pattern as before. Personally I've seen growth in Leonard but not in Penny. I said before that I believe that if Leonard gets to a point where he says to Penny "it's over" there won't be any coming back. I would say that Penny better not ever let Leonard get to that point. She won't get him back. I agree with the ladies here that there is nothing wrong with the idea of a woman "chasing" a man. Chasing in this sense being that she shows (tells) a guy she's interested in him. The thought that a woman should never show interest in a man is such an old outmoded concept I can't believe anyone even expresses it in today's society. There is nothing wrong with a woman asking a guy out. That not chasing someone not interested idea goes both ways. If a lady says no thanks then the guy should stop right there. If there truly is equality in our society then women should be expected to suffer the slings and arrows of rejection just as often as guys do.
  7. I always thought a nerd was an old school term that had been updated with the advent of PCs back in the 80's. When I was in High School there weren't any PCs but there were plenty of nerds but those were the super smart guys in the Chess Club and were interested in Math and Science. They were also socially inept. But, when the PC was introduced in the 80's then the nerds became geeks to reflect their interest in computers. They were also socially inept. Dorks were considered to be socially inept but they weren't smart either. Even the nerds and later the geeks avoided the dorks. A nerd and later a geek could be dorky but they weren't dorks because they were smart.
  8. garyp

    Is Raj gay?

    I stated in another thread a while back that I thought Raj is gay. He may not know he is gay and "discovers" his orientation next season or the one after. Let me extend that and say that if he is gay it won't affect his relationship with the other guys and girls. I believe they are all sufficiently tolerant that it wouldn't matter. This group has never been portrayed in the stereotypical comedic redneck mold as having homophobia. That said I believe the comedic possibilities with him or his boyfriend trying to find their place with the guys' group or the girls' group are endless.
  9. garyp

    If you ...

    I voted Howard only because I think his character has played out. Now that he's married what more can they do with his character in relation to the theme of the show? He was the character you loved to hate or hated to love because of his sleaziness but every guy could relate to it. At one point or another every guy has done something sleazy just to get next to his dream girl. I would have voted Penny because I don't like the state of her relationship with Leonard, she's taking advantage of him. I think Leonard can do better and should move on past her. Her reaction to his proposal in bed was way overblown and really not comedic so I don't understand where the writers are going with that or where they can take it. Only problem with getting rid of Penny is that changes the whole dynamic of the show. The on/again, off/again relationship between Penny and Leonard has been the core of the show since the beginning.
  10. Spelling aside, not really. It just means that like the rest of us you've got entirely too much time on your hands. I'd rather do this than something productive. I get tired of being a productive member of society and like to goof off entirely too often especially when I have a TBBT DVD available. Reminds me, I've got to order my DVD of season 5. I've already got the season pass but the DVD is just simply more convenient.
  11. People only change when they themselves want to. It is possible that Howard has tasted the apple in his relationship with Bernadette and changed because he has realized on his own how wonderful a committed relationship is and doesn't want to go back to chasing skirts, especially considering how seldom he caught them. His apology after the bachelor party seems to indicate that but it is also easy for people to fall back into old habit patterns. This is something that addicts fight with every day.
  12. Agreed, I would love to see how Sheldon takes it. He mentions in one of the last couple of episodes that he found that book they gave him very disturbing. How would he react to the actual experience then? I know some people that really and truly don't like sex. I've never figured that one out. The one person I know for a fact doesn't like anything about sex is actually in a relationship with the opposite sex.
  13. HeWolf nailed this one dead on. Europa also has it right that there is some basis to build on there. I have never believed that "love", lust, or any sexually related term you want to use is what keeps people together. Not for the long term. It has to be something else. But, having been on the receiving end of a relationship where one person doesn't respect the other something has to happen there. Penny cannot keep on with this attitude. Right now Leonard is complaining about it. You can see that at the wedding. It's hard for people like Leonard to give up on a relationship but soon he will be ready to move on if Penny doesn't change her tune. But that's the problem, when Leonard finally admits to himself that it will never work then Penny is done and will never have a chance to come back. He was ready to move on when he hooked up with Priya but he hadn't admitted to himself yet that the relationship with Penny was over, not really.
  14. Thanks, Kyzzx, I have the DVD and saw that. That's why I was curious. Since the alien pins look so much like the Alienware logo I thought he might have some kind of connection. I did a Google search and didn't see anything mentioned. Another possibility is that he might believe in aliens or believe he was abducted by aliens. So he has the pins to reflect that belief.
  15. I'm not sure that some of these different "syndromes" or mental problems are an attempt by ordinary people to explain intelligence that they cannot comprehend. In this PC world of ours it's not polite to mention that some people are smarter than others but deal with it. It's a fact of life. There are geniuses and then there are people who are not. The people who are not do not understand truly smart people so they invent all kinds of mental conditions. By the way, that's called the Dunning-Kruger effect. A kid is bored in school because he's not being challenged? Let's label him ADD or ADHD and feed him drugs so he'll calm down and won't be bored any more. I've had the great good fortune to work with several geniuses over the years and I've found them to be focused, quirky and often odd but genuinely nice people. I am not a genius by any stretch of the imagination but people like my wife and my daughter definitely do not understand me. My wife is a psychiatric nurse with 30 years of experience and she's diagnosed me with narcissism, ADD and Asperger's but most times she just thinks I'm a jerk. Sorry, I get tired of all the labels.
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