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  1. To those who went in and checked out my BBT chat room, thank you...I tried to inform Bear Guy on here that I wasn't off this past Monday (that is usually my day off though)...I will hopefully be back off this coming Monday and I'll check for all of you then :)

    -Colleen (aka Bazinga_Babe) :D

  2. That would be The Isolation Permutation. Amy is hurt because she learns that Penny & Bernadette went dress shopping without her. After trying to reach Amy with every electronic device he has, Sheldon becomes worried when she doesn't respond. He & Leonard go to Amy's apartment to check on her, where Sheldon hears her playing her harp & singing REM's 'Everybody Hurts', then decides it's a bad idea to go & see her, for she'll be too emotional, but before he's able to leave, Leonard tells him he needs to step up & be a man, knocks on Amy's door 3 times (calling out 'Amy, Amy, Amy' in between each knock), then leaves Sheldon standing at the door. After asking Sheldon why he came over & he responds by telling her she didn't respond to any of his electronic communication devices Amy informs him that she didn't respond because she wanted to be left alone. Depressed & feeling rejected by Penny & Bernadette, Amy turns to Sheldon and asks him to 'keep an open mind'...He responds with one simple word: 'Always'. Amy then asks Sheldon to make love to her. He comes up with a counter proposal, saying he will stroke her head & repeat, "Aw, who's a good Amy?". Amy then has a counter proposal of her own: "French kissing, 7 minutes in Heaven, culminating in 2nd base.". Sheldon offers a 2nd counter proposal: Neck massage & getting him a beverage. Amy decides to make one more counter proposal, which is that they cuddle. Sheldon agrees to her request :)

    What does Sheldon say in response to Leonard's commenting about Albert Einstein's sex life?

  3. I am so psyched to watch tonight's BBT (even though I watched it when it first aired)....This is definitely my favorite episode from Season 5, for one reason and one reason only....Sheldon's playing the bongos!!!! :D....Can't wait for 8pm to arrive!:D

    Come check out my BBT chat if you want---let me know what you think :)

    My BBT Chat Room!

    Been to the chat room need a way to let others know we are in, still kool non the less great idea faster than snail mail :icon_lol:

    Yes, we need to set up a time and day that works for everyone---that way we can have an actual chat...lol....The best day for me would be Mondays, but I can be flexible if that day is no good for others...Let me know :)

    OK I will look for you on Mondays and I am in my office from 8:00a.m to 4:00p.m see you good people around the net :icon_cool:

    Sorry Bear Guy, but my schedule got switched around this week, so I won't be in the chat room this Monday---If you can, come by Wednesday--I'll be there then, and I invite all of you Big-Bangers on here to do the same (link to chat room is in this post).

  4. Haha I remember this one well....he says "Hiney" instead of "Honey".

    "Some 'hiney would be nice." (Penny: 'hiney?') (Sheldon, looking embarrassed by the typo, then types in the correct one, but it sounds like he's now calling her 'Honey').

    What does Sheldon call Leonard in passing when he's finally ready to make his big acceptance speech?

  5. Ah, I guess he has little say over the stuff they feed Leonard. The whole cast rarely eat though. Most of the time they play with their food… pushing it around. Jim's the worse for that. Kaley eats the most often.

    I think Jim did a good job eating in The Hamburger Postulate, actually lol...Other than that, I have to agree...They don't look like they like eating the food their characters are supposed to indulge.

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