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  1. Glenn (Rick Fox) What does Howard program his robotic arm to pass to Penny?
  2. Been to the chat room need a way to let others know we are in, still kool non the less great idea faster than snail mail Yes, we need to set up a time and day that works for everyone---that way we can have an actual chat...lol....The best day for me would be Mondays, but I can be flexible if that day is no good for others...Let me know
  3. With many more to come, I'm sure
  4. (The Mighty) Sheldor of Azeroth. Why does Sheldon fear hospitals?
  5. Non-Smoking First Class or Coach?
  6. True! lol the next person has been to more than one concert in their lifetime.
  7. Yuck (I don't eat meat lol) Carrot Juice?
  8. Paris! Mashed or Baked Potatoes?
  9. A: Sea World has Shamu, who is literally a ton of fun. Q: What is the name of the dish that Howard's mother cooks up every Thanksgiving?
  10. I would have to agree---that would be a query I'd like to know the answer to as well
  11. I would have to agree with the person above me regarding the person's name above them
  12. Ok the person above me IS from the UK (If I remember correctly)
  13. I just read last night that Mayim Bialik doesn't think that Sheldon & Amy will show much progression in Season 6, so I don't think you have to worry about that happening.
  14. Nope, but I am a Cubbies fan The person above me (now) is from somewhere in Europe :D
  15. The person above me is from the UK
  16. Um, I prefer rock music over mood music so I'd have to go with no music, given those 2 choices. Dressing up or Dressing Down?
  17. Haha...actually if you can believe it I chose the number '73' not because it's Sheldon's favorite number, but because it's the year I (and apparently Jim Parsons too) was born...I just thought my favorite word and my birth year sounded good together Also, apparently the person above me has a Howard Wolowitz avatar :D
  18. Depends how they're prepared, but I'll go with Yum. Diced Tomatoes mixed into Whole Grain Rice.
  19. @annieogly: I saw a lot of negative reviews for Harvey too and after watching the you tube clips from the show, I don't see how anyone can hate Jim's acting in it...I would LOVE to go see it live, and I'm greatly disappointed that I'm unable to do so....It's nice that not all the reviews slammed him---he's such a sweetheart and deserves NOTHING but ALL the success in the WORLD...Also I second what you said at the end---He is an AMAZING actor and I too don't want to be friends with anyone who dislikes him.
  20. I am so psyched to watch tonight's BBT (even though I watched it when it first aired)....This is definitely my favorite episode from Season 5, for one reason and one reason only....Sheldon's playing the bongos!!!! :D....Can't wait for 8pm to arrive!:D Come check out my BBT chat if you want---let me know what you think My BBT Chat Room!
  21. The police officer has no jurisdiction in Pandora. What was the last line in the song Sheldon sang about Leonard?
  22. His Mother's lol (and proud of it!) What does Sheldon want put in his soup at The Cheesecake Factory?
  23. If you mean when she's practicing bartending, then it'd be a Virgin Diet Cuba Libre (aka Diet Coke) in a tall glass with a lime wedge. or... If you meant when he's upset after he learns that Leonard is the main focus of their social group, he goes on his phone, finds an app and asks Penny to make him a 'Rosewater Ricky'. (However, Penny has no clue how to make it, so instead she just pours him a shot of tequila). She sets it down in front of him and says, "Here you go. One Rosewater Ricky." After getting robbed, Sheldon decides to move away from Pasadena----Where does he decide to relocate to?
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