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  1. None of them! That's the whole appeal of the show. The unpopular nerd wins the popular girl story has been a theme in dozens of movies and shows throughout time. Penny would never go for Leonard IRL. People enjoy it because itโ€™s a fantasy. Penny could have found an attractive AND nice man easily over all those years. There are actually plenty of them out there. Contrary to what we see on Big Bang. They are missing onscreen for a reason. Penny also managed to quickly lose all her normal friends and start friendships with Bernadette and Amy. Neither of which she would hang out with IRL. The other relationships on the show are just built round Penny and Leonard for convenience and to give longevity to the franchise. The whole point was only really to match up Penny and Leonard and the rest were extras. They made a lot of people happy doing it so I guess it doesnโ€™t matter in the long run.
  2. I couldn't pick any from this season. appreciate the work put but the early seasons are so raw and they have no forced agenda (i.e certain couples) and you can't buy that kind of freedom.
  3. I believe there is an early interview which states that it took about 4 episodes for the writers to cement the characters. There has been a lot of speculation about the changes. Particularly Sheldon, as he is the seminal character. Once they realised where they could direct him. the show was shaped. Sheldon was and is, the breakout star. Jim as Sheldon was a special event. It doesn't happen often. Observe the beauty of sheldon before the b*****t and the glory and raw honesty of Sheldon and Penny. Hell they are perfect... I could die...
  4. Iโ€™m sure if the money machine wants to churn again in a few years time, we might both get our wish. Your bloopers, our unaired scene. Never know.
  5. It just gives a whole other level to love. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ That would be amazing. I was pretty disappointed when they didn't include the scenes Sheldon and Penny did of 'Streetcar named Desire' way back in Season 6. So I bet there's a lot of stuff that could come out in the future.
  6. I wonder what will be on the out takes. Always the most interesting part of getting a DVD.
  7. I have to admit I had to skip ahead to Kaley talking. I love her honesty and sweetness so much. What a girl!! Love you Kaley. Minor confession: She's got me addicted to 'Hope for Paws' YouTube videos. Yes, I am that soft.
  8. Yes, can see this coming A MILE OFF! Penny changes her mind when she gets jealous over someone else breeding with Leonard. It's practically screaming at us.
  9. A man would ask his best ever friend in the world, or a relative. Leonard is no one to Zack, its just not realistic. He may as well just ask Howard! At least he knows Howard can have kids.
  10. Bring it on!! ------------- Shenny's thank you very much! Not Shennies. I don't actually care for babies on this show at all. So glad we don't get to see em. I'm rolling my eyes over this plot that Zack, would ask Leonard to donate sperm. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ They're not even pals! And Leonard looks nothing like Zack! The kid would look like Leonard. Whoever wrote that this was an attempt to get Penny to make a u-turn on breeding, is on the money. (Boy this site is hard to edit. Every time I try to quote a different user I get the same one.)
  11. Well nothing is sacred is television. I just find Sheldon and Penny much sexier and funnier. Again just opinion.
  12. Whoa! not sure they'd mix things up this much but you made me snicker. Of course I'd never disapprove of Penny and Sheldon getting together but I think the real ending of the show will be a pretty basis. Like... Leonard wakes up back in 2009 after he's just met Penny and the whole 9 years have to be relived, on an eternal loop. Or something happens which means that Leonard and Penny move away, so therefore leave 4B, either to go aboard or whatever. So its a bit 'farewell' to Los Roples and a new set of characters moving in. Or a flash forward of some kind. Or they'll do something Shamy based, not sure what the Shamys want next. Probably Amy pregnant I would guess. ๐Ÿ˜ Personally, I would love a real twist...! Hope they come up with something sci-fi. Not some guest star filled, back-patting affair.
  13. Yeah I have to agree. Churning out so many seasons probably didn't help.
  14. Was there a taping today? and where's Tensor... he usually updated the schedule. :)
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