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  1. None of them! That's the whole appeal of the show. The unpopular nerd wins the popular girl story has been a theme in dozens of movies and shows throughout time. Penny would never go for Leonard IRL. People enjoy it because it’s a fantasy. Penny could have found an attractive AND nice man easily over all those years. There are actually plenty of them out there. Contrary to what we see on Big Bang. They are missing onscreen for a reason. Penny also managed to quickly lose all her normal friends and start friendships with Bernadette and Amy. Neither of which she would hang out with IRL. The other relationships on the show are just built round Penny and Leonard for convenience and to give longevity to the franchise. The whole point was only really to match up Penny and Leonard and the rest were extras. They made a lot of people happy doing it so I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run.
  2. I couldn't pick any from this season. appreciate the work put but the early seasons are so raw and they have no forced agenda (i.e certain couples) and you can't buy that kind of freedom.
  3. I believe there is an early interview which states that it took about 4 episodes for the writers to cement the characters. There has been a lot of speculation about the changes. Particularly Sheldon, as he is the seminal character. Once they realised where they could direct him. the show was shaped. Sheldon was and is, the breakout star. Jim as Sheldon was a special event. It doesn't happen often. Observe the beauty of sheldon before the b*****t and the glory and raw honesty of Sheldon and Penny. Hell they are perfect... I could die...
  4. Impressive, seems pretty accurate to me. Thanks.
  5. I’m sure if the money machine wants to churn again in a few years time, we might both get our wish. Your bloopers, our unaired scene. Never know.
  6. Yeah some the text from one character is just run into another as well. Thinking they found a way to pull off the subtitles but it doesn't quite do it properly.
  7. Sounds like its been around a long time then. Really thought the other one was all there was. Maybe it can be a test... I'll post the transcripts and you guys tell me who was speaking... or who you think was speaking. And go... 11.01 The Proposal Proposal Opens with Sheldon on one knee Sheldon - Will you marry me? (ringtone playing) One moment, please. Amy - Really, you're going to answer that right now? It's Leonard. Sheldon - I don't want to be rude. Hello? L - Oh, hey, where you been? We've been calling you for hours. S- Oh, I'm sorry, my phone was on "airplane" mode. L- Why? S- Because I was on an airplane. P- Hey, put him on speaker. L - Yeah. P - Hey, where are you? S- I came to Princeton to see Amy. S - It's a funny story, actually. I was having lunch with Dr.Nowitzki, and she kissed me. - Excuse me? - What? I'm sorry? S- And in that moment, I realized that Amy was the only woman I ever wanted to kiss for the rest of my life. So I came to New Jersey to ask her to marry me. P - Oh, that's so sweet. (chuckling) - Sheldon - Yeah, although there was one man whose blessing I needed first. I've thought about it, and I really want to spend the rest of my life with Amy. Do I have your blessing? Well, Sheldon I think you should make her finger like Saturn and put a ring on it. You asked Stephen Hawking and not her father? SHELDON: Stephen Hawking's a genius. If he said no, I wasn't gonna waste my time on her father. But you did ask my father? I did. He said yes. Although, not in a robot voice, so it wasn't nearly as cool. Okay. Oh, my God, I can't believe you guys are engaged. We're not engaged, yet. She's taking forever to answer. Because you're on the phone! We'll call you back. (ringtone chiming) SHELDON: She said yes. Yay! Congratulations! Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state Then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started Wait! The Earth began to cool The autotrophs began to drool, Neanderthals developed tools We built the Wall We built the pyramids Math, Science, History, unraveling the mystery That all started with a big bang Bang! The Big Bang Theory 11x01 The Proposal Proposal Mother, I have some good news to share. We're engaged. I am so happy for you two, but I'm not surprised. I've been praying for this. Well, God had nothing to do with it. It happened because I was kissing another woman, and it made me realize I wanted to be with Amy. More than one woman was interested in you? I might have prayed a little too hard. Wait, oh, and I just I want to let you know right now that we are not getting married in a church. That's all right, Sheldon. Anywhere Jesus is is a church. Well, he won't be at our wedding. He's in my heart, so if I'm there, he'll be there. Okay, well, then, he's your plus-one. You don't get to bring anyone else. That's fine. Love you. Love you, too. Bye. Lord, thank you. Even though you can do anything, that was mighty impressive. We're engaged. Oh, my God, that's amazing! Wait, uh, tell me everything. Well, Dr. Nowitzki was kissing me Okay, you can stop leading with that part of the story. Well, congratulations. I'm so happy for you two. Hold on, I have to tell Bernadette. Hey, Bernie, guess what? Sheldon and Amy got engaged. Can you believe it? Oh, my God. I cannot believe it. She's so happy I think she's crying. Do you think Sheldon's gonna want some weird Star Trek wedding? I don't know. Well, Leonard could barely finish the words "Doctor Who wedding cake" before I shut that down hard. Mm-hmm. Are you listening to me? Yeah, you're mean to Leonard. I heard you. Is everything okay? Look, I'm gonna tell you something, but you can't freak out, because I'm already freaking out. Oh, my God, what is it? I'm pregnant again. Wha Interesting. Howard's gonna lose his mind. Wait, you haven't told him yet? No. You told me first? Oh, Bernie! This wasn't supposed to happen-- we were careful. Yeah, I didn't even think you could get pregnant while you were breastfeeding. Well, guess what? You can. Okay, look, look, this is a good thing. Halley's gonna have a little brother or sister to play with. I guess that would be pretty cute. And, you, know, I was a surprise to my parents, and my dad said it was the best thing that ever happened to them. Okay. Maybe this baby actually is a blessing. Oh, my God, honey, of course it is. (exhales) How am I pregnant again? Yeah, what were you thinking? All right, I'm all checked in to my flight. Well, I'm sad you're leaving. Why'd you only book a flight for one day? I came here to propose. If you'd said no, I wouldn't want to stick around looking at your stupid face. Now, mind you, your face is only stupid in the "no" version of the story. But I said yes, so I get a lifetime of this. Yes, you do, smart face. Why don't you stay a few extra days? Well, I don't have any other clothes. We'll get you some. Oh, I don't know, I'm pretty particular. Well, there's a comic book store less than a mile from here. Perfect, let's go shopping. Oh, um, and I'm having dinner with some colleagues tonight. I'm sure they'd love to meet you. (groans) Come on, what do you say? Aw, you're nagging me. It's like we're already married. Is that a yes or a no? Geez, save some for the honeymoon. Look at Nowitzki over there. LEONARD: I can't believe she tried to steal Sheldon from Amy. You know what? I'm gonna go there and tell her that they're engaged now and that her little plan didn't work. Because you're sticking up for Sheldon, or because you're still mad she rejected you? Too far away, can't hear you. Hello, Ramona. Mm. Hello. Why are you sitting by yourself? Oh, that's right, Sheldon's in New Jersey being engaged to Amy. I heard. Now that Sheldon's out of the picture, I could give you one more chance to go out with me. Nope, I'm good. You sure? I will not ask again. I sincerely hope not. Very well. I'm going to leave before this gets awkward. Hey. Want me to make dinner? Uh, sure, but first, why don't you have a seat? There's something I need to show you. Ooh, if it's how to make dinner, that'd be great. (sighs) Is this a pregnancy test? Yes. That means positive? Yes. No. Yes. (giggling nervously): N-- No. Yes. (high-pitched): No! How could this even happen? Uh, w-- we were careful. - Well, it did. - No! - Yes! Yes! - No! No! - No! No! - Yes! Yes! Yes! Okay! Okay! Okay! Well, w-what are we gonna do? What do you mean what are we gonna do? We're gonna have another baby. - No! No! - Stop that! - Yes! - I'm trying! Look, I know it's scary, but we're both responsible adults, we can do this. You really think so? (crying): No! Hey, Stuart. Oh, hey, Raj. What can I help you with? I need to buy an engagement gift. Well, you came to the wrong place. It's for Sheldon and Amy. No way! They're engaged? Yeah. Well, that's exciting news. (chuckles) Who would've thought Sheldon and Amy would be the next two to tie the knot? Tell me about it. I'm the one who caught the bouquet at Leonard and Penny's wedding. Okay. Uh you know, they might like this. Superman and Wonder Woman, it's kind of romantic. Hmm. You know what? Why am I buying them a gift? They have love. Screw them and their happiness. What do you have for someone who's bitter and alone? Literally everything. Sheldon, these are the heads of my research team. Oh, hello. AMY: Dr. Zane, Dr. Harris, this is my fiancé, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. That's the first time I've said that and it kind of gave me the goose bumps. (chuckles) Dr. Cooper, we are so excited to meet you. SHELDON: Oh. Well, that's very kind of you. If you'd like, I could autograph your menus after dinner, yeah? But I better not see those on eBay. (laughs) No, no, no, we're just excited to meet the man who landed this brilliant woman here. (chuckles softly) SHELDON: Oh! That wasn't hard, she threw herself at me. Now, getting the universe to show me its naughty bits, that-that took some doing. Sheldon's a physicist. Oh. Oh, that's nice. Amy, I recently read your paper on lesions in the olfactory receptors in the brain. It was inspired. Oh, well, I guess it didn't stink. But if it did, that rat wouldn't have known it. (laughter) I'm sorry, I'm sure you don't want to sit here and listen to a bunch of work talk. Oh, no, I love it. No, but let's talk about work. Amy's work, my work. Yeah, why don't we start with my work? Actually, I do have a question for Dr. Cooper. When Amy first told you about her approach to synaptic tracing, did you think it was gonna revolutionize the field? (stammers) Really? That's your question? What are you, Entertainment Tonight? You know what? Let me give you a better question. Here, um, "Dr. Cooper, "I heard you were working on a top-secret project "for the U. S. military. Why don't you tell us about that?" See, that's a great question. Okay, what was that like? Oh, I can't tell you that, it's top-secret. Boy, that was exhausting. You know, no offense, but your colleagues were pretty rude. Really, they were rude? Yes. They just kept talking about you and how great you are, no matter how many times I brought me up. You know, these are my colleagues and they want to talk about my work. Why does that bother you so much? Because I was there. It's like having Optimus Prime over to dinner and not asking him to turn into a truck. You know what, Sheldon? You're not always the smartest person in every room. You may not even be the smartest person in this room. Oh, I am sorry. What, is Neil deGrasse Tyson hiding behind the couch? 'Cause if he is, he's not that smart, it's pretty dusty back there. Hey, where are you going? I'm storming off to my room. Well, then where am I supposed to storm off to? Well, you're so smart, why don't you figure it out? (door closes) Is there another bedroom? Perhaps a-a den? So, how are you guys doing with all the new events in your womb? Good, you know? Obviously, it was a surprise. There was some crying and some yelling. Some suggestion of make-up sex that did not go over well, even though it's not like we can get more pregnant. But then we realized that it's a gift, in the sense that we didn't ask for it, and we may not have chosen it And we already have one. You know, whenever I find a top I like, I always go back and get a second one in a different color. Which I hope is not the case with your baby. I know you guys are freaked out, but you're great parents, and if you ever need help, we are here for you. Yeah, anything at all, just ask. Ooh, you know what you could do? You could have a baby, too. I'm sorry, what? No, that's a great idea, we could go through it together. Wouldn't that be fun? (chuckles) You guys were just saying how freaked out and miserable you are. I say lots of crazy things. I'm pregnant and hormonal. Do it! Have a baby, do it! Come on, it'd be so cute, our kids playing together? What do you say, why don't you two hit the old mattress and whip up a family? Okay, we're not gonna have a baby just to make you guys feel better. Yeah, if we're gonna have a baby it's gonna be when we are ready, or when I'm certain Penny is gonna leave me. Exactly. They're my friends, and I should be happy for them. A-And I'm trying, but all I feel is this gnawing, empty sensation in my gut. I had that once. Turned out it was a tapeworm. Cool. Uh It's just it's hard talking to my other friends about this, but I knew you would understand. Why is that? Because you and I are both alone, which is actually kind of comforting, because at least we can be alone together. Mm. This is-this is awkward. I, um, I was actually gonna close up a little early tonight 'cause I have a date. Really? Yeah. (clears throat) Forgive me if I'm having trouble being happy for you. Don't be silly, I'm loving your pain. Is this how our marriage is going to be? Sometimes people will be more interested in talking to her than to me? Are you sitting in a bathroom? Yes. I needed a place to storm off to and it was all that was available. Fine. But if I hear a flush, this conversation is over. Those people were in the presence of a world-class mind, and all they wanted to talk about was their own nonsense. Can you see the irony in that statement? How about now? How about now? I'll wait. LEONARD: Uh Surprise. Oh, crap, is it our anniversary? No. Wait. No. No. All right, so what are we celebrating? Well, you know, Bernadette and Howard are pregnant again, and Amy and Sheldon are getting married. I didn't want you to feel left out. Ah. Left out? Well, Bernadette has to grow a baby inside of her, and Amy has to marry one. My life is great. So do you not want the cake? Try and take it away, see what happens. Oh, crap, it is our anniversary. Happy anniversary! Amy. There's something I need to say to you. I'm listening. I've been thinking about the Avengers. I believe that. But I don't think that's something you needed to say to me. I realized that Iron Man is great. And also, that Captain America is great. And sometimes, Iron Man is in a Captain America movie, and he's not mad it's not an Iron Man movie. You know, he can fly in, give the audience a thrill, and then fly away. And that should've been me tonight. I should've been the delightful cameo in your movie. Thank you, Sheldon. Instead, I was like the Hulk, and I Okay, please stop talking about the Avengers. Anyway. I'm proud of you. And I'm going to try to do a better job of sharing the spotlight because we're a team. You know? Much like t-the Dodgers. If they had superpowers, and fought crime. And Thor was in them. Sheldon, I know this isn't easy, but you'll have a whole lifetime to practice. I-It could take that long, I'm really bad at it. You know, maybe, um, I should start right now, and go back to Pasadena and let you have this experience to yourself. You just want to go back 'cause that's where everybody makes a fuss over you. You know, your colleagues are right, you are brilliant. Hello. - Hey. - Hey. - Amy, welcome back. Oh, l-let me see the ring. Ooh, nice. H-Hey, her eyes are up there. I-Is that the woman who kissed Sheldon? Uh Could be. Hard to say. Tell us about Princeton. Excuse me for a minute. Not-- well, we'll catch up later. This is going to be the biggest smackdown since my Aunt Noopur showed up at the family reunion wearing the same sari as my cousin Sruti. Dr. Nowitzki? Oh. Dr. Fowler. Um, hello. Thank you. Thank you so much.
  8. It just gives a whole other level to love. 😍😍 That would be amazing. I was pretty disappointed when they didn't include the scenes Sheldon and Penny did of 'Streetcar named Desire' way back in Season 6. So I bet there's a lot of stuff that could come out in the future.
  9. I wonder what will be on the out takes. Always the most interesting part of getting a DVD.
  10. Wow thanks, I had no idea this site existed. How long has it been around? I do prefer the other transcripts site which includes the character name, but I can easily add them to whats on your site. Maybe Ash will then upload the final two season to his wordpress one if I send them to him.
  11. Hi guys, I'm sure most of you are aware of the transcripts site on wordpress. https://bigbangtrans.wordpress.com/series-1-episode-1-pilot-episode/ The guy running it only made it to the end of season 10. So I was wondering if anyone would be up for completing the final 2 seasons. If we had enoguh people we could split the work. Any takers? 😊
  12. I have to admit I had to skip ahead to Kaley talking. I love her honesty and sweetness so much. What a girl!! Love you Kaley. Minor confession: She's got me addicted to 'Hope for Paws' YouTube videos. Yes, I am that soft.
  13. Yes, can see this coming A MILE OFF! Penny changes her mind when she gets jealous over someone else breeding with Leonard. It's practically screaming at us.
  14. A man would ask his best ever friend in the world, or a relative. Leonard is no one to Zack, its just not realistic. He may as well just ask Howard! At least he knows Howard can have kids.
  15. Bring it on!! ------------- Shenny's thank you very much! Not Shennies. I don't actually care for babies on this show at all. So glad we don't get to see em. I'm rolling my eyes over this plot that Zack, would ask Leonard to donate sperm. 😣 They're not even pals! And Leonard looks nothing like Zack! The kid would look like Leonard. Whoever wrote that this was an attempt to get Penny to make a u-turn on breeding, is on the money. (Boy this site is hard to edit. Every time I try to quote a different user I get the same one.)
  16. Well nothing is sacred is television. I just find Sheldon and Penny much sexier and funnier. Again just opinion.
  17. Whoa! not sure they'd mix things up this much but you made me snicker. Of course I'd never disapprove of Penny and Sheldon getting together but I think the real ending of the show will be a pretty basis. Like... Leonard wakes up back in 2009 after he's just met Penny and the whole 9 years have to be relived, on an eternal loop. Or something happens which means that Leonard and Penny move away, so therefore leave 4B, either to go aboard or whatever. So its a bit 'farewell' to Los Roples and a new set of characters moving in. Or a flash forward of some kind. Or they'll do something Shamy based, not sure what the Shamys want next. Probably Amy pregnant I would guess. 😐 Personally, I would love a real twist...! Hope they come up with something sci-fi. Not some guest star filled, back-patting affair.
  18. Hi all, Had a request to update the searchable episode list over on the Shenny site. I know some of you use the search function to find quick facts and help with fan fiction writing. It's up to date now but if you think its missing any tags let me know. I'll try to keep it updated. http://www.thebigbangtheoryhq.com/searchable-episode-list
  19. Yeah I have to agree. Churning out so many seasons probably didn't help.
  20. Was there a taping today? and where's Tensor... he usually updated the schedule. :)
  21. I have a feeling the show 'll keep going and going. Unless they do a flash forward episode where Iain Armitage portrays Sheldon's son, and therefore becomes himself. Creating a Cooper-Ouroboros, which opens a portal in time and suddenly it's Season One again.
  22. I only say that because I'm fairly strong-willed and I tend to be more tolerant of strong-willed people than some of my softer compatriots.
  23. Whatever way we see it, Penny has a way with Sheldon which is unique to her. She certainly never knuckles under to anyone and I don't agree that Penny could be anyones "bitch". She's as strong willed as he is. So maybe that's something that she gets about him.
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