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  1. OMG why is Sheldon become so sexist over the last 2 or 3 seasons? He's lost his factual edge and become such a pr**k! What is their problem? Oh and another 'joke' about 'touching children'. Ugh!!!! give it a rest BBT. I used to idiolise Sheldon, he was my favourite TV character of all time. Now I'm can't stand him. He's lost his oridinality and uniqueness and is like any other bozo. He's so annoying...
  2. Someone I agree with. Yes that is the motivation. Mayim is outspoken but she’s also extremely opportunistic. When Kaley was getting tons of negative press over her short marriage, Mayim released a piece about HER amicable relationship with her ex. But I am very pleased to see her apology, I think it shows character.
  3. Big sigh!!! Mayim Bialik is constantly trying to get in the press. She's a TV star, this topic has nothing to do with her. Sure she's entitled to her opinion but why is it always her? Why does she feel the need to stick her nose in? The ‘hurt’ she is talking about over people being shocked and disappointed is nothing to what this man did to all those actresses. All she’s doing is distracting the press on to herself. She just wants movie roles and this is her way of getting attention. I find it very manipulative.
  4. I thought this was so beautiful and touching.
  5. I really thought they faiiled to use their imagination here though. Why couldn't she train as a beauty therapist or go to hairdressing school, or work in fashion, or art, or anything less boring and more suited to who she is. Medical sales reps need degrees so this was a stretch as it is. Someone on the writing team came up with the Penny Blossom business, which wasn't financially viable, but surely, as creative writers, who earn millions a year they can do better than a Sale Rep.
  6. I really didn't like the way Sheldon treated Amy in this episode. He was disregarding her feelings and harassing her.
  7. I thought it might be. I'd prefer a funny episode myself. That's kind of what attracted me to the show in the first place. Especially Sheldon and Penny. Yes and we all have a different view of what that happiest means. My view is that Sheldon was never unhappy so the changes do feel a lost for me. Obviously for others its not the case, as they are more invested in a ship which I'm not. Yes completely. The story is stretched, even Lenny had to be stretched out, the whole 'will-they, won't-they' went on for a far while. It's my thinking that Sheldon was central from S2 though and they only took a break from this to Get Lenny and Howardette married. Afterwards they completely overused Sheldon, they just ran out of ideas for everyone else. I mean it must be difficult flying by the seat of their pants, as they do. With little planning. It as also easier to just throw things at Sheldon because Jim is so talented he can make a complete dickhead become likeable. They got lazy as well I think, going to romcom over sitcom and over 'stretched' yes, but it’s not affected them much. It’s still making loads of money.
  8. I'm sure it will be which means it'll be heavier on the sentimental than the comedy.
  9. I really really hope they don't use Star Trek. Amy hates science fiction and has only ever used the genre to make Sheldon more open to her advantages. Dressing up and whatnot, even though she grumbled about "stupid science fiction". So as a Star Trek fan, I'd be really annoyed because you need two Star Trek fans to make this work.
  10. Yes, he was placed into university early, but I don't subscribe to the idea that he simply missed out. He was different and they even creating a new sitcom based on this. All the changes mean is that the writers have chipped away at what was so unique about his character. You can rationalise it, with this idea that everybody wants to conform and be 'normal', but what I loved about Sheldon is that he wasn't interested in being someone else. The annoying Sheldumb of S6-10 was reconned to fit another agenda. To make him more palettable to the mainstream. Everything about Sheldon before was iconic. That deadpan face, the lack of emotion, then crazy stirrings of partial-insanity, the science rolling off his tongue, the lack of excuse, or interest in the normals around him. I LOVED IT! Early Sheldon will always be my fave male sitcom character, so I find it difficult to subscibe to all this over rationalisation about how he must have developed as it doesn't seem like a development to me. Because he's not real, he's written. They may have tried to make a smooth transistion but to me it's too wide.
  11. I try to understand this perspective but it just doesn’t sit well with me at all. New Sheldumb is so tweeny and squealy. I find his character way too camp, as if he’s trying to behave like a child instead of having some childlike characteristics, as he used to in the past. Not understanding gift giving or social cues was nothing to do with maturity. It was endearing because he had this inability which held no malice. I see the New Sheldumb of these later seasons, as being deliberately petty, because he’s lost the excuse of Atypical innocence. I really enjoyed Sheldon differences. I love that he needed his routines, like knocking and hated the excuse they came up with. It's such pyshco-babble. I also loved how his face would tic if he had to lie.
  12. Oh.... this is a real bone of contention for me. I agree that Sheldon was more grown up before they decided to 'grow' the character. Which means the intention was not to actual grow him at all but to regress him. In the beginning the childlike behaviour was there as an occasional one-off gag but the rest of the time Sheldon was mature and autonomous. But now, immaturity is his most dominant personality trait. We all call him Sheldumb now. Sometimes I just want to punch his stupid face!
  13. Leonard still had some substantial relationships outside of Lenny during their break, whereas Penny only had a couple of dates. The realism of this is definitely skewed to fit the Lenny arch. Anything substantial for Penny would have changed things a lot. BTW I voted for Duck. I love the Napkin scene, it's just a moment of TV perfection. A classic which many people will remember. I also like the scene when Sheldon is shopping with Howard and Raj and he freaks out the shop assistant. :D But the B-plot I'm not so keen on. Both plots of Duck are really well done, but it is a difficult choice between the two eps.
  14. I didn't like the plot of Long distance at all. Not because of the tag either. I didn't like the way that contact with a female friend was automatically seen as a threat on so little evidence. The way everyone thought they had a right to intervene. As it happens Ramona was interesed but it just as easily could have been innocent. All the pushing her out of the way on the stairs was kind of silly.
  15. Maybe you do not like Penny the way I do? She's not been the same the last few years. I started watching in 2019-10 and I thought she was fantastic. In my opinion Kaley is one of the most underrated comic actresses of her time, she reminds me of Lucille Ball, I think she has moments when she's exceptional, her timing and facial expression and the way she reads a moment is quite special. Kaley is not like the other actresses at her level, there's something untouched, about her which makes her so loved and kind of misunderstood. She can seem a little ditsy but far too accessable and I have this feeling that Kaley is smarter than we know and kinder then we deserve. They probably all are.
  16. I think the answer to that question is ; most of you. Long is fresh in the mind and therefore most likely to be chosen. Barbarian is a Penny episode, her first, they are pretty rare. I love it, she's so fantastic. I love Penny and here she becomes a gamer, I've been down those dark roads. It's quite beautiful, the transistion. Sheldon always at the centre, although he wishes he wasn't. So good.
  17. In the early days I thought Stuart was kind of hot, so interesting and thoughtful but it all went weird.... they were trying to fit him in and unfortunatetly they didn't bother to give his character the time it needed. He had potential http://www.thebigbangtheoryhq.com/the-existential-angst-of-stuart-bloom
  18. I love Kevin, he's much better an actor than his skant BBT scripts. When he first appeared they cast him as this introspective, clever man, with his own business yet struggling. Now they have him as a freak of nature who wouldn't say boo to a goose because the goose would get a restraining order. It's a recon, I'm sure if kevin had the cash he'd tell them to stick it. I bet he wishes he could. :D
  19. This is a Lenny in pain (unfunny I spotted an old post but its just as relevent now). I know I'm the last person to say this to an opposing ship, but the Lenny ship has never been given primary position. They have thrown scraps to Lenny. They didn't even bother to establish the romance in the early days, they never gave them a connection, a passion, a shared goal. They never explored how they could work long term. How Leonards gentleness could be of benefit to Penny, they just played on his weakness. And this is the very reason why Shenny existed. I feel sad for them, I know the ultimate dream of Sheldon and Penny and all the beautiful oddball moments is lost, but most of all I feel nostalgia for this wonderful show. We all loved it for different reasons and I have expanded my idea of what that means. It means so many different things for all of us.
  20. I think people have grown to love them through familiarity and as you say, the writers have worked really hard to give them their own arcs. Personally they're not really for me. When I hear there's a story with them I'm not as interested.
  21. I know what you mean, the virginal all-in-white thing was quite ordinary. They kept it all so tepid because there was so much expectation and they didn't want to upset any fans. But it ended up unfunny and Amy was way too coy. In the scene prior to the bedroom scene, she was eager to get started and she used to get laughs with her crudeness but they made it all so safe, which is disappointing as it was SHELDON and it should have been a very funny scene.
  22. It doesn’t surprise me that Sheldon and Leonard had the most scenes in S1. The show was establishing it's groundwork, around which everything else is built. Thanks for these totals as they are interesting to all fandoms, even ours across the lake. The changes in the shows direction are illustrated well. Saying that, if I were a Lenny fan I'd be a little disappointed in these totals, as even at the height of Shenny, there wasn’t such a gap between them and Lenny for ship-time. Shamy is getting the lions share in S10 and I expect this to continue. Funny how we haven’t included H/B, I can’t help thinking of them as filler. Which isn’t fair on Simon who is such a wonderful comic. A little wasted on Howardette I feel. Although I know some fans have grown to enjoy them. I've always liked Howard, even creepy Howard.
  23. This data is of interest to the Shenny website as well. This is impressive work, Tensor. I started this project myself but didn't have the time. None of it comes as a surprise though to be honest. It does feel more of a Shamy show and there's not as much Shelnard and Shenny. Not sure about Lenny... is there a drop off or it is similar to other seasons?
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