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  1. that was such a great finale! the ending was my favorite and it was possibly the cutest episode I've ever seen.
  2. this is mah twitterrrrr https://twitter.com/#!/xoellenxo follow if you wanna
  3. Ghost Adventures is the BEST. it's fun to watch them and it's hard to take them so seriously because these guys are buff as hell. I really can't stand Ghost Hunters. they don't show much evidence of ghosts lol. the bobby maky's music world episode of GA i can't even watch because it scares the hell out of me
  4. do not read in 2 it. lol oh I know
  5. oh my goddddddd. bernadette and raj. I want to see this badly
  6. ugh great. i really don't want leonard and penny to break up AGAIN. I'm tired of it. but howard and bernadette? nooooooo
  7. the one where raj, howard and leonard get high. I don't think i have ever laughed so hard
  8. bringing this thread back from the dead. hellooooooooo. i'm bored!
  9. whoa, i've actually never seen that before. it was weird. i could see why they went with penny. that was too weird
  10. aww cute! oookay so this is meeee. and yes, i like angry birds lol my name is Ellen. i'm 21. i live in Connecticut and I go to a local community college. I'm obsessed with my iPhone, and um... thats basically it lol
  11. Diabetes. its an informative speech. woot.
  12. you have to write it? and not speak it? what's it about? both. i gotta write an outline and hand it in to my teacher when i'm done speaking
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