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  1. My guess is the choice of Sheldon's shirts are chosen partially for creative reasons and also possibly— meh, probably influenced by deals with the design owner. Product placement goes to the highest bidder. Sure, why not.
  2. Yup, I noticed the boom-arm. I was just being a silly fart. Hey, I don't think anyone minds the supplemental course material. Keep 'em coming! I totally agree! And the others could slip on a new one once in a while too. I have the perfect one for Howard...
  3. Very nice work once again Moonbase. Hey, looks like Buddy Holly is taking advantage of Mars' low gravity and using some sort of internal methane propulsion system. Ahh yes. I think you've come across a little something we all likely take a bit for granted: The subtleties of Jim Parsons' facial expressions that make the character so damn funny. Then again, I could totally be full of s**t, what do I know. Thanks Convict13. Wouldn't that just be the bomb-digity? I doubt I could come up with enough funny for an entire episode let alone a solid storyline...although, I wouldn't terri
  4. "You can put new paint on a jalopy, but it doesn't make it a camero." (>c < ) Nicely done. BTW, what happened to all the commercial breaks? (^c ^ ) Kidding. Very well written. Excellent job. Kooboodos to you!
  5. Excellent job Moonbase!
  6. Love it! you should also get points for your very apt avatar picture. Thanks Moonbase. Just glad to get a laugh
  7. Oh, all right. There are some exceptions. There's a Tron light-cycles tee Sheldon wore one time I wouldn't mind seeing again. And I do like his green/yellow robot T-shirt. And Howard does wear a few crazy get-ups. But I think I like Leonard's wardrobe the best. Aside from the T-shirts(Sheldon has him beat, of course) he looks the coolest. Obviously he has to be being the "coolest" of the four nerds. Ok, now I'm just ramblin...
  8. Man. Poor Miss Bialik. She finally shakes Blossom and now she's gotta deal with this. Showbiz can be cruel. (`c ` )
  9. Bahh, we don't want to see Sheldon wearing the same shirts over and over. It's a great opportunity to bring something fresh to the appearance of the show. The same goes for all clothing on the show of course. New colours, new styles, why not make the most of it? Especially with T-shirts however, there's the added benefit of adding graphics to the mix in a subtle way. Superheroes, robots it's all great stuff...Astronauts...Hey speaking of astronauts, I think it would be a great idea for the show to use fan-designed T-shirts. Maybe a contest or something. Just a thought. This won't make as much
  10. Yes dammit! Space scenes! Although the more space scenes the better, I love this idea. Then the writers can go for the easy callbacks. And hey, everyone would join in. Penny, Sheldon, even his mom: Howiid!! Neil Armstrong called!! They need someone to fill in for one day!!...Just the one day!!
  11. Hey, they could do a James Bond dream-sequence where she could be Penny Moneypenny. ~ OR ~ Miss Honeypenny. hah? (0c < )
  12. I'm not really sure who would be the best "Lion", but I love the yin-yangish thing going on between Howard and Raj: Raj is terrified to speak to women while Howard needs a special stick with which to pry him off of them.
  13. I don't think if Leonard left it would be a big issue, in my personal opinion I'd miss raj or Howard more then I would Leonard. As for penny, if she left there wold definitely have to be a replacement for her. My favourite Penny line, "Holy crap on a cracker!" I think Kaley would be a challenge to replace. Like Julia Louis-Dreyfus(Seinfeld) or Shelley Long(Cheers), although they totally pulled it off when they brought in Kirstie Alley. They did the same when Nicholas Colasanto passed away and created the Woody character(Woody Harrelson). Great writing(character creation, whatever). But
  14. Thanks Moon_Pie. How's Mee-maw these days?
  15. Thanks ElegantChaos. Thanks Alien94. He's almost as nerdy as I am. My teeth are a little nicer tho' (>c < )
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