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  1. I haven't seen all of season 5 but Got a bit disappointed going into a post to find out it was a bit of a spoiler. I won't download from the internet and waiting until i can get the box set on blu ray. Now I am wondering why Lennard gets bashed.
  2. just occurred to me while re-watching it the other night. funny what you pick up when you re-watch ep's.
  3. It can be too rude to have children in it.. unless they took out the rudeness which for some viewers would ruin the show. The one with dennis kim wasn't rude from what I can remember. I would like to see them be in charge of a child for a day.
  4. I have entered some threads only to be hit with a few spoilers. I am from Australia and we are only up to s5. It would be most appreciated if people can add spoil alert to their subject post. thanks in advance.
  5. i notice something on the time machine episode raj says he has a balcony lol but we've seen his home many times and he had no balcony? maybe he has but no reason to go out there?? he lives in a one bedroom apartment lol and the whole place looks like no balcony from what we have seen. It would be to small for one??
  6. I would like for one episode for the room 8 agreement to be put into Lennard hands, let the tables turn for once. I would love to see Raj talk & have a stable relationship. Or that he gets a hot sexy room8. which makes living with her a little hard plus his in love with her. I would love to see Howard become a dad on the show with Bernette. I would Love for Kripke to find a cure to his lisp ( he is so annoying) I would like to meet MeMaw & Howard mother. I wish that Amy & Sheldon would share a kiss. Even if it's only in Amy's dream or something. It would be good to see.
  7. Hi there, Just wondering if anyone knows, where Jim Parson chat's online too fans. I have come across you tube clips,that shows he does. I came across them ages ago and he seems to do it every now & then & i would love to be apart of it. here is a link. http://youtu.be/ucp7U1ppnHY ( quality isn't the best)sorry. but if anyone has been apart of the online chat and could give me info on it.would be fantastic.
  8. lol crafty6 that would be wired seeing shamy coitus and it would change his character completely i think.
  9. hi there & welcome. Love Sheldon & penny too:)
  10. interesting comments. I have only seen a few eps in season 5 so maybe once it is out on dvd i can catch up & might like it more. I like how him & penny get along, I loved the penny blossom ep. I saw the ep in how Amy couldn't go on her date with Stewart because Sheldon didn't like it and got between them. I think i wouldn't mind the bf/gf agreement so much, if that didn't happen, that to me, shows a bit of an a-hole side. when he does have a human side, we have seen it. well i have any way. So his character isn't that selfish. he cleaned penny's apartment ( it appeared selfish but wa
  11. thank you so much, will check it out now:) most appreciated
  12. when was it, happy birthday Jim.
  13. Hi sunsonica thanks for that info, if you ever happen to come across the link can you please give it to me. be most appreciated. he must wash his hands a heck of a lot, i thought i washed mine heaps.
  14. Has anyone else noticed, that Jim's hand's are always red? Not sure why but they just are. I saw a chat thing with him on you tube & he has said he plays a lot of ping pong, maybe that is why?
  15. I agree with you, I noticed it & I hate it, it does not suit his character at all. Hope he goes back to looking how he used too.
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