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  1. I'm from Finland, and I love TBBT. It airs on the TV, but I guess we are on the 3rd season or something. I don't really like to watch the show on TV, because of the subtitles. Some things are just so much funnier in English, and the subtitles sometimes just kinda kill it. I also hate the translated name, "Rillit huurussa", which means "Steamy specs", or something like that (a bit hard to translate).
  2. Yeah, I would date Leonard. I'd like to play video games with him :D he's also cute, in my opinion. I like his Superman boxers and nerdy outfits.
  3. I watched it couple hours ago, and it felt very weird. It was also very surprising, how different Sheldon was - at the sperm bank in the beginning for example - he was talking about sex etc. I'm just glad they changed it, because I like the show the way it is now.
  4. I'm new here and just another The Big Bang Theory fan like all of you. My name is Iida and I'm from Finland. I just wanted to say hi. Hi.
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